Just Give Me An Idea If You Can

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Loulouse - June 21

I am just so confused. Me and my husband had s_x about 3 days ago so I do not think that it's posssible to feel anything so soon if I was to be pregnant. My br___t is crampy like something is squeezing them from inside. Something is pulling in my lower abdomen under my belly button and I am very impatient and moody. Have anybody experience those symptoms? Please respond if you have or if you can offer any advice....Baby Dust to All!!!!!1 Thanx...


Rhonda - June 21

Some women say they can feel symptoms right away,while others say it takes 6-10 days before you can even begin feeling symptoms,personally i think since everyone is different it's possible to feel symptoms from day one.


Loulouse - June 21

Thank you so much Rhonda for answering. I would be very happy to get pregnant I have been trying on and off for the past 2 years. So I guess, we'll see.


staci - June 21

Did you just ovulate? If you have just ovulated that could explain why your b___sts are crampy feeling(increase in progesterone can cause this which happens after Ovulation) and you can just be having some left over little twinges from O'ing. Many women report having those feelings after ovulation. If you weren't or haven't ovulated in the past few days then hopefully someone else will have some answers for you good luck!


jerseytexan219 - June 21

i'm 2 days late but i have the same kind of feelings that you describe. especially the lower abdomen feeling. but i did test yesterday and got a neg result. i don't know...i'm confused! good luck to you though!


Rhonda - June 22

Alot of women experience pulling pinching feeling in the lower abdomen during pregnancy.Some women wont get a positive for several wks after af is due.


Loulouse - June 22

Hi Staci...It's funny you put it that way because I think I just ovulated. I am not taking my tempature right now but I know my body . Before I had s_x with my husband, my cervix was wide open and I was slippery. That's a sign of ovulation for me. it's just that I never feel so much afterward. Thank you so much for your repsponse. I appreciated Staci. I'll keep you posted.


Loulouse - June 22

jerseytexan219, hopefully it turns out to be positive. Don't give up hope yet, you never know. Thank you fopr sharing. I'll keep you posted as well. Hope you do the same...


Lin - June 22

Loulouse, 3 days after s_x is far too early to be due to pregnancy. Your symptoms are much more likely to be due to ovulation.



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