Ladies In Waiting Part 16

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Dawn (DS) - September 24

Hi girls. The other thread was to long so I thought I would start another one. Sill not much to report from me still waiting to ovulate. How is everyone else doing


staci - September 24

hey dawn! i agree that the other thread was getting pretty long! guess what happend to me last night? i was getting ready for bed (i still have top 2 wisdom teeth and it hits my jaw line so i can always tell that it is there and it felt wierd) so i brushed it with my tongue and a chunk of my wisdom tooth broke off! oh i couldnt' believe it! so now i'm going to have to have that taken care of! we should call this thread ladies who have or had wisdom tooth trouble while ttc! so if i don't get pg this time i will have those taken care of! for the past 6 months my face would hurt out of the blue on that side(i mean hurting bad! had to apply ice packs and pop ibuprofen like crazy) thought it was my sinuses because i also have trouble with them, but i'm thinking now it is caused by that tooth! oh i just can't believe this is happening! i just went to the dentist in April and they didnt' say anything about it being decayed or anything(which that pc. was def. decayed) so i just dont understand! maybe i wont' have to have them out pronto, maybe that was the only bad part on that tooth, wishful thinking! well my temp was 97.3 when i woke up the 1st time, just rolled over and went back to sleep and took again a 2nd time and it was 97.5, so a put both into ff to see if it would detect O with one of them and it did with the 97.5 and not with the 97.3..of course i kept the 1st temp in there just wanted to see if it would say i O'd on the day i thought i as of now ff still hasn't detected O! c___p i hate this! pretty sure i did just want it to tell me i did. i read that some women's temp gradually increases so i'm prob. one of them! anyway, that was long! how is everyone? well, gotta go get ready for yet another b-day party, this is getting old! both dh and i have big families and it seems all the b-days fall in aug-sep, shew! and it's an outside party, i'm gonna sweat by booty off! it's been very hot and humid here this past week! anyway, will check in later, ANGIE0any news?! :) ~~~~*~~~~*baby dust~~~~*~~~~~~*


maddie - September 24

Staci sorry about the tooth. But on another note, if you want post your temps from day I and I can try putting them into my program to see if any luck


bean - September 24

Wow girls! Glad I've already had my wisdom teeth out... those of you who haven't on this thread, watch out! Looks like it's catching! Staci - awful that your dentist didn't detect it... maybe time for a new dentist? I'm definitely switching after my last visit. The hygenist was so preoccupied with the gossip going on in the main room she was barely looking at me, trying to floss my nose, and missed polishing at least 4 or 5 teeth. What is it with dentists these days?! Anyway... nothing at all new here for me. Hope everyone's enjoying their weekends!


Stacie J - September 24

Hey ladies. I am back. "Rita was nice to us" I just got through taking down all the boards off of our windows. I probably won't get pg this month because my house was full of people that evacuated from Galveston. Hopefully I will ovulate late this month. Staci, sorry to hear about your wisdom teeth. I had to have all four cut out and that no fun at all. talk with you guys soon - I am going to go back and read what I have missed


Jennifer - September 24

staci j - glad you are ok! was glad to hear houston wasnt hit so bbad. we have a club there so i had a few employees i was worried about :) nothing new here - opk strips arent positive anymore - tested today. so going to bd again tonight and hope its all good. temps dont really show any sign of ovulation so i am a bit confused - but hopefully everyhing will work out. getting tired! hope everyone has a good night. sending lots of baby dust*****************


Stacie J - September 24

I read all of your postings and I justed wanted to say thanks for keeping us in your prayers. Luckily the storm changed its course. We had about 50 mph winds (nothing major) The traffic jams were horrible - All the major freeways were gridlock for 48 hours straight - All the gas stations around here and all the way up to Dallas, Austin, San Antonio are out of gas - many people ran out of gas on the roads - they had certain points of the freeways opened up for all lanes of traffic to travel out of town - the Governor is wanting us to stay home Monday and Tuesday from work so the evacuees can return to their homes - A lot of us can't go anyway because we have no gas - this has been crazy - the last hurricane I was in was in 1983 "Alica" I thought it was fun because I didn't have to go to school, now having my own home to take care of - it is absolutely scary - I hope I don't have to go through another one for the rest of my life - baby dust to all


staci - September 25

maddie, here goes the temps, cd 1-2 no temp, cd3 97.2, cd 4 97.3 all at 6:15 am and during af, cd5 97.2(6:15am)cd6 no temp(no af)cp-m, cm-s, bd: cd7 97.5, cp-H, cm-little ewcm, bd: cd8 no temp, cp-H, cm-w, bd: cd9, temp 96.8, cm-w with some ewcm, cp-H, little open(medium-semi soft), bd, bad O pain sore b___sts: cd10 temp 96.6, cp-w with some ewcm, cp-H, sore b___sts: cd 11 temp 97.2, cp-middle, cm-c, bd: cd12 temp 97.6, cp-middle, cm-c: cd13 temp 97.1, cp-middle firm closed, cm-c: cd14 temp 97.3, cp-middle, that's all, if you need more info let me know, thank you for all your help maddie! stacie j, so good to hear you are ok! i'm so glad rita decide to calm herself down! jennifer, you keep bd'ing until af or bfp!!! good luck! bean- know what you mean about hygenist being preoccupied! mine is like that! she is a gossiper that's for sure! hopefully surgery can hold off for a while! stacie j. just keep bd'ing when you can, you never know! it still could happen! well gals, it is so late here, i have to go to bed, sorry if some of my input didnt make sense, had a few to unwind tonight!


