Knowing That You Re Pregnant Before Your Period Is Due

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Jamie - November 20

Well, I'm not due for a period until Nov 25th. But for the last couple of weeks, I have had ALOT of pregnancy symptoms. I've been very bloated, slight nausiea in the mornings, headaches, back aches, and slight cramping. But one of the biggest things I've noticed , and there's NO imagining this.. are the dark blue veins on my br___ts!! along with the soreness. I've also noticed the little bumps on my areola have turned brown, which they weren't before. I've heard that sometimes womens intuition can be very strong when it comes to knowing they're pregnant. I want to go ahead and take a test but I'm scared it will be negative if I take one too early. So, today is the 20th , if I can hold out one more week and if my period doesn't start before then, I will take a test. Does it sound like I could be pregnant to you guys?


margo - November 20

I totally relate to everything you've said...I'm still waiting for a positive're right to wait...I'm just 3 days late.


Heidi - November 20

I have the blue veins too... they look more distinct than usual... someone told me that that was the way she knew. I had a miscarriage early before and I have never had the tenderness or blueness that I have now... I also noticed that the blue is more definate in my right than my left


jen - December 5

mine is due in one week yet I felt like I had the flu last week, I have a headache and I feel sick....I REFUSE to get excited until my period is late. but has anyone had pregnancy symptoms before their period was due?


Courtney - December 5

Sounds like you are pregnant, my last 3 preg. I had those dark blue veins all through all of them . Becuz of the extra bloodflow . I feel that I am pregnant now but my period is somewhere around dec 19 so guess I will see . Jamie , have you taken the test to see if there is a + sign. Hope so if thats what you want.....


Misty - December 5

My b___sts were tender before my 1st missed period.The blue veins were darker as well.I knew I was pregnant.Tests confirmed it.I took a test that came up negative.2 days later I took one and it took 5 minutes to show a positive result.If you are in the very early stages of pregnancy,the line on the test will only be very faint.This may sound crazy but you may need to even put it under a light to see the result.If at all it looks positive,you can do what I did.I waited 2 days and then took 3 more test using morning,noon and evening urine.All 3 positive.


zuly - December 5

Yes it sound like you could be but wait to see if your period comes if not take the test



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