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keeks - April 27

Hello Ladies, Sorry about not being around to chat. I had a terrible month. I m/c last week on Monday night in the shower. This has been a very emotional time for my family and I. I lost a love one also. At times I feel like I can't breathe and all I do is cry. I am so miserable. I just can't believe I lost this pregnancy and my cousin in the same month. I hoping and praying my cousin is watching over my little angel now. I know God works in mysterious ways but I'm still having a hard time understanding why. I made it to 11 weeks and really had no signs of losing this pregnancy until the very end. I spotted brown for two days and called my doctor. I was told brown is good and mean old blood. The same day I spoke to the nurse I started to see pink. I decided to lay down and hoping for the spotting to go away. I started to feel pain and decided to go to the ER. On the way to the bathroom I started to bleed heavy. The first thought that came to my mind is to jump in the shower. About a minute later, I looked down and saw the baby. I picked the baby up and put him/her in a cup. Dh and I went to the ER and 5 hours later (3am) I was told I lost the baby. The reason why I m/c could have been b/c of Downs(unhealthy pregnancy). I just couldn't believe it. I guess I'm still in shock. I'm having such a hard time talking about the m/c. At this point, I wish I didn't tell anyone I was pregnant. Now so many people is calling and its running me crazy. Have you ever just not pick up the phone b/c you can't talk? I just don't want to talk about the lost............I will try to catch up on all your posts when I get time. Jordan and Avery keep me laughing. Dh took off of work for a week. I just keep trying to tell myself it was best for the pregnancy to end at 11 weeks instead of finding out something was wrong at my 20 week ultrasound. God knows I would have loved my baby regardless. I guess the decision needed to be made for me.......I hope everyone is doing well. Thanks for listening


Jules - April 28

Dearest Dearest Keeks - I am just so very sorry for your loss. I understand that you must be so heartbroken right now - and that none of us will ever know why such things happen. Please know that we are all here for you and that we'll do whatever we can to help you in any way. God has great plans for you - you're an awesome Momma - and He does love you so very much. I send you loads of love, hugs and comfort and hope and pray that you get all the strength that you need to get you through this. Please talk to us all you need - we're here for you. xxxxx


Court - April 28

{{{{{{{{{Keeks}}}}}}}}} I am sending you the biggest hugs in monumental amounts! I am so, so sorry! I cannot even begin to imagine the level of emotion that you are dealing with right now...I would just like to reitterate what Jules said and let you know that we are all here to listen to and support you. Please stay in touch as often as possible so we know how you're doing.


chriss - April 28

Oh keeks, I am so sorry, I cannot even express how sad I am for you right now................ Please hang in there and we will pray for your little one, I'm sure that god is holding your angel close to his heart. You have been through so much and yet continue to stay strong. We are all thinking of you!! just wanted ot say hey to Jules and Court, it has been awhile as I have also been MIA lately, will check back in later.


Maggie - May 1

Keeks, my heart is crying for you and your family. I will pray that God is holding your little one and your cousin in the palm of his hand while he gives them their wings. Take care of yourself and just let that phone ring, you don't need to pick it up. You are a woman who always thinks of others first, and it is perfectly alright for you to think about you first. God Bless you and we hope to chat when you are feeling better.


keeks - May 1

Thanks Jules, Court, and Chriss for your kind words. I truly appreciate your hugs and beautiful words. I will never forget it. My family and friends have been very supportive. Dh and I is doing so much better. I feel so 10 times healthier mentally and physically today expect for the few aches and pain left from the m/c. ((((((HUGS))))...... It's amazing what a few days of relaxation can do for your well being and soul. Now I'm seriously thinking about maybe trying again in June to get pregnant. Maybe my body is just wired to have Spring babies.....lol...I have two Spring angels right here. I would enjoy another............During the pregnancy I had some vision problems along with headaches. I had the hardest time typing on the computer. Hopefully, I will get a positive response from the doctor on Friday......Court, time is ticking!!! Your little girl will be here soon. Are you feeling kicks yet? Have your Dh ran you crazy yet? How are you?......Chriss, what you been up to Girl. Don't work too hard.........Jules, How's CJ? Is she rolling over yet? How's home life?.............Estee, Is James smiling yet? How's motherhood going......Jue, What's going on?........Well I will be sending this month getting back into shape, I ate to much chocolate during this pregnancy. So I'm getting my chubby self back into shape. I hope everyone is doing ok. Luv Y'all!!!!!!


