Just Got 2nd BFP First Was Faint Almost NO Symptoms

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Nissa - November 10

Hi all! I just got a 2nd BFP after 2 mth ttc!!!! Last night, on a First Response, there were two lines, but one was very very faint! I tested again about an hour ago and it was one of the Clear Blue Easy Digital and it said PREGNANT after about 2 mins....the time frame was 5-7!!!!!!!!!!!! I was due for AF today, and the only symptoms I have really had are shortness breath some mild cramping and a little, but not overly, tired. I'm here to help if you have any questions!!!


Anamika - November 10

I have tested but it showed negative my AF is due tomorrow , i tested with First Response... tell me what shall i do now. i don,t have any symptoms....suggestions welcome....and I wish you a great Preg..... enjoy great 9 months


to anamika - November 10

hi, i got my BFP last week. I tested day b4 af was due and BFN, day AF due BFN, 3 days after af was due bold BFP. I personally dont recommend 1st response. so keep your hopes up girl... also i was so sure AF was coming because i had what I thought was period cramps. The only thing that made me think i was preggo was that my cramps started 1 week be af was due, good luck


KristyB - November 10

hi i am almost 2 months late i think i have many signs but not to sure dizzness major headaches thats long always hungry and tired and have been sick to my stomach very often any info wanted have taken 2 hpt both no e-mail is [email protected] please help


Nissa To Kristy and Anamika - November 10

Girls....don't give up. I Sunday and got a BFN, then i knew Af was due today and I didn't have ANY symptoms of even AF coming except for just mild cramping. I took a hpt last night for fun, because I just knew AF was coming, and there were two lines but one was faint. I took another today, it was definitely P!!! I am about 16dpo but thats on my predicted date, it may be more. I use first response, but to really get an answer that isn't questionable, get the clear blue easy digital. There's really no confusion there. Be patient and keep testing! I feel BFPs are in the air!!! Good Luck!!!


DJ - November 10

Nissa - that's great - congratulations. I'm glad you decided to do the digital test. Did you notice more or any cm and do you check you cp


Nissa - November 10

I've never checked my cp, but my cm has never dried up like it does before AF....its creamy and very very wet. (sorry tmi)


amy - November 10

Nissa do your brests usually get sore before your period? Mine do and they are not sore this time, I'm do for period anywhere from Monday - Wed.. I'm about 9-10 days past ovulation


TJ - November 10

Did you start feeling dizzy and nauses? My last period was oct 12 and had s_x when i was ovulating. Usually i get cramps and my nipples get sore but nothing. I have lite cramping in my lower abdomenal area but not like normal. Have a lot of discharge... alot. I use the restroom what seems like 20 times day. My back has been hurting and i feel and look flush. Please what do you think?


To Amy from Nissa - November 10

Amy I ALWAYS have tender b___sts a AF time, but this time NO BREAST PAIN WHATSOEVER!! Sometimes I've heard that not having regular PMS symptoms is a sign. Thats how I thought something was up. Don't test until about a day or THE day you are due to start AF.


To TJ from Nissa - November 10

I am very light headed, but no nausea....I have also had light cramping off and on, but not like normal PMS symptoms. I'm telling you girls, that's how I knew!!! The lack THERE OF!!! :o) Good Luck!!!


Nissa - November 10

Also, the cramping I've had has again been mild, but VERY LOW in my abdomenal region.


TJ - November 10

i have got sick just feel like i am going to get sick. when should i test? My last few periods have started between the 10th and 13th of the month. I just want to go home and go to bed.... I am so tired. I feel like i am car sick just not in a car. the other bad i had this really nasty old blood / BO taste in my mouth... what do you think? Thank you so much its always nice having someone to talk too.


Nissa - November 10

I know what you mean....a very bad taste in my mouth also. You do sound PG though!! I'd test this weekend!! Keep me posted!!!


Nissa - November 10

Oh, by the way, anytime! I got so much helpful advice from people when I was waiting, and I hope I can return the favor! I look forward to getting more advice from PG people during the pregnancy. Just hope it is a healthy, bearable pregnancy....thats always the scarey thought! But anyway, let me know what your findings are!!! Good LUCK TO YOU!!!


TJ - November 10

Thank you... Baby dust to all and good luck Nissa.


amyn - November 10

thanks Nissa.. I have been unusually tired this whole week, I'm usually tired around AFbut I don't think that far in advance.. thanks I'll probably test next Wed if AF doesn't show



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