La Rae Are You Pregnant

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claire - February 21

Hi La Rae, have you got a BFP yet? I've been wondering about you! Anyone else got some happy news?


hello - February 21

Im waiting to here from here 2 she has gone missing i hope she is ok and celebrating not crying xxxx I aint got a BFP yet gonna wait til end of week as my b___bs are leaking still and they are heavy and lumpy i got bad back and spots 2 xx Any news on yrself yet???xx


johanna - February 21

AF arrived in full force today, 17 dpo. well, there is always next cycle! la rae posted yesterday under the topic "la rae - update".


johanna - February 21

i think i'll be around in a few weeks again, after ovulation. but since my cycles are so d__n long, that'll probably be in about 17 or 18 days.... i wish all you ladies tons of luck! la rae, my fingers are crossed that you are one of those lucky ladies who menstruates and is pregnant. i really truly hope so. take care, all the best, and baby dust!


Saralee - February 21

La Rae, hope you are ok....let us all know how you are .....i wanted to let you know my AF did not arrive on the 17th and i got my BFP!!!


HELLO - February 22

congrats saralee im please 4 u what are yr symptoms xx


saralee - February 22

well this is my third pregnancy, i feel achy like i am coming down with the flu and nausea but no sickness.stomach is feeling bloated. i have very sore b___bs and the montgomery tubercles have increased , they are leaking slightly and have blue veins. I noticed a couple of days after AF was due my cervix moved very high from being very low.i also had some stomach cramps and a heavy feeling below. my eyes feel very gritty and i have a bad taste in my mouth. compared to my previous experiences my symptoms are less obvious


hwllo - February 22

I posted the other day as my b___bs are leaking clear fluid its only a tiny bit but they are very heavy and lumpy and i have white lumps on them and my nipple can turn white when i feel the fluid coming!! Im late but testing negative prob not late yet as my af is never regular so cant go by that!! I have pulling in my lower tummy and feel sick after food! Im so pleased u got yr positive result i bet yr so happy xxxx La rae will be pleased 4 2 xx Any ideas why my b___bs are leaking if im not preg x


hello - February 22

pleased 4 u it meant to read oh and they leak on there own i dont squeeze them xx


Jules - February 22

Hello - the only other thing that I know of that causes you to lactate out of pregnancy is a pituitary prolactinoma. This is essentially a hormonal imbalance where the prolactin hormone (the one that causes you to lactate) over-secretes. But then your levels are extremely high and you feel very very ill with it (nausea, etc). I had it badly and it is under control now and I'm ttc - so hopefullly we're on the right track! If you think that this may be a problem, a simple blood test of your prolactin will reveal all and it is treatable with meds. But you mention that your b___bs are really sore and they seem to be heavier - this was not the case with me. It seems to me that your symptoms are more in keeping with being preggos - so I wish you ALL the baby dust in the world! And hope you find out sooner rather than later that you have a BFP!


hello - February 22

jules thas a lovely message thens for all yr feedback i am a little worried as to why they are leaking and i am feeling ill but its all preg symptoms thing is i can drum some stuff in my head to think i am but not lumpy swollen b___bs xx Hope you get yr positive 2 xx


Jules - February 22

Thanks Hello! Yeah - I play that game with myself a lot- telling myself about how I feel! But you're right - some things you just can't imagine - like sore,lumpy and lactating b___bs! Isn't it enough to drive you insane!? Oh well - we wait - we wait! All the best to ya!


La Rae - February 22 montgomery's are still with me. My aereolas are definitely 'stretching' bigger. My 'period' suddenly stopped. (at 3 and a half days - compared to 7 last month and 6 the month before that). My v____a is definitely darker - looks violet - which would be purplish-blue? I looked it up on the web and a bladder infection is a VERY common side-effect of pregnancy. I am waiting to see if my b___sts get bigger - they haven't yet - but they still feel 'heavy'. And right where my uterus is, I am so obviously 'bloated' , 'swollen' whatever you wanna call it. And since I 'broke out with boils' (ugh!) when I became pg with my son - I am still suspicious about whether or not I really am pg. I do know that since my af stopped, I have a lot of mucousy discharge now. I will take another test maybe this weekend if my symptoms increase or don't go away. Thanks for all your support everybody! Johanna, you hang in there - you're gonna get a BFP with God's timing - I just know it. Maybe He wants you to have a Christmas baby.... Hello - you sound SO pg, it ain't even funny. You'll be getting a BFP in no time, I am sure. Saralee, thanks for your positive words and kindness - everybody on this board is 'Super Cool'. I'll be touching base here at least once a day, ok? Baby Dust and God Bless.....


Jules - February 22

La Rae - I'm new on this board, I know - but I have been following your story with much intrigue! I have really been thinking of you so much and from reading your last posting you really really really DO sound preggers!!! You seem to have so much faith and I believe that you'll be blessed for that! Thanks so much for sharing your excitement and confusion (!!) with us! May you be blessed for the blessing and encouragement that you are to others. My best to you - Jules


La Rae to Saralee - February 22

I am so sorry! I forgot to congratulate you! Whoo-Hoo! That is AWESOME news! I am so happy for you! You take extra-special care of yourself, and let your hubby pamper and spoil you - you're gonna need it and you deserve it. Johanna - thanks for saying those kind words about me being one of the 'lucky' ones who menstruates and is pg. It's funny, but I didn't look at it that way, until you put it that way. But yeah.....I would be lucky, wouldn't I? I hope so too - but I am not holding my breath, ya' know? You take care of yourself, ya' hear? Check in with us every once in awhile, we can just chit-chat about our lives and what-not. We can daydream about how miserable and happy we will be at the same time, when we finally get our BFP's!


La Rae to Jules - February 22

Jules, thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words! You ROCK! To be new here - you sure do have so much wisdom and insight to offer all of us - so you are DEFINITELY a welcome addition to the BDF's here (Baby Dancin' Fanatics). I know that I do sound pg - in spite of my 'recent' af (or was it? ha,ha) BUT I wouldn't be surprised if it turned out to be something else, because the mind CAN be a powerful illusionist with our bodies, you know? Are you ttc? Have you any children already? Please, tell us more about yourself. It is very nice to meet you, and again: Thank you for you kind words and encouragement.


La Rae to Jules - February 22

Sorry - I had a brain fart! I DID read your post earlier where you said you were ttc. NOW I am really wondering if I am pg - I have had so many brain farts lately, I have lost count! I mean, I have REALLY been doing and saying some 'Dumb Shhhit' lately!



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