Just The Flu Or Pregnant

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corinne - November 22

Hi everyone, I'm just wanting some opinions on this. I've had the flu since Thursday. I was suppose to start af sometime from the 18-20 of this month and it still has not showed. I was looking at stuff online for the flu which stated it can make your af late. I'm feeling sick to my stomach without the throwing up. My br___ts are just now starting to get sore which usually happens a week before I'm due. I've had like no cramps. And a slight back ache. So what's your 2 cents on this flu or pregnant. And no I have not tested. Want to wait till I'm better to test just in case it is only the flu.


Grandpa Viv - November 22

Late, nauseous, back ache, b___sts and cramps acting weird. I say you should test sometime soon, or at least start taking prenatal vitamins. How about peeing more, unusual discharge, appet_te, acne, runny nose etc? Did you have a fever over 100F to indicate you have the flu? Did you have good s_xual exposure around the beginning of the month? Good luck!


corinne - November 23

I have been peeing more frequently, usually my discharge would be heavier and more frequent right before af but seems to be a normal pace. I haven't broke out with acne like usual either. My skin seems to be more clear right now. I have had a runny nose, and i had a slight fever on thursday night. And yes I was intimate with my dh rather frequently.


MelissaP - November 23

well seems like you could be pregnant corinne. You should test if you are late. Good luck!


corinne - November 24

Well I'm just gonna have to wait until Tuesday to get a test when I get paid. Then hopefully I can find out if I am which would give me an eplanation of what's going on with me. If I get a bfn then I'm really not entirely sure what could be causing everything that is going on with me. Thanks for your help I will keep you posted on what's going on.


samantha123 - December 4

Tell Us your results!:)



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