Ladies In Waiting Part 17

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Eve - September 30

OK Becca! GET BACK IN HERE!!!!! I want to know what happened with FR!!!!!!!! :p I am sure its gonna be a BIG FAT POSITIVE! wohoo! geez... all the girls who started out together... u know the very very very first thread we had??? everyone of them have fallen pregnant since.. except me! Good luck Becca! let us know the good news soon!


Eve - September 30

debs! I used Pre-seed.. someone else here used pre-seed as well... Uhmm I have to say I used it for 3 cycles that i knew for sure I O'd but nothing! Pre-seed apparently helps with hostile cervical mucus and also to keep the sperms alive for a while... but I guess it will only make a huge difference if you have hostile cm.... I have pretty much given up hope on Pre-seed... but hey it may work for yoU! there have been girls on the forum who have gotten BFP with preseed! good luck!!


maddie - September 30

Eve your not alone...I also was one of the originals and still not pregnant! And I also don''t know about the whole preseed luck for me.....we need to find a new 'trick'


Becca - September 30

Maddie, I heard that once you get a + OPK that means you will be Oing in the next 24-48 hours, so don't give up hope. It sounds like the 2 methods are in working in conjunction with one another. I'm testing in the morning, but not with FR. If AF doesn't show tomorrow, and I still dont get a clear + from the cheapo online tests, then I'll absolutely test on Sunday with FR. OK? Eve, its not over until the fat lady sings, so don't be counting me in the pg group just yet. There are still 3 of us from the original group who are hoping for a bfp this month. My dog is bugging me to play with him, so I'll check back in in the AM and let you know how the testing goes. Until then just pray that AF stays away.


maddie - September 30

Becca fingers crossed until tomorrow


Stacie J - September 30

Good luck, Becca - I will check back tomorrow -


Debs - October 1

Hey Dawn Just want to Know how your feeling. We're now 4dpo. Once again I feel c___p. Off colour...... kind of sicky and weak. I wondered if I get 2weeks of pms or what. Is it normal? woke up with a real bad headache? Let me know :)


Dawn (DS) - October 1

Debs-I'm 4dpo aswell (i think) and I'm not feeling to bad, just very tired and have been all week. My cm is doing some strange things at the moment. Becca-Good luck and have my fingers crossed for you.


Becca - October 1

Morning Ladies. Well, I tested again, and it looks the same, but this time I checked within the time limit. I can BARELY see the line, it is sooooo extremely light, but it is there. I don't know if it is an evaporation line??? Its 15 dpo and still no AF, but I have all the signs that she is coming. Sore bbs, cramping. I'll be sad, but not surprised if she shows up today. BUT my temps are still up this morning. Will they dip before AF or after AF, does anyone know? I'll check back in later today and let you know if she shows.


to Becca - October 1

tempertures dip one or two days before AF arrives, looks good for you!


Eve - October 1

Becca.. I think temps dip just before AF.. so I think you have a gooooood chance! I am so excited for you!! Make sure you keep us posted.. I am praying for you!! maddie.. hehehe yes you and I ... I think we have tried everything possible ... but hey its gotta work ONE DAY! I am hoping it happens soon for you!!! Dawn... lots of cm is a great sign!!! Debs tired?? thats a sign... oh bloody heck everything is a sign! And yet everything is not ! :p after soo many months.. I just have completely given up on signs... The only thing I look at nowadays is if AF arrives or not on dpo 14...


Becca - October 1

AF arrived...hope has dried up.


Dawn (DS) - October 1

Oh Becca sorry to hear that af arrived :(


Jennifer - October 1

Becca - I am soooooo sorry!! That stinks! Are you sure its AF?


Stacie J - October 1

Becca - stay positive - doesn't implantation bleeding come around the same time???


maddie - October 1

Becca so sorry....BIG hug


Camilla - October 1

Becca, really sorry about AF! I just think it might have been a really early m/c, you know what they call a chemical pregnancy. The line, however faint, has got to come from somewhere. Sigh..We are thinking of you..hugs, C.



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