Ladies TTC 6 Mos And More

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Amym - January 11

I am wondering how many people out there have been TTC for over 6 mos. Also wondering who out there got pregnant after 6 mos. of TTC. I am on month 7 TTC and I am feeling very hopeless and only hear of people coneiving early on. I was also hoping to hear of people conceiving after 6 mos so I know I still have a chance. Each month that goes by with a BFN it is harder and harder and I become much less hopeful that getting pregnant will happen.


michelleb - January 11

I've been TTC for 6 mos, does that count? I know my sister TTC for close to a year before becoming pregnant with her second child. We're TTC for our second child now. It's a new experience for us to actually try. Our first baby was unplanned. A honeymoon baby... born 9 months after our wedding date to the exact date. But don't give up, Amy. I know it was hard on my sister when our sister-in-law became pregnant, but now the baby from that pregnancy is only months older than my sister's baby. Sometimes I think we stress out too much, making it harder to happen. Good luck! And hang in there... I"m on the 2 week wait myself now...again! : )


Deb - January 12

It took me 6 months to get pregnant. I felt like it was never going to happen. I got more and more upset every time AF would show up and it was frustrating too because it seemed like everyone around me was popping up pregnant, without even trying!!! It is true that stressing about it makes it harder (but how do you not stress, right?) What I did differently in the month that I got pregnant was that I read a book about eating for my blood type, and started eating some of the power foods for my blood type. I also discovered that evening primrose oil was bad for my blood type and I had been taking it in some of the previous months. I also drank rooibos tea everyday instead of green tea. The antioxidants in rooibos are 50 times stronger than green tea and it is naturally caffeine free. I used Tetley vanilla rooibos from the grocery store. You can google rooibos and read about all of its great benefits and it tastes great! Don't lose hope, it will happen. Just try to be patient (as much as you can). Good luck!


Parul - January 12

hello ladies! I am now on my 7mth TTC. for our second The first was unplanned. Everyone around is getting pregnant, but me :-(( It is very discouraging, but I also believe that stress can be a factor of not conceiving. I have been checking my temps,CP/CM, and saliva for the past two months now. My cycles are from 33 till 35. However my period has been 3 days late last cycle and I end up having AF at CD 36. My hairstylist has been trying since I have, and yesterday, when I went to get my hair done, she is now 7 mths pregnant. She advised me the first two months they were ttc, they were unsuccessful, then she bought the fertility monitor(which is $250 plus sticks Can dollars) and within a month she got pregnant. Have any of you used the fertility monitor before, or heard anyone else use them. If I am not pregnant by July 2006, which will be a year of TTC, then I will get some tests done. However, stats say within a year 85% of couples do conceive. So it sounds promising for all of us.


Amym - January 12

Thanks michelleb, Deb, and Parul for the encouragement and support. It is helpful to know I am not the only one out there that has been TTC for this long. Parul, I have also been doing temps, checking cm, and have used opk's one month. I wanted to see if I was ovulating when I thought I was, which I was. Good luck michelleb and Parul on TTC as well. Hopefully we hear from more people that can give us hope!!


krob - January 12

I am at just over 6 months too and it is driving me nuts ttc #2 oddly enough #1 took 6 weeks


Jen73 - January 12

Amym, I am in my 9th month of ttc and have a 2-1/2-year-old son. It took us 3 years, 4 or 5 cycles of Clomid, and 1 miscarriage BUT WE FINALLY HAD SUCCESS. I am not your average case. So, don't panic!! My point is this----don't give up!! Good luck:) ((((hugs)))


chriss - January 12

dh and I have been TTC for 1.5 years now. I've gotten 3 BFP's but sadly, it wasn't meant to be. I understand exactly what you are going through, but please don't give up, six months is really not that long, just relax and enjoy the process and it will happen for you. (should take my own advice right!) Good luck to you and LOADS of baby dust!!!


Chas - January 12

dh and I have been ttc for a year now. I am wondering the same thing! When will it happen ??? Be patient and don't give up. I know I feel the same way lots of times, and dh is getting discouraged also. It's hard, but I think stressing over it makes it take longer ! My doc even said so today! Good luck Amym


d - January 12

Dh and I have been ttc for 11 months now. We haven't gotten one bfp yet. We are hoping this odd month might just be our luck. Lots of Baby Dust to all


Gem - January 12

Hi we have been TTC concieve for four months but the first three months we wern't really having s_x that much. This month we have had s_x every other day so fingers crossed. How often do you ladies have s_x? Just wandering as I am really worried it is going to take me ages to get pregnant.


krob - January 12

I try to BD every other day from when I stop AF a few days after O


staci - January 12

hi, this is my 8th month, 9th cycle ttc for # 2..was on birth control and my cycles have just started to become normal this past december..this is also my 2nd month using opk's...good luck! baby dust to us all!


Amym - January 12

Thank you so much for everyone that has posted a response. It seems like a lot of people TTC #2 are having more difficulty. I want to wish everyone luck that is still trying to conceive and I will "try" not to stress. As you all know, it is much easier to say than do. Jen 73, I can't imagine what it must have been like to go through everything you did for your child. I sure hope you have a much easier time with #2. Baby Dust to all!!


Amym - January 14




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