Ladies In Waiting Part 4

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Eve - July 15

Started a new thread! other one was way long!


Eve - July 15

WOW! Alot been happening!!! Rerchelle! so sorry about your leg!! Ouch that must hurt!!!! Well at least now u can rest up at home.. :p I think the earliest that you can test with pregnosis or fortel is like 7 dpo?? but if your HCG levels are low then it still would not be detected... I know that fortel ultra actually detects levels as low as 10 unlike most which is like 25


Eve - July 15

Masha!! I laughed when I read your thread about the friend who got BFP when she didnt test.. .I have been tempted to but so good this month... I just feel like I will get a BFN anyways so why waste money u know? like so used to getting a BFN then I am just resigned to it.. plus I know that I missed my O days.. dh outta town.. But having said that.. I realised that my nipples have been swollen n reallly sore n veryy sensitive.. fuller b___sts and saw some white stuff on my bumps yesterday and my tummy has been having a bump which just wont go down even when i suck in my breath n hold it.. and i am a small n very slim person!! I have bruises all over my thighs n upper arms.. like I have been bashed!! Busting to go to the loo... yesterday man.. very 2 hours i needed the loo and it was like have to go NOWWWWWW or will pee in pants kinda urge... metalic taste in mouth... nausea...I am taking notes of all these signs.. I may be getting them as a PMS thing... So next month if i get all these signs i just will know to ignore them and not get excited thinking i am Pregnant *rolls eyes* Now when are you girls testing??? Maddie! Camilla! Sheila! Becca! bean!! My gosh I will be so thrilled for you guys all got BFPs this month!! Although that will mean I will have to have ladies in waiting part 5 and just talk to myself for the next cycle.... :)


Sheila - July 15

EVE--your signs sound like early symptoms, could it be possible??? They always say it happens when you least expect it!! I still haven't tested, kind of think AF is coming, I am due on July 19....I guess I have symptoms both ways but doesn't it seem like that every month?? I think I am going to test on Sunday morning just to see what the results are. Anxious to hear about these online tests...Camilla, I am sure yours are broken, order new ones!! :-) Bean, keep us posting if testing tomorrow. Rerchelle--they say you are more "accident prone" when pg so maybe it is a sign!! Maddie--I like the story of you and dh meeting when young, very cute!! Welcome to the new folks joining our thread...I love this thread, very helpful and fun!! Happy Friday, TGIF!!!


maddie - July 15

Eve...your symptoms sound like mine. I also have had an on again off again metally taste in my mouth and alot of saliva. Also lower belly bloated, so I feel fat. Today nipples also itchy, but that can also be the heat. Very emotional also. AF due next week so I'm suspecting pms? I really hate this, but love having you all to chat with.


Camilla - July 15

Hey Eve, don't worry you won't be talking to yourself...:) Thanks for asking, but I tested BFN, so feeling a bit low. Posted it here y/day, but no pats on the back as yet. Hey girls, anybody notice?? I've decided that the worst part is not the 2ww, it's the 'several day' wait, when you already know you're not preggers, but you're still waiting for AF. I hope that few of us get disappointed this month, it sucks..Eve, wow tons of signs..who knows maybe you o'd on a different day? Or his swimmers had extra life jackets and made it til you o'd? Hope things work out for you and everyone else.


Camilla - July 15

Sheila, our posts crossed. Yep, those broken tests are in the trash..I don't recommend any of the tests that only come up with one line! (Guess the $1.00 ones show one line and the $2.00 ones...they come up with more..:) And yea Maddie, that story meeting young was cute. It's a great story for your kids too..


Masha - July 15

Ohhhh... I've read all your threads, girls, and come to conclusion: everybody is pregnant, but me...:( No symptoms, may be just moody... Eve,you gave me only Hope! B/c I went today to jym, everything was alright, but usually I feel how slim my tummy after exercises it stays tense for while, but today I couldn't even force it to go down! May it is a sign?! And I still have a little bit nausea after every meal I even felt nausea when I was cleaning my teeth! in the morning, but could it mean anything? will see... Have a good night, ladies!


Amanda - July 15

I just came off of BC in may. I had my next cycle june 15th. Since then I haven't had af yet... .... Before i went on bc pills my cycles were about 35 days or so... I'm not sure if anything happened or not..... not sure if timing was right or not....... but i guess I would have to wait for af, so i might as well wait for bfp!!!!!! good luck to all....


Melanie - July 16

Holy roller, sooo much to catch up on! Rerchelle,OUCH! Glad you're okay. Carrie, temps up, so far, so good! Sheila, sick and hungry, great! Funny how your perspective changes when ttc!!! I completely relate to feeling like "Let's just let it happen", to a greater sense of urgency after miscarrying. I liked Becca's 1 in 3 thoughts, and REALLY liked Masha's twist on that. Very positive thinking!Sorry to hear about the ID theft. What a pain in the b___t. Yep, looking toward the 25th-ish. Will be glad to have others to share it with! Bean, we've been loosely ttc since May, after March m/c. Getting more focused on it each month. Like Camilla, just got pg so easily in Nov and Feb. Not so easy this go 'round. Masha, beautiful stuff! I first met my sweetie at a high school party, after a hockey game. He was sooooo cute, with those vibrant, bright blue eyes and that big, happy smile. We just talked a little bit that night, and it was years later that we got together. Hang in there, Camilla! I'm sure that test was defective....but maybe the next one you try will work properly?! Good luck, weekend testers! I'm looking forward to hearing what happens!


bean - July 16

Camilla - we must have bought our test from the same damaged lot. Mine are broken too. Will write more later girls. Running off to do maid of honor stuff with best friend... shower later today, and I will be enjoying the wine!


maddie - July 16

I agree with both Bean and Camilla!!! I also am trying the online tests and tested this am....BFN :((( Maybe still too early since 10 dpo, but had hoped early response on BFP? Oh well at least my temps are still high...


