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chriss - February 23

The other one was getting so long......... Firstly Jue I am very sorry to hear about everything that is going on, seems like so much to handle all at once and I hope that your Dr. can provide you with a solution to your bleeding problem, not that I have alot of experience, but it doesn't really seem normal to bleed for so long after? Estee, so good to hear from you as well, I am sorry to hear that you and DH are having some issues, I hope everthing works out. It's great to hear that you ar now past 12 wks and that your worries are lessened! As for me well I am now in my 38th wk and am just waiting, everything is ready for baby, well I guess as ready as I will ever be. I am going to totally clean my house this weekend from top to bottom, I already have bags packed and ready to go. I have one more week of work left and then I'm off for a full year, which seems a little weird to me, but I honestly can't wait! I am getting a little nervous about the whole new mommie thing, not in terms of changing and feeding and lack of sleep etc, but just worried about bonding with baby and being able to understand baby's needs, but I think this will come in time...... I will definately keep you ladies informed when baby arrives. I don't believe that I still have email addresses to send a pic so if you want to send me your email over hotmail at christine_larocque90 you know the rest, just trying to avoid spammers...................... Hope everyone is well, haven't heard from Court, Jules and Keeks for so long....................


Court - February 23

Hi there! Chriss it is GREAT to hear from you! I just realized that you got pregnant RIGHT after Isabel was born. I was laughing because I had her at 38 weeks and she will be 38 weeks old next week. She has been alive for as long as I was pregnant with her. I know...I'm goofy...just a cute piece of history. I am so happy to hear that everyone of us is finally having our dreams of being mommies come true. I am being very optimistic and thinking that Keeks is right there with us too. We haven't heard from her in SO long. Anyway, Isabel will be 9 mos on the 9th and she growing like crazy! just started crawling this week and she already has her 2 bottom teeth. We are talking about adding to the family in 2008/2009. We would ultimately like to have 2, but feel so blessed to have even 1. Jue and Jules...I'm very happy for both of you. Jue, I hope you are feeling better soon! Jules my hubby and I had a major down time shortly after Isabel came along...just be patient and make sure to ALWAYS communicate. Hopefully that does the trick. :0) Chriss...please keep us informed...I can't wait to hear the GREAT news! XXOO!!


Estee P - March 1

Hi ladies! So glad we have a new thread, the other one was getting so long, and almost ran for a year, did you notice?! I'm sure that must have been a record for this site. Chriss, I sent you my email address, so please let me have pics as soon as you can! I'm very excited for you (one week to go now!) and wish you all the best!! I have been home for a year now since I've resigned, and it's been wonderful! You must enjoy every day with your baby! Court, can't believe little Isabel is already 9 months old, crawling and already got herself some teeth! They grow like weeds in rain time! My boy has been walking for a month now, and just had his 1st birthday last week! He's got 5 teeth now. He is an absolute pleasure! The friendliest, healthiest, sweetest and brightest kid that you can imagine. However, all of this do not come without a few tantrums now and then! I do try to be strict with him, but it's hard, since he's such a little sweetie. My second pregnancy is now 15 weeks along. I have been having some cramps today, but it has cleared up in the afternoon, so I'm feeling fine. Can't say that I'm suffering at all. All seems well with baby, and we'll know the gender in a few weeks. I'm hoping for a girl, but my dh and the doc think that they saw a little willy at the previous scan. I hope they saw wrong, but we'll see. But I'll take whatever I'm given, no problem. I also hope Keeks is doing fine and that she's healthy and maybe even pregnant by now! Cheers ladies, and hoping you're all well! xxx


jue - March 4

hi girls, well my bleeding finaly stopped the day before alex turned 8 weeks. he is now nearly 10 weeks old and he is smiling and following me around the room with his eyes and has started making baby noises, he is sooo cute and makes myheart melt. chriss don't worry about being a mom as everything will come naturally and your instincts will tell you if you are right or wrong when it comes to the baby. estee it is good to hear that you are doing well with both the pregnancy and your little one. court it won't belong before you will be chasing her around. well i better go as his little lordship is waking up and will want a b___st feed, he is having both b___st and bottle feeds every meal plus he now has tastes of proper food, so far he has tried baby rice ( he loves it as long as it is warm), rusk again it has to be warm, mashed banana, he nearly took my arm off when i gave him a taste as he screamed when i stopped feeding it to him and today he had his first taste of potatoe peas and carrot liquidized which he loved as well. so it looks like i wont have a problem with food when it comes to alex, the little piglet lol. i also found out how to stop him screaming when it is bath time, i put him in the big bath with me and he loves it, he kicks his legs and waves his arms and gurgles. well i will chat again soon when i get 5 mins peace.


