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kat - January 11

ive been getting period like cramps every day for the last few days and feel like im about to come on,although i only finished af(a light 3 day-unusual for me!) last week,i never get period pains at this stage of the month,ive just tried to accept that im prob not pregnant from a few weeks ago,but now wondering maybe i have gotten preg since? maybe its all just in my head! help!


kim - January 11

Hey Kat it Kim.... You know it seems to be real hard to distiguish af from pregnancy. I really thought that i was preggo and after having so many symptoms for weeks I still end up getting af... I am thinking some of my symptoms came from my vitamins that I have been taking for a month or so. I am taking them at night before bed and have found this to help. I drove myself crazy this past month thinking I was preggo that I was really sad to get my period because I truly was not expecting it. I have told myself that this month I am going to try not to focus so much on being pregnant but just enjoy my hubby and not having to worry about birth control. I cant keep wondering everyday because then that takes the fun out of it for me. I didnt think it would be this hard to get pregnant but it will happen when it is suppose to. I am not going to spend anymore money on test either. Next month I am going to wait until I am 10 days late and then see my mid wife. It is going to be hard but your mind can play tricks on you and mine did and this month I was fooled. All I can say is just try to have fun with the tring stuff and dont stress yourself to much about it. Hope I was helpful! I know it is hard but Im here for ya and we will both get pregnant soon!


kat - January 12

thanks kim,nice to know that someone understands what im going through,i know ive wasted money on tests too and im not going to buy anymore either,you are totally right what you've said about focusing too much on being pregnant,thanks kim! chat to you soon.



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