Kicking Movement In Stomach

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curious23 - April 22

Hi everyone just found this site. Seems like everyone have some helpful information. I have been to the doctors and they I am fine. Not pregnant,no cysts etc. Everything is fine,but I still feel some kicking movement every now and then in my side and lower abdomen. They are very quick movements. Could this just be gas.?


Just wondering - April 22

What are your symptoms? Have you taken a hpt? I don't think would feel like kicking.


curious23 - April 22

I have not had a normal in 5 months, I have been spotting brown discharge, red, and pink, white bumps on nipples,veins on b___sts, b___sts are sore, b___sts are definitely bigger(bra is fitting too tight I am only a cup A), stomach is much bigger, black line is getting darker down stomach, menstrual cramp, colostrum from b___st. Mostly every pregnancy sign and symptoms but negative tests.


kat - April 23

hey curious23 im going through the same as you,not had a normal period for 5 months and a day late for this months period,growing belly ,kick like feelings etc,still BFN.


kayla - April 23

curious 23, I suggest that you go to the doctor and ask for an ultra sound, I was going through the exact same thing with my first pregnancy but because when I went to the doctor they told me that everything was fine I ended up havind a miscarriage at 7 months.


Just wondering - April 23

Ask the doctor for a blood test ad utrasound


kat - April 23

kayla you miscarried at 7 months? that must have been awful,did you know you were pregnant before that?


Terriy - April 24

I have the same exact problem. kicks on my side in in the lower part of my abdomen. I really wish I could help you but, i will try to get an ultrasound.


L. - April 25

So, you mean you had 5-7 periods (abnormal) and still had been preg and miscarried? Can you be preg and still have periods?


lisa - April 25

me too, been having irregular periods, had lots of tests that show neg, but going for scan in 3 weeks, having lots of flutters and 'kicks' been told Im pre-menopausal by my GP?? well we'll see in 3 weeks eh!



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