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keekee - November 3

Good morning and Happy Thursday Ladies!!! I am so sorry about being MIA for about a week. In the mist of remodeling my whole family came down with the flu. I'm still trying to get over it. I knew I should have gotten a flu shot. Oh well I'm pretty strong and well get over it soon. I do have some great news. Early one morning Avery woke Dh and I up with a Dada song. It was truly amazing. Dada came out so clear and beautiful. I am so happy. We are hoping to hear more words and see more signs from Avery. Jordan is now speed running and trying his hardest to keep up with Avery. He now know how to work the DVD player and turn the tv. I am afraid one day Dh and I will find a PBJ sandwich in the DVD player slot. Sheba is her usual self. Her and Jordan always seem to get into mischief at the same time. The joys of motherhood. Oh, we are now trying to enjoy the last days of warm weather here. So far the temps seem to be staying above 50 degrees. Dh favorite time of the year.....I'm going to read up on what I missed and respond to everyone in a few. Boy, I missed y'all!!!!!......................Smooches!!!!!!!!!!................TTC month Ladies!!!!!!!!!! Are ya ready Jue and Chriss!!!!


keekee - November 3

Are we talking about child birth cla__ses already? Wow, ladies time is going way to fast. Jules, I hope you and Estee get to see each other. Wouldn't it be great!!! Estee, I'm still working on the living room. We painted the room cranberry, white, and a khaki ceiling. I still have touch ups to do. Trading spaces make it look so easy......heeeheee. How is the nursery coming ladies?.....Court, how did you tell your DH about the pregnancy? I know he must be on cloud 9.....Jue, the good and bad with moving. I think moving sucks!!! Too much work but you get a new home to enjoy for many years to come. I have two baby showers in one month. My cousin is having a girl and my sister in law is having a surprise. So I bought her all yellow. A yellow moses basket with matching diaper bag, blanket, baby book, and other baby clothes. Have you noticed some people don't like moses baskets? I think they're great if you have several floors.........Alexis, I was wondering about you. Yes, I remember you. You were the first person i spoke to on here. I will never forget. We lost touch when I was MIA a few months ago. I am still laughing about 101 Kee kee who came along when I was gone...heehee.... Congrats on another little boy. Two boys and a girl!!! Wow, let us know when you deliever.......... Don't work too hard ladies. Chat when you have time..............Hugs!!!!!!!!!


Estee P - November 4

Keeks, I'm so glad about Avery! I hope he just goes from strength to strength! I don't know where you get the energy to redo your house, I find it so exhausting! When I just think of decorating something I just feel tired all of a sudden and need to lie down! :-) I guess I'm just a lazy a__sed cow! I have been to my first ante-natal cla__s! I did not learn anything new coz I've already read all of that in the many books I've worked through. But it was nice to hear about everybody's aches, pains and ideas. Out of the 11 or 12 couples only two were expecting girls, the rest were all boys. Also all my friends and colleagues that are preggo now, are expecting boys. So Jules, this certainly is the year of the boy in South Africa, so your girl is very special! :-) Anyway, everyone, have a lovely weekend, I'm off now and won't be around till next week. Have a great one and BE GOOD! (wink, wink)


Jules - November 4

Heya Gals!!! Keeks, it's so good to hear from you again - and I am SO SO happy about Avery! You have a beautiful family!!! And I'm sure you're gonna add another one soon ;) You work so hard with your boys that you deserve some good reward like that - and Avery will learn more and more!!! Estee, am so pleased you got into an ante-natal cla__s - where are you going for them? Don't worry - you'll learn more interesting stuff as you go along. I always enjoy them. Yup, Keeks, we're growing fast - I only have 8 weeks to go!!!!! FREAK!!! And to think that I kept it a secret from my family until I was 9 weeks preggers - time is really flying by.....I have most of my Christmas shopping done (WONDERFUL!) so I don't have to haul a__s in the Summer heat through the malls! So this weekend I will spend wrapping gifts for my family. Then next month I can shop for Dh - I can't wait! Toys for boys - and I know just what to get him!!! So, hope you all have a GORGEOUS weekend - hope everyone's still doing okay. Lots and lots of love and hugs to all of ya xxxxx