Becca - July 16

Bean, Maddie and Camilla, don't let thsoe good for nothing online test strips get you down. There is always hope until the fat lady sings (I guess AF would be the fat lady in this case - haha!). Besides, if this isn't the month for you, at least you'll look good in your bridesmaid dress and you won't have a basketball sized belly hanging out the front! I don't know ladies...I don't want to get my hopes up...if I am calculating from my ewcm, I think I am 10 dpo today. If I am calculating from my O pain, I am only 4 dpo today. I would have a tendency to go with the O pain, except for the fact that I am still having those pains 4 days later and they are on both sides. The pains have evolved from O pain to more of like a cramping feeling. Plus I am tired, and I get hungry more often. To those of you who have actually gotten a BFP before (since I haven't joined that club yet), did you have lots of cramping leading up to it?


Melanie - July 16, I am so with you! Had just a bit of ewcm on Fri 10th....then crampy pains on Tues 14th. Not quite the usual O pain...more spread out, I guess.... but more to the left side. I have had mild achy cramps the last couple of days. I don't recall whether I felt that when I was pg before, but I wasn't paying so much attention the other times since we weren't really trying yet, just voila, I'm pregnant. So crampiness could have been there and I didn't notice. Sometimes right before af, cramps come, sort of a forewarning. This is quite early for that, so it's a little odd. It will be interesting to see what other things come up in the next week! Maddie, 10dpo is still early....maybe bfp in a couple of days?! Bean, how was testing this am???! Camilla, are you waiting it out or testing again this weekend? Oh, I forgot to answer one of your Qs - I've just started making necklaces in the last year or so....mostly ones I wear, gifts for mom, but I'd like to do more & sell them eventually. Probably hard to do with a little one in your arms, but maybe I'll find a way to make the time. Masha - what is your native country, if you wish to share that, that is. I knew a gal from Russia with the same name, so I wondered if you're from there. Sounds like you're happy where you are now, and with a great husband. Glad to hear that!


maddie - July 16

Thanks Melanie and Becca for the encouragement......I just need some patience,,,,lol. I'm with all of you though, not really positive of the day I o'd...going by hormonal forecaster.


Camilla - July 16

Sorry about the BFN's Maddie and Bean...The only 'good' thing is you could party away Bean, but I know you would have happily traded it in. I tested twice, last 11dpo and I'm going to leave it at that. I know it's not good news. AF not actually due for several days though. Becca, about cramping and o pains and all my experience I always get some 'pre-o cramping', which tends to be on both sides. So, I get some twinges, left and some right. When that happens, I know my body is gearing up for it all. At the same time, ewcm increases. The last time I got pregnant, I ovulated with little ewcm, and I did not think that could happen. However..since I then m/c'd at 12 weeks, I will go by what happened with my successful pregnancies. Lots of ewcm and then after the initial mild cramping, there's a kind of 'plateau' I'm coasting along, with nothing much happening. This usually lasts for 24 hours. Then after that, I suddenly get distinct cramping on either side. In my case it can last several hours. (Though for some women it's much shorter.) This is the actual day I ovulate. The next day, there is still ewcm, but a day after, there is much less. At the same time, there is less mucous, there is also less burning desire to crumple the sheets..;) Around 4-6 days after o, I do get some mild cramping (more general.) I'd hoped it was possible implantation, but since I'm not pregnant I guess it isn't. I'm not sure what it means, but those general mild cramps, are no longer o related. When I did end up getting BFP's, I didn't really know I was pregnant. No real symptoms, just that when AF was due, lots of cramping, cm, but no AF. Being late with cramps and no period, in my case always meant pregnant. The cramps just subsided after a few days..Anyway, Masha, I was guessing Russia too? Mel' the necklaces sound nice. Any special colors? With a little one you might have time, when he/she's snoozing..but then you'd be worried about little Miss gobbling them all up!..Sheila you're nearly testing..good luck!!


Masha - July 16

Hi girls, I see the "atmospher is getting morre intense", another week and we'll get the answers! I'm very sorry to hear about your BFNs - Bean, Maddie and Camilla! I agree with Becca: don't let those test strips get you down! IT IS TOO EARLY! That month when I got pg with my daughter, I really started to feel some symptoms A WEEK (!!!) after AF was late. Of course it is easy to say..., but we have to be patient just for another week ! So much about "patience" - I woke up today with mouth full of salvia. I know it can be a sign, but may be i was just hungry?... Becca, how can you be 10 dpo by your ewcm and 4 dpo by you O pain ? You have the same cycle as I do, at least timing, that is why I'm trying to understand your calculation. I always thought that last day of ewcm is The ovulation day, or maximum next day after ewcm stops. So now I'm confuse, I don't know how to calculate, because I'm not sure that I felt any O pain at all, but I definitely feel lots of cramps now (very mild!). They are feels like O pain from both sides. I proboly wouldn't notice it if I wouldn't listening myself all the time...



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