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carmen - August 22

Ok I had my AF April 20...I didn't mess around or anything until May 14th 4 days before my nxt AF was due. On may 14th my moment of fun was just that a moment. Guy didn't get off we only messed around for 2 sec. Then on May 18th as expected I got my AF. was normal..bleed 3 days spotted 2. Then on May 28,31st and june 2nd i had unprotected s_x. I took preg test June 5th,8th and 11th all neg. then on june 15th when my next af was due I got a BFP. So once i got my period in may that means i wasn't preg then? my cycle is 28 days. when did i get preg?


carmen - August 22



to carmen - August 22

you take it from the first day of your period which was may you have a 28 day period you would have ovulated around days that you had unprotected s_x.have you been to the doctors yet because you are a couple of months along.good luck.


carmen - August 22

yes but they haven't done anything. they wont do an u/s until i'm 5 months. so i coulnt have gotten preg 4 days 4 my period then end up with my period?? thanks for answerin


C. - August 22

You conceived right around the days you had unprotected s_x. It all works out: You had AF May 18th, ovulated roughly 2 weeks later, and tested positve another 2 weeks after ovulation. This baby is from the time you had s_x between May 28 and June 2nd. It's a pity your doctor won't see you beforehand though, the 12 week u/s is so important!! What country are you in?


carmen - August 23

the US I'm on medicaid so they wont give an ultra sound until your 5 months and they only do one. Also when i went to the doctors in august they said i was about 12 weeks but wouldnt let e hear the babys heat beat. I just want to make sure everything i sok with my baby so i can stop worring so much but they aren't doing anything. I wish i had health ins. but i started my job 3 months ago and it takes 6 months for it to kick in....thanks for your help!! So theres no way i could had been preg b4 my period since i only messed around 4 days b4 it was due then got my normal period?


C. - August 23

No, in my opinion there is no doubt, you are pregnant from bd'ing after your period. Sorry about having to wait for u/s, but I'm sure everything will be fine. It sucks waiting wishes to you.


kEEKEE - August 23

Wow, your doctor won't give you us to see why the bleeding happen? I am wondering was that a true AF? Carmen, Why are you so worried? I think everything is going to be fine. You are 12 weeks pregnant. Less likely something will happen to your pregnancy. Congrats and have a happy pregnancy!!!


carmen - August 23




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