Jeanette Cycle Question

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LoVeLyMoMmY - July 14

My cycles are as follows...26, 30, 30, this month i dont gyne said to me that is no indication of problems in fertility...she said that since i dont have not taken bcps for a long time, that sometimes my periods aren't going to be perfectly regular..has anyone else heard anything like that??....i never really thought about this until i tried to track my last few months of cycles...i mean they are probably not 100 percent accurate..i fear i might be off by a day or u think that it matters??....anyone has any ifo would be great


LoVeLyMoMmY - July 14

anyone can tell me what they think...any info is good info:)


kristie h - July 14

im not who you are looking for but i maybe of some help.To me it looks as though you cycle is like a average persons cycle. I have herd that gynos dont like cycles earlier the 21 days and over 38 or sumthing like that. How long have you been ttc for? I dont know how you work you cycles but is cycle day 30 the day you start af or the day befor you start af?


LN030905 - July 14 me again! LOL! Since going off bcp in Jan my cycles (which were 28 days before i started bcp) were 34, 38, 63 and 36 days long. I heard that once u get off u should be regular i fu were regular before, but that doesnt make sense to me since bcp regulates, I think you are normal..the only thing ab out irregular cycles is that it makes it harder to track and find out when ovulation will occur.


jeanette - July 14

hey Jeanne, I have never heard anything like that....after coming off b/c the first 3 months were crazy, but since then I've had a straight 28/29 day cycle and its been well over a year now. Your cycles arent that bad...and if you happened to mistakenly count spotting as first day of AF, then it may work out to where you are around a 27/29 day cycle really. Have you thought about joining on their free trial and start charting your temps and everything? You would get a better understanding of your own personal cycle after a few months of charting. Plus they really have great info on that site, you could learn a bunch....


Emma2 - July 14

Yeah I agree with Jeanette. Have u been counting spotting as your period?


LoVeLyMoMmY - July 14

Well i havent been on bcp..for a long time..the reason i fear i may be off is because i am doing the calculations by memory...thats why..i mean the last 2 mnths were ...30 and 26....and i was having some pains and then i had a pelvicu/s...they said everything was normal in there except for a very small cyst on left ovary...they said that i dont even have to worry about it...that it will probably go away on its own...they also said i shouldnt have a problem getting pregnant...anyone else thinks that sounds ok??....i also wonder since i am not sure about my exact af u guys think that maybe i should bd from now until cd 17???...and then just for good measure until af shows up????



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