Just Found Out I M Preg Ask Me Anything

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Excited Mother To Be - October 6

I just took 2 tests today, and they both came out positive!!!! Want to ask me anything about my experience so far?????


kj - October 6

congratuations!!!!!!!!!!!!! :o) wishing u all the best. i do have a question, if u had implantation cramping, how long did it last for?? thanks and congrats again


Lucy - October 6

Congrats - i took a test on Tues and it came back +++ i am so excited. Is this your first?


me - October 6

what were your signs after conception or ovulation please


me 2 - October 6

what is ur cervix like...


sara - October 6

I have been debating for the last three weeks whether i am pregnate or not i have all of the symptoms but i keep taking tests and they keep coming back neg. my main question is... i have two other children and it seems like when my b___sts started hurting they grew like over night. this time i think they are growing but really slow and one is growing slower than the other. what is your experience?


T - October 6

I would also like to know what your cevix is like. "ie" position and a little or alot of cm. thank you.


Jessica - October 6

Congrats Excited Mother To Be!!!! Send some babydust this way...


Krissy - October 6

hey,i had ib 7dpo, for 3.5 days 1 1/2 week before my period, period is late now, nipples have white bumps around them, very ga__sy, got a faint positive, my stomach feels like ive done sit ups i have not, and high temp for 18 days straight did you have any of this? oh also very tired


sara - October 6

Krissy, from what i have read, and that is alot! it definitely sounds to me like you are pregnate! I do not know of to many times a test says positive when it is not. GOOD LUCK! I read that if your temp is high for 18 days or more than that is a very good sign of pregnancy. I would make an appt. good luck!!!


me 2 - October 6

hey krissy... hope u dont mind me asking but wat exactly was ur IB like


patty - October 6

how many dpo did you test--or did you wait untill you missed af ?


patty - October 6

also...were you having weird ,vivid dreams before testing ?


jasmin - October 6

hi there congratulations to Lucy and excited mother to be.... i would just like to know what your cervix feels like?thank you


Krissy - October 6

Sara,no i dont mind,my ib was very light and pink and borwn they first day, the second day scared me because it was more heavy, but not heavy enough to use a whole tampon a day, the 3rd day moderate turned to red, and then back to pink, the half day was pink and brwn, my friend bleed heavy for 2 days and she is now 2months pregnant, i did't cramp hardly at all, nothing like my period.Patty, i tested 4 days before my af, yes i have been having very vivid dreams almost like im awake very realistic, i can almost swear when i wake up that it had happened.lol ? from me i have been hearing you guys talk about your cervix? how do you know how its positioned? i know what it is and where it is but how do you feel it? jw. Thanks hope i helped.


Excited Mother To Be - October 6

Thanks to all of you. I am sending the dust your way!!!! We have been trying since July. I really haven't had any symptoms to the extreme. Just light cramping, bloated tummy, tired, slightly sore b___sts, little ga__sy. That's about it. I was sure that I was going to start my period today. I know everyone says that--and it's true!!! This is my second pregnancy. I haven't told DH yet. I took the test at 6:30 this morning, and I've kept my mouth shut all day so far! I want to get some balloons and a sweet card for him for when he walks in the door from work. I'm sooooo excited. I'm telling you all, God works in wonderful ways!!! Just keep praying. For us, it is happening at a great time---so many things are just falling into place. It will happen for all of you!!! My cervix is high and pretty soft. However, yesterday, it was high and hard!!! So, I wouldn't go by that. I just took a test yesterday, 13dpo, and it was as negative as it could be. I have had a small amount of cm-white. I don't check my temp., but I was using an ovulation predictor, and I check my cm. Krissy----if you got even a faint positive, I'm sure you are pregnant!!! Patty--I haven't had the dreams that I've heard other women talk about. Or atleast if I do, I don't remember them. Thanks again to all of you. My first appt. with dr. is Monday. My due date is June 16th!!! FYI-I have a 32 day cycle and ovulated on day 18-period was due today.


Pepsi - October 6

Congrats to you Expectant Mother and Lucy, Krissy, it really sounds like you're pg, please take a test and keep us posted!! I didn't really have any questions. I'm on CD 30 and I am spotting like once a day, mostly brown and pink, not even enough to fill a panty liner, and mostly just observabble when I wipe. AF was due yesterday or today, but this is my 3rd day spotting, I'm now 15dpo. Hoping against hope that I'm pg, and this is IB. Has anyone ever had IB? What did it look like, how long did it last?



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