keeks - May 1

Thanks Maggie, I have been letting the phone ring and just relaxing. You are right about thinking about what's best for me and my family. For the first time in my life I'm thinking about me and not worried about everyone else. I have a really good feeling my cousin and angel is watching over my family and I.......How's your little ones doing? I hope life is great and the kids is not running you crazy....lol....((((Hugs))) and kisses


Court - May 1

Hello all! Keeks! I am so happy to hear that you are feeling somewhat better...it's true how they say that time heals all wounds. And I know that your family is taking excellent care of you. :0) Well, I am now 33 weeks and just anxious as can be! Not to mention that I am getting extremely uncomfortable. I just really want this little girl here NOW...the waiting is shear torture. I have an appt for an US at 36 weeks to see if Isabel has turned to where she is supposed to be. She has been breach through the whole pregnancy and I am just really hoping that she makes the switch as I really do not want an c-section unless I absolutely have to. I am driving my dh crazy! He told me last night that he doesn't think that he wants to go through another pregnancy...it's too hard. How ironic is that? I do have to admit that I have not been the easiest person to deal with, but he hasn't neccessarily gone out of his way either. I love him dearly, but the man is so terrible at showing compa__sion and sympathy. I'm sure that he is better than most, but let me just tell you that I could scream with frustration sometimes. ;0) Anyhoo...enough about me! How is everyone else doing? I am missing you ladies terribly! XXOO!!


Jules - May 2

Heya Gals - Keeks, I am also so pleased that you're feeling stronger. Well done for keeping your chin up - Angels in Heaven to watch over us are a very special thing! I wouldn't worry about the weight from the chocolate either. Chocolate and pregnancy go hand in hand, my friend.....there's no denying that one ;) Please still remember that we're here for you, even if you're feeling stronger. You're a very special person, Keeks, and you'll get your Spring babe yet, that's for sure! Court, you must be counting the days! Don't worry, Isabel will turn soon enough and she'll be here before you know it so enjoy your sleep ;) Dh's don't fully understand what we're going through and they can behave like complete a__ses sometimes! As long as you know that they love you then you're still okay. But I do understand your frustration - my Dh could have driven me nearly insane at times, although it was probably mostly just me being badly hormonal. But then again - dem hormones are the things that make that baby grow into a beautiful life.....so I say "tuff" to the boys and tell them to buck up and be good Dh's!!! Oh well, as soon as you get to hold your babe you'll know that it was all well worth it - and I'm sure any Mom will back me up there! Chriss and Maggie - it was great to hear from both of you again! Hope you're both doing really well. Chriss - how are things going with you and the TTC game? Please don't give up hope - you know that things are gonna work out for you!!! As for us - well, CJ and I were fortunate enough to meet Estee and James last week for a cuppa or two. It was really awesome - and I wish that we could ALL meet up one day! That would be truly amazing! But it was great to finally meet Estee and put a face to a friend that we've made online. And as for James - well, he's an absolute cutie! I can see why Estee is so in love with him! And he was as good as gold too. CJ, on the other hand, was full of niggles and squeaks. But that seems to be the order of the day for the time being. The doc says that she isn't teething yet but may just be irritated with the teeth moving into the gums still. And she now weighs a hefty 8,2 kilos and is 65cm tall. Doc says she's very heavy (but not fat!) but is also very tall for her 4 months. He says not to worry about her weight as she'll lose it all when she starts to crawl. I love my babe and, as biased as I am, I believe that she's perfect and so gorgeous! I guess that's why I'm her Mom ;) Also, we started her on solids today - it was the funniest thing. She didn't care much for the taste of the porridge but really liked chewing on it with her little gums and her tongue! Then we tried her with some b___ternut squash which she really enjoyed but later threw up.....hmmm....I guess next time we'll stick to the porridge ;) Most of it lands on her face and clothes anyways. I guess the fun part is in the tasting! Well, I'll check back in with you gals soon. I send you ALL loads of love n hugs and hope each one of you is keeping well and that your hopes are high. Take care xxxxx


