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La Rae - March 7

and of course - Sugarpie! Hope I didn't leave anybody out - but I just wanted to give you guys my email address so we can all keep in touch in a more 'less than public' kind of way. My memory is so bad, not only can I not remember the email addresses that were given to me last week - I cannot remember who it was that gave them to me. I know it was at least two people. I am thinking it was Mulga and Emma or Claire....please forgive me, I cannot remember! BUT I do want to keep in touch with all of you. So please, just give me a shout out to: [email protected]


SugarPie - March 7

Just got back in from vaycay! Where the he-bells are you going? Is everything okay? I hope you're okay!!! Much love****


La Rae - March 7

Oh I am not going anywhere - I just thought we could keep in better touch via email. How the bejeezus are you girl? How was your vacation? Go anywhere extra-special? Have you been back to the doc lately? I remember your 'vanishing uterus' story - I hope you found a doctor who could 'find it'. That is weird though.... Anyways, I better get going. Take care and don't stress! (yeah right, listen to ME giving advice on not stressing!)


mulgajill - March 7

Have sent you a "g'day from australia".... and me... i think i am out of the game this month... made appointment with my local unfriendly doctor (the only one around here that does baby stuff and is free health care provider)... going to go the progesterone trail this time...


hello - March 8

Hi babe glad yr on line and ok was worried i will def keep in touch with u xxxxx


johanna - March 8

hi la rae - i think email is a great way to keep in touch. i sent you a quick mail - just write back when you get it to let me know that it worked. hang in there, a big hug to you all, and good luck and babydust to all!


mulgajill - March 8

So sugarpie, hows it going with you? First the disappearing uterus, then you disappeared.... you're not bedding David Copperfield are you????


mulgajill - March 8

well, perhaps your doctor was having a hard day... maybe he is vindictive??? I think i am getting paranoid when it comes to doctors.... lol... i am ok... just did hpt (bodgy brand).... am imagining a faint line.... i feel af is coming... god... it is like A: try to get pregnant, B: try not to worry about miscarriage if A is successful.... glad to see you are about :-)



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