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S - March 10

Has anyone seen the teen pregnancy site it is so frustrating seeing them all getting preg like it is nothing and then again my heart goes out to them at the same time. I am very frustrated and have been ttc for my next one for about 5months and I am going to be 35 in a couple of weeks and am really worried I am going to be to old to have a safe pregnancy. Thanks for listening.


SugarPie - March 10

Well, yeah they're getting preggers! We would too if we were their ages. *smile*. It is what is. We took different paths than many teenage girls. And as it seems (from their perspective) that having a child if wonderfully fabby and magical it's a b___h when the deal comes down and responsibilities kick in. No longer can they fantasize about playing mummy. They are mummy. Stay positive about conceiving. Much love***


L - March 10

I know it's maddening (and a bit sickening). I think they must be missing something in their lives thinking this will be someone to love them. Just wait til the rude awakening begins. I am ttc #2 also. I am 37. I, frankly think the 30's are a great time to have and raise a child. It's commonplace where I live. Much luck and dust to you!


To S - March 10

I agress totally with you. I am in my late 30's and got all my "living" out of the way. I can't imagine wanting a baby in your teens or early 20's.


Audrey - March 10

S- Every day I ask myself why I continue to offer advice on the teen forum when so many seem to be blase- about the risks and consequences of their actions. Having kids isn't a game. I'm 36 myself and trying for my 1st, happy that I was able to enjoy myself in my younger and crazier years!


Misty - March 10

I agree with you Audrey, I tried going on there and giving some advice( they are playing with more then getting pregnant, they are playing with getting AIDS or a whole bunch of other STD's) but it goes right through their hard little heads. It's a shame.



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