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jb - January 14

i am 9dpo and i have very tender br___t and found blue spider looking veins . i also found blue veins on left and right of pubic area on legs. i have dull but constant ache in low left abd, just above pubic area. i did AI 1/4-1/7 we had 6 vials of frozen sperm and am sure we had the timing right as we used opk and had lots of ewcm. my AF is due 1/22. i have also had a little indigestion, no heartburn.very gassy and feel full but hungry. do these sound like pregnancy symptoms or pms? i also have little white bumps around areola. look like cold chill bumps.thanks for taking the time to read this. sorry i am so long winded but could use a little advice.


gwenda - January 14

sound encouraging jb. you have cla__sic early signs of pregnancy. good luck and keep us posted.


kimmy - January 14

are you usually crampy a week before your AF? not usually so early so it does sound good for you. 6 vials , how can you not be hopeful?!!!!


crazy - January 14

i was just wondering if its normal to be cold during the early weeks of pregnancy? i seem to be cold alot and at nigh just the oposite, my bbt has been 99.0 for 16 days so far so i know i dont have a fever. please answer.


jb - January 14



jb - January 14



johanna - January 14

i don't know if being cold is normal, but i've been chilling a lot during the day, too. i'm about 10 dpo or so.


jb - January 14

johanna, when is AF due for you? maybe we can be cycle buddies..? hopefully we can be preggo buddies and not see AF for 9 months !!!! please kepp me posted and i will do the same. if you have yahoo messanger and want to chat my yahoo ID is jbrooksprattrd hope to see you on there. if anyone else wants to you are more than welcome.


jb - January 14

kat are you here !!!!!!


jb - January 14

is anyone else due for AF the 22nd?


L - January 14

I'm due on the 22nd. My cycle is 24 days, and I had s_x on day 10/11 (it was in the wee hours of the night). Afterwards I 'dried' up for approx. 3 days. Now I have a creamy white discharge. Other than that, I don't have any other symptoms, except for extreme tiredness around the middle of the day (while I am at work). I have almost fallen asleep on the job it's been so bad. Anybody think I'm being paranoid? Or am I right to suspect I might be pg?


jb - January 15

anyone else with similar symptoms? lets keep this post going. it will be nice to see if all these symptoms gave us a BFP..


Amy - January 15

i have the exact same symptoms and found out yesterday that i am PREGNANT!!!!!! good luck jb, sounds encouraging.



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