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Geishadoll - November 6

So, I use the NuvaRing and have for about a year now. My husband I went on vacation and I forgot to get a new Ring and put it in. I should be put it back in one the 18th. We left for vacation on the 20th and had s_x on the 21st. This was right after my period. I know that there is never a safe time, but I know it’s always very unlikely to get pregnant then. But, within the past few days, my nipples have been so sore I cannot touch them and it hurts to put on a bra. Today, I’ve felt this weird, almost like cramping, but not painful like a period in my lower abdomen, like a flutter almost. Any opinions? Could I be pregnant or is it just the fact that I haven’t put the ring back in yet and my hormones are acting up. A little help would be so appreciated! Also, I can’t take a test yet, but I am due to get my period on the 13th or so.


MAC_33 - November 6

when did your last period start? Also, why didn't you just put in a new ring when you returned from vacation?


Geishadoll - November 6

Last period was on October 15th. Also, I was told by my ob/gyn not to put it back in until after my next cycle, as this would screw things up a bit.


mjvdec01 - November 6

I had been on bc pills for two years and when I went off of them I swore I was pregnant, then I found out that you can go thru bc pill withdrawl and the symptoms are similar to pregnancy, then as soon as your period starts... gone. It sucked because I really want to be pregnant again. Maybe you are pregnant, stranger things have happened, or maybe your body is just freaking out because it is used to the ring. Would you be happy to be pregnant?


Geishadoll - November 6

I would, but I know that my husband wouldn't be the happiest. I was pregnant once before when being off the pill for weeks and I lost the baby. So, needless to say, there is a longing there that my husband just doesn't understand. I just know there isn't ever a perfect time for a baby, but he doesn't get that. I wouldn't mind it either way, just means it's not meant to be yet, if I'm not.


mjvdec01 - November 6

If you got pregnant your husband would get over it. My husband had the same apprehension before my first pregnancy. We had a big fight about it and I got on a plane to visit my mother for a few days. While I was gone he did some thinking and decided that having a baby wasn't such a terrrible idea. It is a horrible thing to say, but... you are in control of the situation if you think about it. What would make you happy?


Geishadoll - November 6

I cannot tell you how much that really means to hear someone else say that. It's just so frustrating. When we first got married, he said next year and then it was year after and now I said, "well how about next year" and he says "possibly, but probably not." I just feel like he's putting things off and it hurts my feelings. I know that I want a baby and it would make me happy, but how he's acting about it right now makes me think even harder.


Grandpa Viv - November 6

Geisha, try planting the "immortality" bug in his mind. When you go, the only thing the world has to remember you by is your progeny. That feeds a man's ego and may get him to change his mind. Meanwhile, accept the idea that you may be experiencing bc withdrawal symptoms just as likely as pregnancy. Good luck!


mjvdec01 - November 7

geishadoll- just read between the lines... YOU are in complete control of the situation, not your husband. It is not you fault that he misrepresented himself before marrying you. What do you really want? and would he ever know the difference?


MrsSmacker - November 7

Well ii am going thru the same thing. you might just b. wait until ur period is due and if it dosent c_m then you are... im waiting for mine...x


Geishadoll - November 7

It's so hard waiting for a period under these circ_mstances, but I have no other choice. I'm going to try and talk to him about it a little more. It was weird, after the loss of the 1st baby, he said he wanted to try right away and make me forget and make me happy, but now he seems to think that some ultra pefect time will pop up and it WONT. I know that just as much as he does. I will keep you guys updated. My b___bs aren't hurting as bad today, but still very much there. Some slight cramping last night, but could be gas, who knows!



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