Just Had A Baby And Pregnant Again

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katie23 - May 7

I want to know how many people actually get pregnant right after having a baby, My son is only 11 wks old. I think I am pregnant again. Just wondering....


shama - May 7

When I was 16 I got pregnant, and nine months later I had a beautiful healthy little girl. I could not be happier. Then a week later I had gone back to get a check up and found out I was pregnant again. My first daughter bithday is Feb, 2000 and my second daughters birthday is in Dec.2000 that makes my two daughters nine months apart. For two months out of the year they are both the same age. Today they are 5 and 6, I remember being to scared but I loved every moment I was with them


zoelouise - May 7

I had my 2nd child 3rd sept 2000 went family planning clinic 29th dec had positive test 3rd child was born on 3rd sept 2001 they both share same birthday... was a big shocker to find out i was pregnant so soon.... xxxxxx they are now 4 and 5 and my eldest is 9 and im now 26


nicksmmy - May 7

shama...how could you get pg a week after you had your daughter, and get a positive pg test that soon. That would mean you got pg with your 2nd child when you were still pg with your 1st. How is that possible, that means you ovulated 2 weeks before the 1st bby was born. I thought you dont ovulate when you are pg, actually I thought it was impossible. please explain, what did your dr say.


LN030905 - May 7

Oh my gosh!! Thats crazy, you guys!! WHAT A BLESSING!!!


flower.momma - May 7

Oh wow, after I gave birth, the last thing on my mind was s_x. Ouch! Anyway, I've heard that spacing children so close together can increase a woman's risk of developing complications, so if you think you are pg, go see a doctor right away and get yourself checked out. Good luck!


youngmother88 - February 28

alot.. my daughter will be 7months the 4th of march. i am 4 1/2 months pregnant. which means i got pregnant back to back.. crazy i know but what can you do. i was on the orthro evra patch after my first baby but i can now see it doesnt work.. also my brother has a little boy born june 2005 and a little girl born may 2006.. thats pretty close too. so to answer your question as you can see it can happen to any body..


Laceyandsamsmamma - February 28

supposely right after you give birth you are the most fertile so you it should be easier to get pg at that point. Good Luck to all you ladies with back to back babies mine are exactly 2 years apart almost to th day and that is plenty close for me


jodie - February 28

Nicksmmy- I know quite a few people who have kids that are 9/10 months apart. You can get preg right after your baby is born. Maybe her 2nd came a little early. But it is deffinately possible.


Erin1979 - February 28

My SIL's twins were 12 weeks when she got pg again...hadn't even gotten a period yet.


Harriet - March 1

Hi Katie23, my mum did it twice! Got pregnant three months after her first child, then had a two year gap then had another then fell pregnant with me within 3 mnths. (four kids under the age of five!) so yup, it is definitely possible. Congratulations on the birth of your son & I hope you're happy whatever happens.


Harriet - March 1

Erin, wow! that's crazy


snugglybugglys - March 1

my kids are (in april) 4, 3, 3, 2, plus I have a 10 week old. I was shocked each time! But it's great! Good luck!


nicksmmy - March 1

Jodie - my question to Shana, was how could she have shown positive on a pregnancy test one week after giving birth. I have a friend whose kids are 10 months apart. but to find out a week later would have meant she had a kid, ovulated immediately, had intercourse, and would have had a + preg test 7 days after giving birth. That is just not possible, maybe her time lines were wrong, but I was only asking to clarify. I am an RN in L&D and have never heard of this. Usually after giving birth you are bleeding heavily and you would still be healing from giving birth. Ovulation that quick would be very odd considering your hormones haven't even gotten adjusted. Just a thought


BrendaW - March 1

nicksmmy- I think she meant a month later lol


BrendaW - March 1

i just realized how old the first posts where.


MrsShelton217 - March 1

snuggly..... bless your heart! Wow! I can't imagin! What a blessing!



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