keekee - November 4

Estee, You're pregnant not lazy girl. Pregnancy can take alot out of you. Makes me wonder why I want to get pregnant again. Oh yeah, after pregnancy you forget all the hardships your body go through and have a beautiful baby to remind you of what you get in return. I also went throught child birth cla__ses and didn't learn anything I ever read. Crazy huh, but you get to share your aches and pains with other women.......Jules, you have have to put a shot gun on your shopping list. Your girl will be special with all the boys being born......heehee...Jules, only 8 weeks until CJ show her pretty face.Wow!!! I wish I can say I have Christmas shopping done. I need to get to shopping....Girls, thanks for your kind words. I am beyond happy about Avery. He always been a joy in my life. He's always happy and working hard. He is one strong little boy. Dh is bursting with joy over all of this........Now we are moving on to the Dining room and kitchen. Dining room will be Gold. Yes, a shocking gold. Colors make me happy.....heehee......My nature high come out more with a newly painted house. So, I will be painting all weekend again..Yes, Dh and I are still fighting over the kitchen color. So, he will come home to a shocker....heeheee............Ladies stay under the fan and try to keep cool. I bet it get hot there................Jue, I will be ttc this month. Hey, rubber room buddy when will you be Oing???................I will try to check in later........................Smooches!!!!!!!!!!!


jue - November 9

Hi girls just a flying visit as I am still moving house ( i know it is well over a week since we got the keys) we are having to move everything by our mpv as we couldn't get hold of a van so we are having to do 6 trips a day and so far have only just eptied the bedrooms and kitchen. we still have the lounge, 2 outside sheds, under the stairs and the loft to empty and that is before we can clean the place. as you can guess I am on the verge of a mental break down, I O'ed 10 days ago and have been having brown spotting for the past 3 to 4 days and my b___bs have been aching non stop, my af is due about 15th november and I have no idea what is going on with my body at all. I did see the fertility specialist last week and he want lots of blood tests done ie; chromosones, folic and b12 plus I have to have a blood test on cylce day 5 and 21 so I will feel like a pin cushion by xmas. the doc did think the reason for my reacurring m/c is because I might not be absorbing folic acid or b12, if that is the case then he said it is fairly easy to fix, all I would have to do is have daily folic acid and b12 injections for the whole 9 months which is a small price to pay for a healthy baby. well I better go as my hubby has just pulled up with another load for me to unpack. I vow never to move house again EVER, I will need time in the padded room when this is all over. hugs to everyone. I will pop back again when I get 5 mins peace. I probably be bald by then lol. baby dust.


Court - November 9

Hello girlz! Well, DH and I went to the Dr. last Friday and saw "the bean"! So amazing to see the little heart flutter on the screen! 137 beats per minute...I love it...my baby is thriving and doing well! My official edd is June 22, 2006. I just feel like the pregnancy is consuming all parts of my life. I am eating constantly to keep from feeling sick. I haven't actually been sick...thank GOD I think that my prayers were answered on ms. But I do have bout of nausea and that is not fun at all. I also sleep all of the time...my poor dh feels abandoned as I'm just so tired all of the time. But I will not complain. I am just so excited that I have been blessed with this baby. Jue, please try to take breathers here and there to try to keep your sanity...just in case you do get that bfp you need to be taking care of yourself. Hugs to all!! I hope everyone is doing well! XXOO!!


