Just Had Preemie Might Be Pregnant Again

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Confussed one - May 13

I just had a preemie two months ago.She was a month early,and came out only 3 pounds.Now she is up to 7 pounds and doing great! She only stayed in NICU for a week. But i think i might be pregnant again.I already have a 12 year old who will be 13 in a few months.My two kids both live with my mother,due to my mental state of depresion.I am getting therepy now,and hope to get my kids back.I agreed to give them to my mom till i can get better.I see them every day, i live right next door.I just don't know if a new baby is a good thing again,i am not even shure i am pregnant again, i had my period,but i still feel sick and dizzy every day all day long.And i was with my boyfriend during my fertile days. I don't know what to do,or even if i am pregnant,if i should keep it.I'm confussed. Any insite on this? And can i have my period and still be pregnant?


~,~ - May 13

not to be rude, but as part of your depression, do you use s_x as an outlet, and if so...and you dont think another baby is a good idea, then why dont you use some sort of protection?


confused one - May 13

No i don't use s_x for an outlet.If i did,i would have lots of kids,i only have two, one is gona be 13,and i jsut had one.If i am pregnant again,it wasnt planed this time,i didnt think you could get pregnant right after having one,before your next period. And i didn't mean it wasn't a good idea to have anouther one,i want one more,but not shure how my mom will go for it.Like i said, i plan to get the therapy i need and get better soon,its like i have them anyways, i see them all day every day.And i helped out allot to liek they were living with me.I just get anxiety and depressed,(Maby from postpartom),but i plan on gettign better soon.


confussed one - May 13

I am 33 years old,i wasnt askign for any rude comments.I guess i just wanted to hear from people,if they ever had kids that close in age,and if it was posable to get pregnant and still get your period.I jsut found this site online,and thought i would check it out,if i only get rude comments, i'll go elswere.


mel - May 14

confused one...sorry if other people here are so rude. I am not a doctor but did believe that if a mother was not b___stfeeding she was able to get pregnant again. But, on the other hand if ur daughter was early is it possible to just still have high levels of homones left in ur system? Sorry I don't have a better answer. You should also try talking to the NICU nurses at the hospital ur daughter was at, alot of times they have preemie support groups that are great. My freind had a preemie, almost 2 mos early now doing fine, but went to groups and found them helpful.


JenniferB - May 14

Did you have a c-section? I was very anemic after I had a c-section and even though they did blood work they never bothered to tell me. I walked around dizzy for a few weeks before the doctor mentioned that that might be why.


Hello - May 14

Didn't your dr. talk to you about the possibility of getting preg. right after the baby is born. You are still fertile after you have a child. If you are having such bad depression and then dumping them on your mom then maybe you should think of not having anymore at all. For the childrens sake!!!


michelle - May 14

You need to talk to your doctor about how you are feeling. It is possible to become pregnant before your first postpartum period because you ovulate before your period. If you are not b___stfeeding, you are certainly fertile. Depression is serious, and it is good that you are getting treatment. Some antidepressants have unpleasant side effects such as nausea and dizziness. Also some birth control methods can make depression worse or cause it in susceptible people (DepoProvera). If you think you are pregnant, take a home pregnancy test. If you are not feeling well, talk to your doctor. I hope you feel better.



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