Just Wanted To Share Some Info With You All

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pakcan - May 5

i have read so many of your comments and questions posted here and god bless you all for what you have been through anyways there is a little know fact that 1 out of 25 women produce hcg late in preg or not at all many docs think it has something to do with the hypothalamus gland who knows our bodys are as complex as our minds


Lin - May 5

I'm pretty sure it's actually 1 in 25 pregnant women who get a negative result. Just for clarity, that is very different than saying 1 in 25 negative tests should actually be positive, and it's also different from saying that the women who get those negative tests produce hcg late or not at all. Do you have a reference?


Jennbj - May 5

I am due for af tomorrow and really don't feel like shes coming but i took hpt today and bfn, so I am crossing my fingers that what you say will apply to me this month and get a suprise and af won't show up. :)


Lin - May 5

If you're taking a regular test and not a sensitive one, then there's still a reasonable chance. The effectiveness of the test diminishes the earlier you take it, so the best chance of it being accurate (99%) is tomorrow. As for the statement above, let's put it in perspective. The way she's stated it above makes it sound like 1 in 25 negative tests are wrong. That would be a 4% chance of the test being a false negative, but it's not really true. What it *actually* is is that 1 in 25 women who end up pregnant get a false negative. So if every woman has a 25% chance of becoming pregnant (a__suming the best of odds), then out of 100 women, 25 will get pregnant. Of those 25, 1 will get a false negative. Therefore, only 1 in 100 - or 1% - will get a false negative test. Those are slim chances.


Jennbj - May 6

I am being realistic. the test i took yesterday was fro dollar tree and I hear those are pretty sensitive, so honestly I am planning on af showing up anytime, but so far still no sign. I usually see pink when I wipe a few days before af comes but so far have seen nothing. I am sure that af will come around today or tomorrow. It's just kind of nice to have a slight ray of hope to cling to. even though I know the chances are quite rare.


Keeli - May 6

A lady I talk to regularly on this board didn't get her BFP until she was more than 2 weeks late. She kept testing and testing, and all of them were BFN until about 30 dpo! As long as af doesn't show, there is always hope!


Amber #2 - May 6

Hey pakcan....thanks for posting that information! It's very interesting to know!


pakcan - May 6

in regards to you question yes i have a reference i certainly do my husband is a very well known gynecologist here in ont canada and he along with many of his colleagues did a recent study and the results were as i stated and yes i meant pregnant women not i am the smarty in my family i leave that to my hubby


pakcan - May 6

Ops didn't finish my sentence (not women you were not pregnant although it is possible for certain types of infection that will give false positives)


pakcan - May 6

weren't pregnant you see what i mean


Amber #2 - May 6

I'd say that's about all of the reference you need to back up your statement!


Tink75 - May 6

I agree with Amber #2 too; thank you for sharing Pakcan :O)


Lin - May 6

I wasn't asking for the reference so you could convince me. I was asking, because I'd like to read the paper. So can you please provide the reference?


pakcan - May 7

well lin as far as something you can read i know it will be printed in canadain med journal this month but i am just about the american when i get a chance i will ask my hubby about that when he actually home


pakcan - May 7

*just not sure


pakcan - May 7

so anyways if u guy have questions that just driving you crazy i will happy to help you get the answers


soimpatient - May 7

Hey Pakcan, thanks for sharing that info! Anyway, here's a question for YOU...is it weird being married to a gyn? I've often wondered what it would be like being married to someone who knows more about your "package" than you do..hehe..



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