Just So Nervous To Be Happy Yet

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Jeanie - May 15

I'm 34 years old and I have just tested positive, after taking like 5 tests (name brand off brand you name it..) Have no idea how far along I am, didn't think I could ever get pregnant again after going through infertility treatments with no success some years back, so didn't keep track of my cycle anymore, I've always been very irregular. I think maybe my last period was the middle of March?? I have some cramping but no spotting, backpain, tired. I kept thinking that I was going to start my period and my br___ts were killing me (I also had this with my first pregnancy 9 years ago). I have rib pain also, almost feels like after you've had the flu and been vomiting. (I know sorry that's gross.lol) The cramps scare me, but since I had them the first time around and had a full term healthy baby it should be ok this time around too? I was so sick to my stomach the first time, but feel just a little queasy once in awhile. People keep telling me that you can have another pregnancy totally different than the first. I threw up all the time with my first, why not now?? I'm driving myself crazy with this. I want it so much, but am so scared to feel good about it.


Jen - May 15

First, go to the doctor to make yourself feel better. And yes, you can have completely different sypmtoms from one pregnancy to another. Remember stress only causes more harm than good. Relax and enjoy this time and know that whatever happens, happens for a reason. Congrats of the BFP. Keep us posted


KEEKEE - May 15

Its ok Jean, All this is normal. The cramps without heavy bleeding and the flu feeling are all good signs. The cramps could be the uterus growing for the baby. You are having early signs of pregnancy. My kids are 8 years apart. You sound like you are in shock. Try to relax and enjoy your pregnancy. Stop worrying!!!....BWT, is this the same Jean that asked me a question uder my update. I answered your ? under my udate. I am wishing you luck. You have enough baby dust...hehe...Spread it around to the other girls!!!..............Good Luck!!!!



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