Jules_CF - March 5

I feel as though I have come home!!! Hello Gals! I can’t believe that you are all still here and was so happily surprised when Estee gave me news of Chriss and Jue. Our internet was only recently restored at home after a few months of being out of the loop so I promise to check in regularly! This is awesome – I have missed you all so much and have thought so much of each of you! Chriss – WOW!!! You must be counting the days and hours! I am just so thrilled that this dream is about to come true for you and Dh! I have thought of you so much! The next year is going to be such a special one for you. I do need to go back and read the old thread to catch up on all the details and news – but I trust, Chriss, that you had a good pregnancy and that you’re A-OK. I just can’t wait! I’m so excited for you cos I know what’s about to happen –a nd don’t have any concerns about bonding with your babe and doing the right thing. You’ll know exactly what to do. Just love your baby (as you will) (and you can’t love them too much!) and the rest will follow. It IS a learning process (I found that out) but you can always trust your motherly instinct! Oooh – please keep us posed! Jue – congrats on the birth of little Alex! I know you’ve done this before but I’m sure that this time is just as special as the first cos he is such a special and precious little bundle! Well done! I also bled for 6 weeks plus – but the doc gave me tabs to sort all that out. What a relief! I hope you’re feeling fit again and that Alex grows from strength to strength! Court – you sound as though you have really enjoyed the last 9 months! I can’t wait to see some pics (addy is caryn.fortune (note the dot) at the hotmail account) (I know – brave and stupid to put t out there) and I am so pleased that you’ve had fun with Isabel! Isn’t this the most amazing thing that you have done? Estee – I’m sorry I’ve been so bad at keeping in touch. I do miss you and all my JHB buddies so very much. I hope we can meet up soon. As I said, I need to catch up on the details – but I hope that you and Dh can work through these issues – especially before the babe arrives. What is your expected due date? Please send me some pics of James – he is such a cutey-pie – and I’d love to see how he has grown. As for us – well, Cayla-Jaimes is now 14 months old and has nearly 8 teeth! She started walking just after her birthday and babbles away to us all the time. She has a wicked sense of humour too. She’s good with her vocab (naturally her first word was dada) and is learning a few animal sounds too! The cutest thing is when I ask her “what does the kitty-cat say?” and this husky little voice says “miaaow-miaaow” and just melts your heart! The only downfall for me is that I am suffering badly from post-natal depression (at what point does it become normal depression?) and Dh and I have had a really rally bad year. We have separated twice but are now committed to making things work. It’s just unpleasant at times and is really really hard work. I reckon our lives took a deep dive when we moved in such a hurry after both losing our jobs and having a new baby. Too many pressures and we went Kaboom! Hopefully we can work this through soon. PND is a big reality and needs to be addressed soon after the birth of your babe – if you suffer from it. I have left this too long unnecessarily (went off the treatment too soon and should have got back onto it a long time ago). Nonetheless, we only want to look ahead to good things! It’s just so awesome to hear from all of you and I send you huge loves n hugs from sunny (HOT) Durban SA. Will chat to you all soon. Take good care and please send pics and email addresses (my address is above)Tons of love xxxxx


jue - March 21

hi girls, chris have you had it yet? hope you are ok and enjoying the new family. court how is isabel doing is she walking yet or is she doing the 1 minute mile on her knees lol. estee how is the preg going i hope you are managing to get some rest with that little boy of yours running about. jules i am glad you are getting help with the pnd, i hit a very weepy stage when alex was 8 weeks old and was worried that it was pnd, i spoke to my doctor and she said it was the baby blues hitting finally as i had gone through so much when alex was born, ie alex was born 27th dec after my antinatal visit at 36 weeks preg, home 28th dec, stuart my middle son rushed in for appendix out, a week later our dog taken in to the vets for a lump to be removed, i get rushed back in to the hospital after losing a large clot and was put on bed rest for 2 weeks and to top it of my hubby in involved in a minor car accident which gave him whip lash and sciatica and injured his arm. the doctor said i never gave myself time to have the baby blues when alex was born and it just caught up with me when everything calmed down. we have the best contaceptive going, i had the depo injection when alex was 8 weeks old, and since then me and hubby have only selpt in the same bed once since then, we have been taking it in turns staying up at night with him as he is feeding every 3-4 hours each night and most nights not going back to sleep for 2 hours after a feed so we take it in turns to stay up at night. well apart from that we are all doing great. alex is starting to make gurgling noises and is smileling a lot, it wont be long till he is laughing. well i better get some house work done. hugs to all and chat again soon.


Estee P - March 25

Hi there ladies! Jue, glad to catch you on here. Yes, I agree with your doc, your baby blues is just the result of having had a very difficult end to your year. If I had only two of those things happening to me, I would have had the blues too, not to mention all of them! But I think you are doing great considering all that's been going on! Jules' story is pretty much the same as yours: just too much atomic collisions in your post-baby universe, all at the same time, and you end up having post traumatic depression. But you guys will pull through, just give it some time. Right now I'm also feeling a bit depressed, as I'm not happy with the way I have become lately. And I'm just too pregnant to try and change my actions, so I just sit and feel blue about it all, and stuff myself with food all day. I'm really not in a good place right now, but I know it's a phase, and I'll get through. On the bright side: We found out we're having a girl!! I'm very happy about that! I'm just very curious as to what happened with Chriss??? The babe is certainly born by now, but what is it and is it doing well, and how are you coping? Please send us news and photo's as soon as you can. Otherwise, ladies, take care of yourselves. xxx


jue - April 27

hi all. well alex is now 17 weeks old and growing well. the rest of the tribe are ok to. well how is everyone doing? chriss well how are you? what did you have? chat again soon his lordship wants a feed so i better feed him. hugs to all



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