La Rae Describe Those Blue Veins

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anonomous - February 13

I hope this doesn't sound bad, but i'm confused about where you see those blue veins around your va___a. where around your va___a? can you tell me if it on the outside, near the "lips" where?


La Rae - February 13

Right now they are right at the 'bend' where my thighs are and they go to the right where the pubic hair starts on the side of my v____a. I have a REALLY prominent one on the left side right were I shave for my line. I hope this helps... Do you have this too?


hello - February 13

i just had a quick look and i have nothing haha lucky you la rae xx


louise - February 13

have alook in the inner of your lips. there are sometimes some strong veins there


jill - February 13

i have some, on the outter lining of my lips.. are those a sign of preg?


La Rae - February 14

Jill, I am not positive about that. I wish Grandpa Viv would give us some insight on this. I can say that I KNOW mine weren't there until I saw them on Friday night. Every month for the last 4 months after O, I have checked down there for veins and the bluish-purple tint that pg women are supposed to get. I really think I would've noticed them a long time ago, if they have always been there. Let me ask you this: Have you been unusually 'Achy' down there? I sure have. That started for me around 4 dpo. It was 6 dpo when I noticed the veins. I checked again last night, and it sure does look like I see 'more' of 'em. Maybe I'm just psyching myself into this, I don't know.....I DO know that I have about 4 'Real tiny' NEW montgomery tubercles on my nipples. There all at the bottom of my nipples. The ones I have already, are more at the top. Gosh, I hate the waiting game!


Candee - February 14

I am pregnant (7 weeks) and I have not noticed any blue veins there - just slight discolouration (darker brown with a bluish tinge) around the v____a hole. I know everyone is different though. Hope that helps a little.



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