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autumn - September 8

my last period started aug 12th. i have had unprotected s_x. my question is yesterday i had what i think was in my urine blood. but it wasnt heavy or anything like that. but when i wipped there was lite pink on the tissue. there is now no blood and i the pain i had in my back is now gone too. is this impletation bleeding or an infection?


faith - September 8

do you have any other symptoms of pregnancy?have you missed a period yet?if so then take a test ,if it comes out negative i would go to the doctor to make sure everything is ok.good luck


anne - September 8

Hi Autumn, I would definitetly advise you to take a pregnancy test when you can. A lot of times you are not prego, but you think you are and you start interpreting everything that your bady does as "pregnant". Wait until 3 days before your period and then take the early pregnancy test by first response. Good luck! anna


Melissa - September 8

Blood in your urine and back pain can be a kidney infection....your body might have resolved it on its own....but you might want to see your doc and have tests run on your urine to make sure its not developing into something worse....take care!


Olivene - September 8

Yep, this one you shouldn't mess around with- go see a doctor! Good luck.


Annette - September 10

my periods for the last 3 mths have been the same kinda stuff. Light pinkish when use the restroom, then light brownish, to dark brownish to red for only 2 days then light brown to very light pink. My periods have not been regular either. I think I am having preg,symptons then I get the above. It's hard to say if all the stuff it seems most ladies are having is periods or implantation. I also get blood in my urine in morning during 1-2 days of my period. But we are all different so it is hard to say if you are preg, kidney infection or just starting your period. If it stays the same I would go to doc. and find out.



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