Jelly Like Discharge

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meryl - June 4

I've been off the pill 3 weeks. Have experienced a jelly like discharge which is pale white and stretchy.Its been on and off for the last few days. Any idea what this could be?


Mandy1984 - June 4

hi meryl, I have never had this myself, but have read a lot on this forum that people get some sort of strechy cervical mucus around the time of ovulation, Maybe that?


meryl - June 4

you dont think it could be a sign of pregnancy?


Danielle26 - June 4

Meryl, how long were you on the pill? I know when I got off of it I was having all sorts of different discharge than I did taking the pill. I was convinced that I had to be pregnant, but I wasn't. Many women don't even ovulate the first month or two off the pill. Yet again, many other women do, so who knows? I'd say wait until your period is due and start testing.


Lin - June 4

No meryl, it's not a sign of pregnancy. It's a sign of ovulation. It's usually referred to as egg white cervical mucous, but it's not always like egg white and can also be jelly-like, like the jelly in a can of spam. If you're already ovulating 3 weeks after quitting the pill, then feel lucky. Some women don't ovulate for a couple months afterward. Expect your period approximately two weeks after the jelly-like cervical mucous. Good luck!


meryl - June 9

i know have really sore nipples they feel quite bruised. is this also something that happens after coming off the pill. Never noticed it on the pill. Been off the pill 5 weeks.


lolousa - June 9

I merryl, I often have this once a month, this is a sign of ovulation


Lin - June 9

Yes - expect pregnancy symptoms over the next few months whether you're pregnant or not. The change in hormones throws your body out of whack, and your pms symptoms will likely be a lot more like pregnancy symptoms than they were while on the pill. I'm a bit confused at your last statement. You said that you've been off the pill 5 weeks, but 5 days ago you said 3 weeks. Which is it?



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