Just Started TTC A Little Clueless Looking For Some Galpals

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haplymaried - August 7

Hello Ladies!- FIRST: This blog is awesome! I have really enjoyed looking at the different threads and it is heartwarming to see woman supporting eachother like this! A little about me- My husband and I are coming up on our one year anniversary and have decided to start rolling the dice when it comes to the the BD (unprotected). I have a few concerns as I don't seem to be the most normal girl when it comes to my cycles. I have a period about every 35 days. Sometimes its is heavy and lasts a week and other times it is very light and only lasts 3 days. The only way I know to detect ovulation is by my discharge. I have come to learn that the stretchy stuff means ovulation. I have read about locating your cervix and checking it's position and softness or harness. -For this has been unsuccessful. I cant even find the thing! My latest predicament has been my last period. I had very light spotting beginning Wednesday of last week. It ended Saturday (It was one of those light periods). Yesterday when I came home from work I felt funny down there. I checked myself and noticed that there was an abundance of the stretchy stuff. I immiediatly thought-I'm ovulating!- BUT how could this be? A few days after my period? My cycles must be so out of wack! Could I be ovulating right now? Well, just in case my husband and I did the BD as soon as he got home from work. We are going to continue to through out the month as much as we can. Can anyone tell me if it is possible for me to be ovulating that close to my period? I am a little worried about my ability to conceive as my Mother did have some trouble. Is it hereditary? Does anyone have any helpful comments or advice for me? I'm looking for support buddies. Thank you and have a blessed day!


kimberly - August 7

I already have my 3 kids and I am not looking to have anymore. But, I know a lot about getting pregnant with long irregular cycles. You need to either chart online or start a notebook and right down your period dates and signs of ovulation through the month. Each month you do this the more clear it will be when you ovulate. Or you could temp. and use fertility friend online. You can take herbal supplements like soy or black cohosh to help regulate things a little too. You need to add a day to your ovulation day for everyday your cycle pa__ses 28 days. So if you have a 35 day cycle you would ovulate around day 21 of your cycle. With an irregular cycle ovulation early is possible, when you are irregular I found you can ovulate late or early some months.


jessne - August 7

I have been pregnant 3 times 1 m/c and 2 healthy boys...2 years and 9 months. We are just starting TTC. I use the website mymonthlycycle.com and love it. You put your symptoms in and chart cerviacl mucus and all that stuff. It kind of helps letting you know when your fertile. It really helps if you are not regular. Hope that helps!!


sunshine7610 - August 7

Welcome to the club haply married! If you want to chart your temperature, this is how it works: get a basal body thermometer and take your temp each morning before getting out of bed. You'll notice a pattern. It'll be lower in the first part of your cycle, then it will spike when you ovulate and be higher in the 2nd half. It doesn't tell you when you are going to ov but it tells you if you ovulated after the fact and you'll know if you bd'd at the right time. You'll also know when to expect your period too b/c it should be 2weeks after you ovulated. I use fertility friend and it gives you good instructions/explanations when you sign up. And it's free! Good luck!


haplymaried - August 8

Wow! Thanks ladies! I really appreciate your input! Kimberly- Iam so glad to meet someone who has long irregular cycles- and had children! Congrats to you! The only changes I ever note on my own is the stretchy CM. My hubby and I have been doing the BD like crazy just incase I am right and I am, indeed, ovulating right now. Thank you again girls- I am going to check out your mentioned websites today. Does the CM come before ovulation, during or after?


kimberly - August 8

Oh, I should say that a ovulation predictor kit helped me also. You buy them where the pregnancy test are or you can get them real cheap online. You just pee on the stick and it will tell you if you will ovulate within the next 24 to 48 hours. It helped me determine that I was in fact ovulating for a while I figured I wasn't. Everything I read said light scanty periods coming at 35 or longer days could mean no ovulation. So you really need to be sure you are ovulating. You could also check with your Dr. about maybe trying clomid. It was unsucessful for me but the herbs I took worked. I went 3 years without a period before I finally concieved my second. And then when I was just only thinking about having my third I started charting my cycles and really paying lots of attention each month. I figured it would take along time because it took 3.5 years for my second but the same month we actually actively tried to concieve, I got my bfp! She will be a year old on the 16th this month! Oh, and my cycles run very long, anywhere from 40 to 60 days.


kimberly - August 8

Oh, the cm comes a couple days before and can last a day or two after.


biskz - August 8

if its any help my mum concieved 3 days after her period,she knows this becouse her and her hubby had a fall out and they didnt do it again that month,so lots of luck....



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