Chriss - November 10

Hey ladies!!! I have missed to much it seems! Everyone seems extra busy, with moving, remodelling, natal cla__ses and Xmas shopping. First of all Jules, can't believe that you've finished already! I don't usually start until very late. Keeks, so happy to hear that Avery is singing away! Great news, Court I am so happy for you that you've gone and actually saw your little "bean" must be such an awesome experience and jue, take it easy with the moving ok, make sure that you take plenty of breaks and that dh rubs your feet and back at the end of the day (wishfull thinking right! :>) Keeks, the remodelling also sounds fantastic. As for me, well I'm pretty much just counting the hours until I can test, my only problem is that because my last two cycles were alot shorter than the usual 30 days, they were both 26 days, which means that I should be starting af tomorrow!! Have been having a few symptoms, but don't really want to get my hopes up. I will let you know how things turn out!! Many huggs and kisses for all and take care! Cheers, Chriss


Estee P - November 10

Hi ladies! Everyone seems well! Jue, hell! you sound like you're working hard! I am thinking of you! Don't push too hard until you know if you're not perhaps preggers! Same for you Chriss! I hold thumbs for both of you for a BFP!!! Keep us updated. Court, what a wonderful time you're having! Enjoy every sec of the pregnancy. I know exactly what you mean with the tiredness, I had the same! Felt like my life was just on hold and all I did was sleep. But you will get over the worst and then you'll feel normal again. Right now I'm going through the most terrible dreams when I sleep. They are gruesome, disgusting, absolutely horrifyingly scary! I won't expand. Just believe me when I say I wake up deeply disturbed. Hope this pa__ses quickly. And along with that I'm having BAD backache again this week. Been to the physio coup'la times. But otherwise I'm well. Jules, why are you so quiet girl? Have you wrapped all the pressies? I still have to get to that, the buying that is. Keeks, how are all your men, and how's the house getting on? Are you being good girl? :-)) Ok, off with me. Take care ladies!


Court - November 11

Ok...I need opinions. I have a call into the Dr. and I am probably b__wing this way out of proportion, but I have been pretty constipated over the last 3 weeks. However, this morning I have had "the runs". I'm a little worried about the extreme change overnight. Have any of you experienced this? Chriss, it is so good to hear from you! Please keep us informed about af and your bfp. Estee, I have been having pretty strange dreams lately as well and they aren't very fun at all. kEEKs, are you in the rubber room yet? Jules and Auds, I hope you are both keeping well. Check in when you can. XXOO!!


MISS - November 11

Hey girls!!! I know I know I have been MIA for months now, but I been soo busy, that I haven't had a minute to check on you guys....and Now I decided to read up on you guys while im having a hot chocolate....hmmmmm so everyone sounds good, as I can tell....Have there been anything major going on??? Well.....I have tons,,,,Im now going to school full time, which is a huge adjustment, in my life.....My job, wasn't making me happy and I wasn't ready and willing to work the long hours they wanted me too....so I quit!!! Very nerve racking at first, but Its all working out for me...funny, I seem to have more money know that I did, when I was working....hahahaha!!!! I guess Im shopping less now...hehe....Oh and in Sept I had a miscarrige, I didn't even know I was preggers, since I wasn't ttc anymore, but I ended up with major bleeding one night and to my surprise I ended up miscarring,.....but now that Im in school, Im back on the pill, just in case.....Everyone been on my back telling me, Im stupid to back on the pill, but since Im investing all this money on a New career, then pregnancy in on hold!!!!.....Let's see what else is new with me...hmmmm Like KeeKee Im remodelling my living room too, my house is a mess, looks like a tornado hit, and nobody has cleaned up the wreakage yet......Jules I can't believe you only have 8 weeks to go.....boy time does fly!!!! and Estee how are you feeling????? and everyone else....what's the scoop.....Well I will chat with you girls later on today....