Estee P - May 3

Hi girls. Keekee - I am so sorry! This is the last thing I was expecting to hear when I just logged on again. I am so sorry for your losses! I'm devastated that you've lost the baby after so long! It was all going so well, and now this! You are a strong girl, Keeks, I admire your strength. There are quite a few women in our group who know about miscarriages and they know exactly what you're going through, so don't feel like you're alone in this. We're here for you. I also keep praying for chriss and and jue, that you girls get your BFP's soon. Court, also hope everything keeps going well for you. It's not long to go now! I'm getting excited for you for the fabulous experience that lies aheaf of you! Hiya Jules, whatcha been doin? I really enjoyed getting to know you a bit better, and YES! little CJ is indeed gorgeous, Jules is not biased at all! I fell in love with her almost instantly! And she wasn't bad at all, don't worry. The solids sounds like fun! :-) I am looking forward to that. The b___stfeeding is becoming a bit monotonous now. I feel like one of those camper van's that you get next to the road here in South Africa, that serves fast food. Always open and ready to serve you with whatever. I'm sure that's how my little sweetie is perceiving me. Momma = food. But all is going well, he is growing and I've even lost another 2 kg's (at last!) so now I only have 4 left to go. Well, I'm out more often than I'm home these days, so I'll only be back again after the weekend, we have yet another 2 family functions to attend out of town. In the meantime, I will pray for you Keeks, that your heart heals well, after the sad thing that's happened. xxx Big hug from me.


chriss - May 3

Keeks, it's so good to hear that you keeping a positive att_tude, but then we've come to expect nothing less from you, it's amazing how much you've suffered and yet still manage to be strong!! BRAVO!! I wish I could be that way more often. So good to here from everyone, I've been MIA for a while, on vacation and than it's taken so long to catch up with work etc. Court I'm thrilled ot hear that everything is going smoothly, times flies so quickly it seems. Jules and Estee, I cannot believe that you are strolling babies around already, it's so great that you both were able to meet, it would be great to have a get together some day, then we could all fight over who's munchkin is the cutest, smartest etc!! heehee!!! Anyway, as for me, not quite sure anymore what's up, before I left for vacation I went back to the OB/GYN and he told me that he was going to send me for tests just before my next af, which wasn't due until about April 16th, which was perfect since I was only returning from the Carribean on April 12th, WELL to my surprise and disgust, af showed up a week early while hiking through the rain forest on the Island of Saint Lucia!! so inconvenient and WAY TOO EARLY, I've never had af start a week early before. When I returned to Canada, I took two HPT's within a few days of each other and both were BFN, so I couldn't understand. Anyway, now I'm not sure how long my cycle is, I am not on Day 26, it used to be a regular 28 0 30 day cycle, I've been having weird tummie feelings for the past week and sore bbs, BUT, these could be pms, because after almost two years of TTC, I've come to find that EVERY symptom that you could ever experience for early pregnancy symtoms are also PMS symtoms, so now I think everything is PMS, so I'm ready to throw my hands in the air and give up. Everytime we turn around someone we know is pregnant either with their first, second or third and DH is so frustrated that it is taking so long! Oh well enough venting and feeling sorry for myself. Great to hear from you ladies, loads of huggs and kisses!!!


