June 1st Ladies

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sth - May 9

Hey there I guess we should start a new thread ladies, Hope all is well..If there was already one started..sorry =-) sth!!! My fingers are crossed for some bfp out there!!!!! baby dust to all!!!


amy w - May 9

hi stf! i am waiting for the 2nd...keeping my fingers crossed for everyone! good luck to us all!


Pam - May 9

I am waiting till the 4th. I haven't even ovulated yet. I O sometime next week. The suspense is killing me. I hope we are productive this month----if you know what I mean.


amy w - May 9

lol pam, i do know what you mean, i am hoping the same thing especially with my dh leaving next week for a month and a half...i am crossing my fingers for us! good luck.


superbadchick - May 9

I'm waiting til the 6th. Af came this morning 13 days late & after a faint positive on a hpt. I will never buy one of those things again...lol.


Suzie - May 9

superbadchick, i once was a few days late for my period and also got a BFP on a HPT then af came....i was told i had a Chemical Pregnancy. im just wondering if that is what could of happened to you and not just a bad hpt. something to think about. and yes my bfp was faint also.


superbadchick - May 9

Some other people have been telling me that as well, Suzie. I'm kinda saddened by the thought of that....but I don't go to the doctor til Friday. But good to know I'm not alone. (:


sth - May 10

Well I am here for ya'll...Thats why we have to stick together =-)


BABY S - May 10

Well I am back on this month waiting for the bd. Hopefully some of us will have some luck this month!


BUMP - May 10



Monique - May 10

Can anyone tell me if you can feel implantation? If so what does it feel like. I am hoping my period doesn't show up on 5/15.


amy w - May 10

hi ladies! just wanted to check in and see how everyone was doing. i am almost at my o days, so i am getting excited that the time has gone by somewhat fast. i hope that we all get the BFP's that we deserve good luck to us all!


superbadchick - May 10

I heard that you might cramp during implantation if that helps.



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