Ladies In Waiting Part 29

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staci - June 3

Hello Ladies! Long time no type! Yeah, I'm still a dork! Anyway, for those of us who are still trying I'd just like to say our time will come...And to those of you who are pg I wish you the best and hope to hear from you soon! My update isn't very exciting...On my 2nd month of clomid, getting ready to O any day now (probably tomorrow) and praying to God that he blesses me this month! Hope to hear from you all soon! Take care!


Stacie J - June 4

Hello, Staci - Three of the moms that started off should have had their babies. Camilla, Melanie and Bean. I wonder if Maddie had hers? I am the next one in line. I will be 34 weeks on Tuesday and praying each week that she will be able to stay in since my amniotic fluid levels is so low. I wish you the best girl - I know you are probably tired of having a BFN. Stay positive, your time will come. Ladies, where are you??? We love to hear from you.


Rhonda - June 4

Hey,I am ttc this month.I will be ovulating on the 8th,but i have already started bd now.Congrats stacie j.And stacie i will keep my fingers crossed for you,to be blessed this month(hugs)


Becca - June 5

Wow, I can't believe this thread is still kicking around. Staci, thanks for starting a new one. Stacie J, wow, I can't belive you are almost due. Yes, Melanie, Camilla and Bean all had their babies. Maddie is next, I think this month. She said she has gotten really big! Then, I guess, Stacie J, you are due after Maddie? I just can't believe the time has gone by so quickly.


staci - June 5

Stacie J and Becca thanks for sticking with me this past year! And Bean you too! You all are truly good friends! I just saw a pic of bean's baby and she is sooooo cute! Camilla, Maddie and Melanie we'd love to hear from you! Rhonda thank you for keeping your fingers crossed for me! Same goes for you, hope your outcome is a BFP this month! Is this your 1st time ttc? I am in my 13th month and Becca in her 17th...Becca, i can't believe time has gone by so fast also...It really hits you when people you were chatting with and obsessing with months ago are getting ready to have their babies! Good luck to you all!


Stacie J - June 10

Becca, how are you doing??? Yes, I am due after Maddie, my due date is July 18th but the doc said she will be here by the end of the month. Around 32 weeks I started having complications, my amniotic fluid was too low and they were talking about taking her but I have managed to get my fluid levels up a little. I go to the hospital twice a week for non-stress test, doctor once a week and ultrasound once a week. So when you girls get pregnant, I am now a firm believer of drinking lots and lots of water. The doctor said that I probably wouldn't get my levels up by I got mine up 5 more points. Staci - you know I will be here for you girl. Rhonda welcome to the thread and good luck. My only advice is try not to stress and get discourage because on some people it is not as easy to get pregnant as it is for others. I found that there was an art to baby making - literally. Thinking about all of you and I would love to hear from the gang!!!


staci - June 10

Hi Stacie! I just wrote you back a little while ago, but I will tell you here too..I am so happy that your amniotic fluid is increasing! yayyyy! To everyone else, I did O the day after my post(june 5th) so I am 5dpo, no real obsessing yet! af will be due on father's day, the 18th..oh man oh man oh man i hope i get pg this month! I sure would like to be pg during the winter again, i couldn't imagine being pg during the summer! it would be so uncomfortable! But hey, beggers can't be choosers right?! Anyway, hope all is well with everyone else! Take care and hope to hear from you soon! Stacie, keep doing what you're doing girl! Love Ya!


AngieAngela - June 27

Ladies what happen to this thread, I know most of the thread was already expecting or had their babies. I miss you all, I'm still ttc. Kinda of fed up with the whole process


staci - June 27

Hey Angie! I'm still ttc too :( It sucks sooo bad! Becca and I are now on the clomid club thread and you're right, everyone else ended up getting pg! well except for us 3(that i can remember!) Drop in any time on the clomid thread! Or if you want to get this one going just post here! We'd love to keep hearing from you! Oh and sorry you haven't concieved yet :( take care!


jenstewart21 - June 27

hey ladies! just checking in for any updates! stacie j - if your still out there - good luck girl!! keep us posted and would love to see pics once she arrives!!!!!!! staci - how are you? i saw that you wrote you are in clomid thread. hope the clomid works out for you! keep us posted - becca too ;)


staci - June 27

hey jen! how are you? how far along are you now? Stacie J might end up having the baby next week! She's due the 18th, but I think they want to go ahead and get her out of dangers way. And thanks! i hope the clomid works for me too! this is my 3rd month on it, hopefully this is the month!


jenstewart21 - June 27

i am 4 months now. i find out what i am having next friday - as long as the little one cooperates :) how is your ds? so anyday now for stacie j! crazy! man how time flies......this thread has only been going for a year now. i know i started on it in june or maybe it was july. crazy!


staci - June 27

Wow 4 months! you better get on here and tell us what you are having! That is so exciting! I know, I can't believe this thread has been going so long, even if it is slow! I think i started in july too. I'm going to have to look back on some of the threads to see! Ds is doing great! he turned 3 last weekend, he is so big! good luck next week!


Stacie J - July 1

Hi everybody. Jen wow 4 months - you got to post to let us know what you are having. Hi, Anige/Angela where have you been??? I hope all is well. I am going to be put into the hospital on July 4th to have the Cervadil inserted since I haven't dialated and then will be induced on the 5th. My amniotic fluids levels were dangerously low for the baby so my advice to all the new preggos and upcoming preggos is to drink plenty of fluids - They said that that has nothing to do with your fluid levels but I had managed to get mine up long enough to keep her in for 5 weeks by drinking plenty of fluids and resting. Staci I just sent you an email - take care everyone - stacie


Cris - July 4

Hello everyone!! wow, stacie J good luck tomorrow--hopefully delivery goes well. I am at 34 wks. now and counting down. Summer is a kicker when u r preg. holy cow!! Glad to talk to you all again!


staci - July 4

Hi cris! wow I can't believe you are 34 weeks! Let us know when you have the baby! I want to know if it's a boy or girl! Very good to hear from you! Stacie, I"m thinking of you and praying everything goes well tomorrow! love ya!


Becca - July 4

Wow, Cris, congrats!!! Do you know if you are having a boy or a girl? When is your due date? Stacie J - praying for you tomorrow. Let us know how it goes once you and baby are home and well!



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