Lack Of Cm Does It Mean Pregnancy

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KM - March 17

I've been trying to chart BBT's which have been rising steadily for almost two weeks and have been trying to follow cm but the past week and a half I haven't had any so it makes it difficult to know when ovulation is? Anyone else ever have the same thing?


Jena - March 17

I'm usually really dry for a week before I get my period, but who knows if that's normal! Just keep charting your temp - and usually you ovulate about 10 days after the START of your period - so when it's over, start having s_x!


rae - March 17

and if you want more cm try robotussin, or just plain tussin, i didnt think what ppl said was tru but ive been taking a quarter of a dose (im really small) twice a day just to see if there is a change, and oh boy is there! so i'd advise to try it. i havnt been dry yet.


KM - March 18

Anyone else???


louise - March 18

not everyone gets the same symptoms, with my first baby i never had any symtoms, not dischage, not enlarged b___sts not even a little bit of nausea. so u never know. rising temperature is usually a sign, to track ovulation, when you start your period, count about 14 days frpom that date, thats when you usually ovulate, in that week sometime. reember the eggs die after 12 hours, so take up s_x as often as you feel but apparently zsperm can last for up to 7 days if its strong. good luck


Grandpa Viv - March 18 has many examples of charts. Some women have less cm than others- you may have to poke around to find it - the stretchiness is what counts most. Pregnant women often report a fairly constant clear or creamy discharge "lotion", "wet down there".


NICKI - August 2

i've been off my period for 3 days c/m is creamy am i in my fertile days and how long does creamy last before the egg-white appears when is best time to have s_x?


patiently waiting - August 2

I have the "lotiony" type---hope to find out if I'm pregnant by the weekend. My question is-what is the cm like just before a normal period? Like a couple to few days before?


Louise - August 2

I am waiting to see if I am pregnant. A couple of times lately when checking my cervix, I've been very dry. I have NEVER noticied this before. Usually being wet with increased CM is a pregnancy sign. Yet, we're all different, so who knows maybe this is a pregnancy sign for us! stay away af! By the way temps staying up is a VERY good sign. If not pregnant, temps drop right before af.



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