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intuition11 - June 15

I first posted this on another topic's page, but got no replies so I am counting on you helpful girls:) Someone I work with confided in me that she is wondering if she's preggo. I'll call her "Karen." I have done alot of reading and do not know for sure what to tell her, except that she should go the the gyno and get checked out at this point. I had many thoughts, but I won't make this post longer by going through them here:) I would like to know what you guys think though. Does she sound preggo to you? I thought you guys might be the ones to ask. Karen's taken an hpt, which came back negaitve. She said this was about 3 months ago. Her periods have gotten shorter (I think they're about 26 days). I asked her if this was odd (some women have short cycles) and she said they were around 28-29 days the last 6 months and then for long while they'd been about 32-33 days. So it seems her cycles/hormones have been in flux to me. Before her period in April, she spotted for like a week straight, which is why she tested. Now she's ben gaining weight. The pants that fit her the beginning of April do not fit anymore. Even I can see that her midsection (from beneath br___ts down through lower abdomen) is thicker. In fact, she went out and bought all new pants. Her skirts are fitting, but are shorter and tighter, especially in her abdomen and hips. She says she thought she was just eating too much, but isn't so sure as she changed her eating habits awhile back and has still gained a few pounds. "Karen" says a couple of women we work with are starting to look at her belly. I thought she might've just been feeling self-conscious, but I saw this happen once myself. I agree with her that they are probably wondering what's up, or even if she's pg and not saying anything. Any thoughts, ladies?? I am hoping that I'll get some info from others. She wants opinions, but she is private and doesn't want to open up a can of worms ifnot necessary. I am surprised she told me since she doesn't usually talk about herself much. She also says her midsection feels sensitive, like if somone, something leans on it, it feels like there's pressure. Feedback anyone??? Sorry this is long:)


dannygirl4you - June 15

I think she should go get a blood test done if she isn't so sure and her hpt was neg


MelissaP - June 15

She might have taken the test too early way back then, that is why she possibly got a negative. If she has not tested since three months ago, then now is definitely the time to test again! The test would show a positive result at this point if she is pregnant. Have her go to her doctor and ask for a blood pregnancy test.


clindholm - June 16

I agree, a new test now would be accurate. If neg, she should definately get to her doctor to see what's going on.



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