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Stacy B. - April 19

KeeKee what do you think about this...I have a question regarding ovulation...My ovulation day is April 20 and me and my had unprotected s_x on 04/17 and 04/18. What do you think my chances are of becoming pregnant?


KEEKEE - April 19

Heeeeeey, you scared me for a second. I thought someone was trying to attack me. I see that a lot around here... ha ha ha................I don't know much a ovulation. I know sperm stay a live for a couple of days. So, there could be a possibilty of pregnancy. Grandpa Viv would be a better person for this question. Good Luck!!!!!.........Baby Dust!!!!!!!!


Stacy B. - April 19

Didn't mean to scare...I directed this question initially to Grandpa Viv, but he never answered. Thank you for your input anyway!


Weezy - April 19

S.B. I hear that it you may be fertile a couple of days before ovulation so maybe with what KeeKee is saying that sperm last a couple of days it could be possible. Shucks I read that it takes a sperm an hour to go 1-2 cm...You would figure with the tails swinging back and forth as quick at they do they would be


Stacy B. - April 19

That's what I thought to and that why I thought I would have a great chance of being pregnant. That's a long time for the sperm to Maybe I will try again tomorrow! Thanks Weezy


to stacy B. - April 19

Just kidding!!!!! You are all ways welcome to ask me any questions. If know it, I will answer!!! Feel welcome to chat when ever you see my name. Good Luck with your ttc!!!.....Smooches..................KeeKee


Chriss - April 19

Stacy B - Keekee is right, Sperm can stay alive for up to 5 days and so if you ovulate tomorrow and had s_x yesteday you have a pretty good chance for conception. To be sure though, you should go home and do the nasty again tonight!! Good luck!!!


Stacy B. - April 19

Thanks KeeKee and to Chriss I will see how my husband feels which I'm sure he will be up to (we are young)



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