Jen Uk Where Are Ya

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amy p - October 11

jen-uk~i havent heard about you? how is everything? you think this month is it?


Jen-uk - October 12

Hi Amy P, not much going on with me to really tell, I haven't got a clue anymore about my o dates, i was suppose to o yesterday, but my cervix was open and soft last week and then closed at the weekend which should have been the start of me o'ing, i haven't been dry at all since my period so i dont know whats going on, haven't been bd'ing as much either, so i'm not confident about this month, not really stressing as much which is good, just trying to get over the flu. How about you, how are you doing, any hopes for this month?


Jen-uk - October 13

Amy P, where are you? How is everything going, are you in the 2ww now?


amy p - October 13

hey jen...i am actually ovulating today so cant wait to BD...maybe this will be our month!!!!!


amy p - October 24

anything Jen?


Jen-uk - October 24

I'm in the UK


Jen-uk - October 25

Hey who used my name above? Amy P, i'm crampy today, and af is due I can feel her coming. How about you any signs of af or pg yet?


amy p - October 25

nope no signs for me either..i think af is also cominf for me too.. :(


amy p - October 25

so someone is being you huh jen...thats funny


Jen-uk - October 25

over here!


Jen-uk - October 26

yes it seems someone wants to be me (how sad) whenever you see something written in my name after 5pm your time then you know its not me coz i am 5/6 hours ahead of the US and only log on during uk working hours. af still hasn't shown for me, i am getting slight cramps and thats it, i have on average a 26 day cycle it is now day 27 and still no sign.


amy p - October 26

well maybe just maybe it is your month. i am due for af on the 30th and i have no pg signs so i know af will be here right on time....good luck to you


Jen-uk - October 26

I hope it is both our months Amy P, i shall let you know my results on Friday. Good luck to you, no news is good news.


amy p - October 29

JEN anytyhing? i have no signs of af?? who knows..have you taken a test? i havent i am waiting to see if af comes first..


amy p - October 30

well jen it is mon morning here and i woke up right on schedule af showed up...


Jen-uk - October 31

Amy p sorry to hear af as showed, but at least you know for sure and can look forward to the next month. I am 6 days late for my average 26 day cycle and 4 days late for my latest 28 day cycle, i tested Fri and Sun both negative, i have had cramps for the last week and (normal) creamy cm leaking out like af, i shall be going dr's midweek if it doesn't show.


amy p - October 31

maybe there is still hope for you? good luck



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