LACTATING A Little Freaked Out Here

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twingle - December 23

I am also playing the waiting game...all my tests have been negative but I still feel a little strange (my af last month was late and light, that has NEVER happened before). Last night my br___ts felt "heavy", and, curious, I squeezed one and MILK came out! It's been 7 months since I stopped nursing, and I have always had the clear stuff (not that I make a habit of checking, lol!) but this is the first time I have had white stuff come out. Can this happen if you are NOT pregnant, because I am getting a little tired of my body sending me mixed signals! Anybody who has had this happen, PLEASE give me your input! Thanks.


jb - December 23

when was your last period?


twingle - December 23

Nov. 28th, it was 5 days late and about half as heavy. Next one id due on the 26th.


Nichole - December 28

Hi twingle. You may not like this, but my doctor told me that lactation without b___stfeeding can be caused by an increase in the hormone Prolactin, which is produced by your pituitary gland. He said that if I was to begin lactating without b___stfeeding, he would check my pituitary gland for a tumor. Has your doctor seen you? Did you stop lactating? It may be nothing, and I don't know if early pregnancy can cause lactation or not... just thought I'd share this with you. Good luck to you!


Queen B - December 29

I was told it is totaly normal to lactade (a little) especially if you have had a previous pregnancy and/or u have been on the pill. I am not pregnant (I had my daughter 7 yrs ago) and I lactade too. I have a female friend that does too and she has her tubes tied.


gg - December 29

I am pretty sure it s normal. I havent had any children, but I have had small amounts of fluid from b___sts, I saw the DR. about it because I got nervouse, my mother has b___st cancer, after some test he said it was just hormonal, some woman have it some dont.


Nichole - December 29

That's good to know! Maybe my doctor is just overly cautious. Thank God for other women! You guys know so much! :-) This is such a helpful place!


twingle - December 29

Thanks, everyone, for your input. I am going to the Dr. in Feb (when ins. kicks in) so I will ask my dr. too...



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