jue - May 3

oh keeks I know it doesn't help but I am so sorry for your loss, it isn't the easiest thing to hear and you are probably fed up with hearing it, I know I was. but we are all here for you so if you want to talk then go ahead cause we will listen and some of us have been through it so you are NOT alone. I have been through 11 m/c in 18 months, you never get used to the loss but it does get easier, you just have to let yourself grieve for you loss. cry all you want and anyone who tells you otherwise needs hitting with a big stick preferably with a nail in the end lol. sending you lots of hugs, kisses and tissues. use them all for as long as you need them. I just found out a friend of mine who was going through all the fertility test like we did is 8 weeks preg, which upset me a bit cause she lied through her teeth when they asked her if she smoked, drank, did drugs or had any STD's, she said no to all of them when I know for a fact that the answer is a whopping BIG YES to all of the above. life is so unfair. well me and hubby are trying again so fingers crossed. I am glad you (jules) and estee got together and had fun, it would be great to get together with everyone and put faces to names. chriss I know the feeling about everyone you know getting preg and not you, I have found just getting laid as often as I want and throwing my ovulation tests away and sticking to temperature taking helps ease the stress of ttc, it also makes s_x more enjoyable and less like work. court my ex-hubby was like your dh untill I gave birth and then he changed into the best dad in the world, wait and see. well i had better get some work done. hugs to you all and extras for keeks


Jules - May 6

Heya Gals - hope you're all doing really well. This is just a quick HIYA to check in. Dh, Babe and I are leaving for Natal (Durban) tomorrow morning and will only be back on Friday. Dh got a job interview at a great firm in Durban and we're also going to look for homes to rent (as a temp measure) - in Ballito, Estee!!! You'll have to come and visit ;) Also, we've had an offer on our home - but it wasn't really good enough - a couple from France. We've made a counter-offer to them and the will revert to us on Tuesday. Dh has his interview on Wednesday so we're hoping and praying that this will be a good week! Will check back in with you as soon as I can. Lots n lots of love n hugs to you all xxxxx


jue - May 13

hi girls how is everyone doing? keeks hope you are feeling ok and that your dh is looking after you. well Me and hubby are pregnant again, I am about 4 weeks and feel terrible, I feel sick, have a headache, suffering from hayfever, restless leg syndrome ( pain full leg muscles and have to move them) and to top it all off I have a trapped nerve in my back. but apart from that I am fine lol. I saw my family gp yesterday and he said the only thing I could safley take for hay fever and my RLS is homeopathy medicine which is making it easier. my darling hubby gave me a nice surprise on wed as I was feeling under the weather, he took me to the beach so I could watch the sea and he brought me fish and chips, boy does he know how to make me happy. well I will chat again soon, hugs to everyone and chat soon.


Estee P - May 14

Hi ladies. Just want to wish you all a very happy mother's day! For those who are not preggers yet, it will come, just be patient! For those who are (Jue!) congrats! and hope everything goes well and continues to go well (Court). Jules, hope you have enjoyed your very first mothersday with CJ! I certainly have had a special day with my little angel. We are all down with the flu, little one in included, but taking it easy at home. Hopefully we will all be better by tomorrow. Keeks, how are you doing now? Are you o.k. sweetie? You're very quiet. Chriss, still thinking of you. Don't worry girl, remember me! I battled for 2.5 years, remember! And look where I am now. It's gonna happen for you too!! Just persevere! Your little babe is going to be SO worth the wait! You're gonna love him/her so much! Just wait it out. So Jue, I really really really hope this little baby stays inside this time! You dh is very special in the way he's treating you. He must care for you very much. You two deserve this little babe. Anyway, whilst my little one is asleep I'm gonna take a shower now and take a nap myself. Chat soon girls! Hope everyone had a wonderful day. xxx


jue - May 17

hi girls how is every one? looks like most are MIA, well m/s is here with a vengence and now my face has broken out in spots and my b___bs hurt but as long as I feel like this I wont complain. I am of to the loo again chat soon and sending out hugs to you all.


Court - May 18

Hello Ladies!!! I'm sorry that I have been so out of the loop. Jue- I am so, so happy for you!!! How are you doing Keeks? I have been thinking about you alot lately! I hope everyone had a fab mother's day! I am now 35 weeks and I cannot wait to meet my little Isabel! Sometimes I think I may go crazy with the anxiety! I have my final u/s on the 25th to see if my little one has turned the way that she is supposed to be. She has been breech throughout my entire pregnancy so we are hoping that she is finally head down. Otherwise we will most likely be scheduling a c-section next week. I really hope that we don't have to do that, but I will be ok if it does happen. I just want her here...happy and healthy. I will check in again shortly! XXOO!!



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