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chezed1 - April 16

Hi. To cut a long story short i have found out that i am 5 weeks pregnant, although my stomach is massive already i have had to go out today & buy maternity clothes. Here is my dilema my dh & i have been trying for a year and for the past 2 periods they have been very different, much shorter, less bleeding & less pain, they were more like spotting, but at the time i thought nothing of it but now i am wondering if i could be further along than i am?(as i have heard that you can still have periods) has this happened to any other ladies. Please can you respond.


Helpful - April 16

It is entirely possible.Your last period was weird that would make you 9 weeks and the one before would make you 13 weeks. Your abdomen starts protruding around 8 weeks. Did you take a hpt after each period? Perhaps you ovulated early and are 6 weeks going on seven? Anyway, They will be able to tell you at your first visit.Have them due an Ultrasound. Good luck.


Melissa S. - April 16

Sometimes you can seem "bigger" than what you are supposed to be if it isn't your first pregnancy. I know with my 3rd pregnancy by the 5th or 6th week my normal clothes were really tight. I was in maternity clothes by 10 weeks. By the time I was nine months I looked like I was carrying 2 or 3 babies instead of one. It is a possibility too that you may be carrying more than 1 baby. As long as your feet, hands and face aren't really swollen (that could be a sign of a serious problem).... then I would just wait until your first ultrasound, or if you are really worried tell your ob/gyn at your next visit just to be safe. I hope everything goes well, and congrats on the pregnancy.


chezed1 - April 16

Hi. Thanks for the replys, this is my first pregnancy, I am going to give my GP a call & see whats happening in there?? anyone had a similar thing happen?


Jolleen - April 16

hey i am having the same prrob. im about 8 weeks pregnant and already showing? i dont know if its just me being bloated or what but today i deffinately look at least 4-5 months pregnant. whats up?


Jolleen - April 16

also this would make my first child and i already had to go out and buy maternity clothes also


bump - April 17



Jolleen - April 18

anybody else going through this or has went through this? my bf and family even notice how big my stomach is and im only 8 weeks, im kind of scared because there is a great chance i could have twins! somebody please help!


Jolleen - April 18

somebody please answer


Davida - April 18

The only way to tell how pregnant you are is to have an ultra sound. Do you have an appt set w/your Dr?


Jolleen - April 18

i have to get my medical card before i can make an appt.


TO:Jolleen - April 18

I don't know which state/ country you are in, but I know in Pennsylvania you can see the doctor and the medical will go back 3 months from the date of your application.


M - April 18

Could be twins..



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