KeKee Or Anyone It S Heidi HELP ME

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Heidi - June 6

Hello. I posted awhile back ago about having a chemical pregnancy with an old flame who I am still in love with. Anyway I want to call him so bad. I am still upset and I naturally want to talk to the man who I am in love with. Although he doesn't feel the same. It has been a few months since we had s_x and I just want to tell him what happened. I don't know how to though. What would I say on phone? Is this a bad idea? I have told my family but that is it. Or should I just tell my friend who is married to my ex's best friend so that it will get back to him? I just really want to talk to him about it as I am so upset. Do I or no? I have tried not to say anything to him as I know he doesn't want to be with me but knowing this alone is hurting me. I don't even know what I would say. "h__lo, I had a chemical pregnancy a couple of months ago." ????????????? Then what? I am just still sad and want to talk to him. AGH. Please tell me what to do. Thanks girls. --Heidi


Kel - June 6

Hi Heidi. Oh honey, I'm so sorry for you loss!!! If this guy doesn't want to be with you after he already was "with" you, I think he is a bum! When this happens to me (and it has) I try to find someting that will occupy alot of my thinking time - like a jigsaw puzzle or something - until I feel strong enough to do other things. I wouldn't bother telling him about the pregnancy. It might make him feel guilty enough to spend some more time with you, but it would not be honest time - it would be only because he felt guilty. Its hard when you love someone to let them go, but this guy is not your sole mate. He is yet to come!!! Now get to work on that puzzle!


KEEKEE - June 6

I am going to talk to you like a friend would. You may not like what I'm about to say. just keep an open mind. You are not mentally ready for a relationship with this man. He do not feel the same about you. It sound like he want a BOOTY CALL. From what i remember about the last post. That is how he is treating you. Like a Booty are better than that...Right??...Don't call him. Stay away from him. Or you will be in the same sisutation again. I know you don't want that. The problem is : You think this is love. Its Not. If he cared about you, he would have called you or aleast come around to see you outside of s_x. I'm Sorry to say this. If you think about all this. I think you would agree with me...........Try to better you and get a hobby. It helps!!! There is more important things in the world to care about other than this man. Love you!!!! Learn to love yourself and someone who deserve your love will love you back. Time will tell...........Heidi, you will be fine. You don't need a JERK in your life. Its time to let go. He already have.....Good Luck Honey.........Smooches!!!


AmyF - June 6

<MEGA HUGS> Heidi. You poor thing! I wouldn't tell him. If he doesn't feel the same way for you, then I don't think telling him you lost his baby will help. If anything take is as a sign that you m/c for a reason. My sis was married for 3 months, lost the baby and found out her dh had a g-friend for two years. I would definitely toss his number in the trash and go get that puzzle and start workin! You'll find the perfect man in your life soon enough when you're not looking. You just need some strength to move on.



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