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amyj0807 - October 1

Okay, I know, what a lot of you are going to say - "there is always a chance" lol But I just would really like to give a run down of whats going on with me and see if anyone has any imput. DH and I have been somewhat ttc. We weren't really going to start trying until after the first of the year. We have stopped all methods of BC, just not really tracking any dates. I had a normal period from July 27 - Aug 2. We had unprotecd s_x on the 7th of Aug, again, on the 9, 10. Then later in the month, sometime around 20th, we had s_x at least 2 more times. I got my period on Sept. 3, late by a couple of days, but thats not TOO uncommon for me. But normally my periods last about 5-7days. This one was only about 3. By day 4 it was just VERY light. Now, I am extreamly bloated. I have most diffently been eating more. I haven't had cravings but I just eat without even thinking about it. I have not noticed any CM around the time I should have ovulated. I have had some dizzy spells, nothing major. But I feel more tired then normal. Not so much sleepy, but normal things wear me out, and cause my heart rate to increase. When I do lay down and try to sleep, I can't seem to fall alseep! I just lay there! I have had some discomfort in my lower back, again, nothing major. Slight pain in my left side from time to time. I have had some headachs, and just plain "yuck" feeling but I asumed it was allegries. My belly is noticably larger below my belly button. Im not one to really have many PMS symstoms, thats why Im not sure about what this could be. If anyone has any imput or can share some personal experiences that would be very much appricated! =)


keerthy - October 1

hey, last month i too had the same feelings, sore b___bs, excessively hungry, tired etc etc.... though i was pg.. but got my af on 8th sept! But guess what each women is different and each body is different..... am no expert... lets be positive!!!!! baby juice!!!!!


amyj0807 - October 3

Well I should have got AF today and still no sign of her. I don't feel any signs of starting either. In the past couple of days I have been EXTRA tired. I took naps both days. Im planning on buying a test tomorrow and taking on Friday morning. Im just scarred of getting a NEG! I try not to think Im preg, but for some reason I just feel different this time.


sugar - October 4

Hi. Sounds promising to me. I am in a similar situation. Wonder if you could help me. How did you feel after finishing the BCP and when do you think you first ovulated. I came off my BCP after ending the pack. so i should have started the new pack on 24th september. I've had weird symptoms since like total loss of apet_te and a bit of nausea at work. Other than that i feel ok in myself so I'm not ill. I normally bleed a little when i don't start the new pill pack but this time nothing. Do you think it's possible that i'm PG?? All the best to you!! xxxx



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