maddie - September 25

Staci J so glad you are ok....Staci I put your temps into hormonal forecaster and it predicted you O'ed on the 7th or 8th. When you temp do you take them at the same time everyday? This helps for accuracy, I have my alarm set even on the weekend to take everyday at same time then go back to bed. Also hope your teeth are ok, I would really go check it out because if there is an infection it could potentially harm the fetus. As for me so O detected yet, I'm getting impatient!


staci - September 25

maddie thanks! didn't know if you needed all that other info or not, yes i take temp at the same time no O detected yet for you? hmmmm, maybe by tomorrow.....well got some cleaning to do, take care all!


Eve - September 25

Anyone gotten BFP recently?? how are you doing Becca? masha? maddie? Preg ladies? I am going to have to catch up with the newer ladies.. apologies!! I will catch up soon! I promise!! As for me.. having a great time partying while on break...I was really really cheesed off on wednesday n thursday though.. I had SO much ewcm! TMI ALERT!! I was standing doing dishes and i could feel it trickling out.. and my liner was coated with it! I stopped taking EPO... and the thing is dh has been around all this while .. no travel at all! but I was not gonna tcc cos of all the alcohol consumption! sooo cruel isn't it?? anyways gotta go! I hope everyone is healthy n happy!! :) baby dust!!


Becca - September 25

Hi Ladies, I've was out of town for a couple of days, but I'm back now!. Texes gals, so glad you are OK, and the storm downgraded before it made landfall. Staci, if in fact you O'd on the 7th or 8th, then you should be past your 2ww and late already, right? Have you tested yet? Tomorrow is 10 dpo for me, so that means I can begin obsessively testing. LOL. I've been doing pretty well, with no signs to speak of except being a little tired, but that could just be PMS, and some abdominal pain. My temps really shot up over the past 2 days. On Friday I was 97.2, Saturday, 97.6 and today I as 98.1! I wish the stock market looked like my ff chart! Eve, it sounds like you are having a blast over there. Maybe it will happen for you now that you are more relaxed!! you never know! Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!


Jennifer - September 25

ok ff finally calculated my o. i am offically 3dpo. my probability of conceiving was *good* bd 2 days before ovulation. we shall see - fingers crossed. hd has been sick so didnt get to bd as much as i hoped. but i think i have this stuff down from temping and charting this month and if i dont get BFP i at least know waht the heak i am doing for next month. haha. i will be happy as long as i get bfp before christmas. would make a good christmas present for a few people. haha hope everyone has a great weekend. back to work tomorrow *sigh*


staci - September 25

becca-no 2ww isn't over yet, 7th or 8th meant cd 7-8 so if i did indeed O then, then i would be 8-9dpo so i should be expecting(hopefully not!) af around this coming weekend ...last month i said i wouldnt' test until a week late this time, so we'll see if i can hold out! becca-when will you test? tomorrow? your temps sound great! jennifer glad ff finally detected O so you know where you stand! baby dust baby dust to everyone! eve, that really sucks! did you bd at all before the cm thing? well, hope you all have a great monday! can't believe the weekend is over already! maddie, yes i will be getting my teeth looked at this week sometime, my mom works at the office i go to so i can get in when ever i can or want, hoping that nothing major has to be done anytime soon!


Dawn (DS) - September 26

Becca-You temps sound very promising, when are you going to start testing? Jennifer-Glad ff detected ovulation for you, If I don't get pregnant this month then I think I might start using ff website. Well EWCM showed up yesterday thank god I thought it never come. So I can now start using the ovulation strips for the first time. Hope everyone is ok, bye for now


Rerchelle - September 26

Hey guys long time no see. So has anyone got a +++ its been too long so i cant read all the posts lol. Well Im 8 weeks now and everything is good. I had my first ultrasound yesterday and the babys hearbeat is 154 which they said is strong. Ok guys Im back for good now


Becca - September 26

Morn' Ladies. Staci, sorry about the confusion. If you did O at that time that puts us on the same schedule. Today is 10 dpo, so, of course, I tested this morning with those cheapo online tests (thanks Bean) and BFN. Also, I had a huge temp drop from 98.1 yesterday to 97.2 today. So, I don't know what that means...I guess we'll see. I'll catch up more with you all later!



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