Just Took Three Pregnancy Tests And All Three Positive

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jlockhart274 - January 3

This may be uncommon to find a man asking questions on your site, but I am full of them. A little background on my wife and I. Jenny and I were married 8 years ago. Jenny was 29 and I was 26. We have never done anything not to get pregnant as we believed if it was gonna happen it would happen. Years went by and nothing ever happened. Jenny never liked doctors and never has gone not because she wouldn't just hasn't felt like she's had to. After a couple years of us not getting pregnant, I actually had myself tested to make sure it was nothing with me. We just celebrated Jenny's 37th Birthday on January 1st. Almost the whole month of December she wasn't feeling well and noticed she was getting sick around 3pm everyday. She never has been regular with her period, would skip months, so thought nothing of it and thought she just had a little flu. I was sick the whole first half of December so she thought she got it from me. She asked me if I'd stop at Mc'D and get her a Big Mac??? In eight years of marriage she never got a Big Mac at Mc Donalds so on the way home I got a pregnancy test. she went upstairs and it was positive... I went back to the store and bought 4 more. The next 3 were positive and 1 digital one didn't work. We are still in shock because we have all but given up we were ever going to have a child. We haven't gone to a doctor to make it official yet and we haven't a clue what's real or not right now. We're happy, scared, a little overwhelmed, etc. we've been hearing a lot about it being dangerous having a first child over 35. My wife smoked and occasionally drank until January 2nd but is going to stop of coarse drinking and immediately smoking. We don't know how far along she is yet. I hope to be talking to you all about this real soon. Any feedback, help, encouragement, etc. Will be greatly appreciated and I'm sure she will be the one typing really soon... John


bellybubble - January 3

Hi John! Well I am def no expert but I would say 3 positive hpt's are looking good!! I wouldnt really fixate on the over 35 thing - many women have healthy happy babies later in life now - I would just recommend she go to her GP and go from there! Good luck!! Fingers crossed for you guys!


Grandpa Viv - January 3

Congratulations! My brother's second wife got pregnant for the first time at 41 and the baby is a doll. A few drinks or smokes early in pregnancy are not going to affect the issue. Get her on prenatal vitamins soonest! Good luck!


kelbabe - January 4

that is brill news!! congrats to you and your wife...you really need to get her checked to see how far gone she is, im sure all will be fine, but because of her age, she may want to do some tests, and im not sure, but i think there is a time limit on when you can have them, so get her booked in.....congrats again, and good luck. x x


kelsajo - January 4

WE'RE SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! CONGATULATIONS!!! get to the doctor now!!! you are doing great on this, things will be fine but the sooner she gets to the dr and gets it confirmed and gets on the correct vitamins and stuff the better it's going to be!


MelissaP - January 4

What a great story! That is so awesome. Your wife will be fine...many women drink and smoke early in pregnancy without being aware of it, and their babies turn out perfectly healthy. I wish you and your wife the best. If you can, keep us updated with the news of the doctors visit! Congratulations Dad! =)



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