Estee P - November 12

Court, did you say you called the doc? What did they say, should you worry about the constipated VS runs situation? I personally don't think you should worry. Your hormones are in control of your bowel muscles at the moment, and seeing that they're fluctuating like mad right now, of course you will experience strange and overnight changes. It could also be that you ate something that caused you to digest faster. Don't worry, it will pa__s. (no pun intended! :-)) Just keep monitoring it. And if the runs are really bad, keep yourself hydrated. Good luck sweetie! I do hope it's nothing serious! Miss, welcome back!! Your life has made quite a turn, it sounds! We can't blame you for being so quiet! If one isn't trying to ttc anymore or not pregnant, then I guess there's not much here to come back for. But it is lovely to catch up with you! Good luck with those studies, I do hope you are having a good time! And I'm very sorry to hear about the miscarriage. There's been so many miscarriages on here, I'm sure everyone knows exactly the loss that an m/c causes. But like you said, it might be for the better for you right now, seeing that you don't want to get preggers at this stage. As for me, I'm doing d.i.y. in the house with dh today. We're still hanging some curtains and putting up mirrors and so on. I'm also trying to make myself an outfit for a function tonight, I have to look like a pirate. I got some material and accessories, and I'm going to try and put them all together into a nasty-looking-"knocked-up-coz-there's-no-way-I-can-hide-my-belly-anymore"! - pirate-lady outfit. Hopefully I get the effect right. Have a great weekend everyone! I'm still holding thumbs for you Jue and Chriss, what's up? Any news?


Chriss - November 14

Hey girls, well I'm totally confused!! the last two months my cycle was 26 days and so I sort of expected to have af on Friday, so I tested thurday with one of those +/- tests and got a bfn, tested again on saturday, since af didn't show and another bfn, I did test both times at night though and I've never used this test before. I've been having sore bbs for the past week and a half and have been feeling like af is coming since friday and yet she still hasn't showed. I'm thinking of testing again tonight with a first response test, but I just don't want to be let down again :>(. Miss, great to hear from you and that you are back into the books, I don't envy you though! Very sorry to hear about your m/c, I hope everything works out for you. Gotta run for now, Huggs to all and hope you are having a fab day!!!


Jules - November 15

Heya Gals - so good to hear from so many of you! Sorry that I've also been MIA the last week - but have had a hectic time with work and preparing to go away for the weekend. We had a great time and were so spoilt at our stork party on Sunday. We also got loads of vouchers and still need to buy so much!!! Will be fun - I just need to start pacing myself as I have been taking a bit of strain. Am also battling to come to terms with the whole b___stfeedg thing. I don't wanna do it - I'm not sure why - I just feel uncomfortable with it and EVERYONE is giving me c___p about that too. So I really feel under pressure at the moment and wish everyone would just leave me alone. I think I'm suffering from a sweet case of the baby blues at the mo - as I am SO tearful most the time and just want to be left the heck alone! Anyhoo, am sure we will get over it. We have our 32 week scan tomorrow, and as always, am looking forward to it. Miss, am also so sorry to hear about your MC. You do sound upbea about it though - and I wish you all the best in your studies - so that when the time is right for you, you can TTC with ALL your heart! Court, so glad that the MS has not got to you badly (same as me - my prayers were answered there cos I'm such a baby with nausea!) - a I hope you only feel better and better. Don't worry about the runs too much. I experienced the same thing at times. Such sudden cases of it too that it scares the heck outta you. It was all hormonal / digestive tract based - and I was never sick with it. I hope this was the same on your case. I'm sure if it was anything more sinister than that your doc has taken good care of you? Let us know how you are!!! Keeks, so glad that the remodelling is still taking place! Just set aside some time for TTC, ya hear!!! November / December is YOUR time!!! Estee, hope your boy is doing well. I bet you can't wait for your next checkup! I forget - what happened with the ante natal cla__ses? Are you doing one a week or did you opt for the whole day lesson? And where are you going for them? Chriss - I hope you've had a BFP by now!!!!! What happened? I can't wiat to hear from you again - and this time we're holding big baby dust thumbs for ya - this is gonna be it!!!!! I have to run off for now (again!) but promise to check in later. Lotsa love xxxxx


Estee P - November 15

Hi girls! Chriss, it must be awful for you, but try to be patient and don't expect anything. Maybe your cycle is just late. What a lovely surprise it will be if you do turn out preggers, and I'll be holding thumbs with all my heart, but don't get all hopeful! Loads of luck!! Court, how's it going now, have you been fine since your last post? Keeks, you're quiet girl! Your house must be getting on well! And Jue, you're probably still offline hey? I hope the moving is getting on well. Kinda miss you on here! Jules, sweetie, you're strong and you're not someone who let's yourself be pressured. You know that. You do what you want and make your own decisions and choices. So don't be streamrollered or bullied. I personally feel very strong about b___stfeeding, but that's me and my life and my choice. YOU can do whatever you please. Cayla-Jaimes is your baby, and you are her most important parent. You decide what's best for her and you. Nobody else can. So forget about all the (I'm sure well-meant, yet unasked for!) advice, and DO YOUR OWN THING! If it's not your thing, don't b___stfeed. I know many people who were raised on the powder milk and the're wonderful and normal and healthy. Maybe you won't even have enough milk to feed the baby by b___st, so really, don't worry about this right now! So many women find out that they just don't produce enough to sustain the babe, and they are forced to switch. Cross that bridge when you get there. You've got enough other stuff to worry about right now. Things will just fall in place for you. Maybe when you've delivered, you might feel totally different about b___stfeeding then. Take it easy, be good to yourself, enjoy the last few weeks that you have before your life will inevitably change enormously. Eat out, rest, swim, shop, watch movies and visit some friends. Try to stay calm. I'm thinking of you! How was the scan, what did you see, all going well? We've decided to go for the once-off day cla__s (ante natal) at Unitas hospital. It's in Afrikaans (which we prefer) and it covers everything in a day. That is much better for my dh, who does client support work at night between 5 and 8 pm, after he's completed his day job. He wasn't too happy to lose one evening's work per week for 7 weeks in a row. I'm going for my 3D and 28 week scans next week on Wednesday! I'm very excited and can't wait to get a snapshot of the little guy's face! He's been VERY active lately. As I type here, he's kicking hard. I still have back pain (today is real bad) but I take it in my stride. I'm used to it by now and I'm coping in a way. Anyway ladies, good luck to all of you with all your different stuff! I hope you're al well and fine! Keeks, when are you ttc'ing? This is your month, right? :-)


jue - November 16

Hi girls, well we hav nearly finished moving house, we only have 4 more trips to do (thank goodness). on the preg front I am now 3 days late for af and my b___bs are achey plus I am getting bad mood swings, any ideas? I did a hpt 2 days ago and it was neg but it could be to early to test. I had spotting for 4 days from the 4th to the 7th nov but I am putting that down to the move either that or it could be because I had an internal when I went to see the fertility doc. my hubby is convinced that I am preg because my b___bs are tender plus they are huge, but I am waiting til I have missed my next af then test again which should be about 15th december. I will have plenty to occupy myself with what with unpacking and running my business and the family to keep me occupied. missy sorry to hear about your m/c I hope you are having fun at school. chriss I am in the same boat as you with the waiting to test. court I would have a chat with your doc to be on the safe side about the runs. keeks how is the bding going or are you to busy and tired to get to the computer he he he. estee and jules not long for you both now, try not to over do it. auds how you doing?. well back to the un packing chat when I get 5 min. hugs


Estee P - November 16

Jue, it's good to hear from you! I'm glad you seem to be wrapping up the move! You must be exhausted! And maybe preggies as well!! I think you are very wise not to worry about this until mid December. If you are preggers, you'll be out of the red by then, and you won't even have to worry about another pending miscarriage like the past few times! I will pray for you that there is no AF for another month for you! Then we'll know for sure! Loads of luck! Remember the golden rule: If you think you could be pg, treat your body like it is, until confirm otherwise! So no lifting of boxes or anything, you hear! Where's everybody else?



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