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gcmickens - January 15

Hey there Meg, Deb, Karen, DJ, Heather and any other ladies TTC from back in August 2005!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU! We needed this thread to all get back in touch and updated until ALL of us get our BFP's!!!! The latest victory from what I 've heard is Deb, who found out on Christmas day that she's pregnant!!! Hurray for you Deb! I think Heather and Karen are the two others who are five months pregnant! Congrats to you - they'll be June babies? How are your pregnancies going? That leaves Meg, DJ and moi, Gigi so we're at a 50% success rate thus far, unless there are other ladies who were with us that I've omitted, who could very well be pregnant and just not stayed on here... Anyhoo, I am so psyched that we've found each other again, and maybe when all of us have our babies we could do a reunion of sorts and maybe even end up on Oprah LOL! See you soon!


DJ - January 16

Hey Gigi. I'm on CD 12 today. DH and I BD on CD 9 and 11 and we'll be going at it until CD 20 just incase I ovulate late. 50% success rate isn't bad at all. How long have you been trying for and when is AF due?


gcmickens - January 16

Hi DJ :-) Glad to see you here! Now where are the others??? We've been ttc since around Audust of last year, and I found this site, came on for a couple of months, then we didn't try for about 3 months because of some discrepancies, and have been trying again since December. I'm on CD16 and AF is NOT due Jan. 26... how about you?


Meg - January 16 answer to your question from the other post, we weren't actually ttc in August when we first met up...I had just finished nursing my dd and didn't get a period for like 5 weeks, so i was starting to think we might i got on because i was haivng crazy cramping which is what brought me here...then i just kind of stuck attached to a few ladies really ttc...we went back on bc until a couple months ago...and we aren't really "trying" much at all....just havin fun and letting happen what happens...we have been very blessed in not having too much trouble conceiving in the past, so we shall see what "not preventing" does for us and then if that doesn't do it we will start being a little more focused in a few months...I hope that doesn't offend anyone because I know so many women who work so hard and I hurt with them...if that makes any sense...anyway...sorry so long...I am female....


kjones - January 16

Hello, I too have been trying for a + but I have not had luck yet. Anyways AF was due on JAn5th but nothing and I tested last Friday and got a - so I know Im not. I just wish I could get my AF if Im not Pregnant my sister just got a + and dosent believe it yet. Im really happy for her this will be her 1st I just wish I could have been + so I could have told her my good news. I guess I will just wait I dont think we are going to wait and just pray that someday it will happen.


kjones - January 16

sorry...correction I ment to say I think we are going to just wait and pray that someday it'll happen


Meg - January 16

that's the way i figured you meant it...hope it works out for you!


Deby - January 16

I found you guys :) My ultrasound is Jan 30th. They just want to confirm the size of the baby and my due date, and since I was on check and make sure there's just I actually conceived on xmas eve/xmas day I am due in Sept..but that will be confirmed in a few weeks. I am so anxious to see the ultrasound and know that everything is ok! You hear so much about ectopic pregnancies, its scary. But I am staying positive. I will be sure to keep checking in on your girls and praying for all of you!!!!!!


gcmickens - January 16

Hi Deb - You are an example of determination, patience and a positive att_tude for me - THANK-YOU! Are you getting any symptoms - hope you're not getting the dreaded "morning" sickness - it would hit me at any time - yuk!


Deby - January 17

Gigi you are so sweet. I know you will be lucky soon as I was! It will happen. I am living proof. No other symptoms yet..just the oca__sional cramp, and thank god no ms!!!! I get naesous every now and then..but it pa__ses pretty quickly. I am trynig to eat healthy as I know these early weeks are so important. Looking forward to my us on the 30th. I will be able to relx once i see everything is ok! Hope everyone had a great weekend!


gcmickens - January 17

Hi Deb! Hang in there for the 13-day wait! I was soooooooooooooo excited when I got my first ultrasound of my son, and my husband starting shaking uncontrolably when he saw the little weewee LOL!!!! He couldn't believe his dream of having a boy was coming true! Will it be too early for them to see the s_x, or have you decided to keep it a surprise until his/her birthday? No wonder Karen and heather aren't here any more - they're already in the second, going into third trimester threads! Glad you don't have any ms! I'm in the yucky never-ending 2ww, but today's my B-Day so I'll do something fun w/dh and son and it'll make time go by a little faaster argh! I was ELATED yesterday when my dh gave me a beautiful gold and diamond full carat total weight ring a day early!


Deby - January 18

GiGi - Happy Belated birthday. Wow present sounds nice!!!! We are waiting till his/her b-day to find out the s_x. I dont think they could tell this early anyway. I Just want to see a heartbeat and see my peanut and make sure everything is ok!!!!!! I wonder if my dh will cry..I know I will. So what day in the 2ww are you?


Meg - January 18

I am pretty sure I am out this surprise...yesterday had brown streaks in my increased CM, but today the CM is just brown all together...expect af to hit full on tomorrow...good luck, Gigi with the wait...hope it goes fast, you are about half-way through, no? Anyway, i will keep in touch and check in to see your BFP in another week or so!!! Good luck, Deb with the u/ that first one!!


DJ - January 18

Hello ladies, happy belated Gigi. Hope it was a good one!. How long have you and Meg been TTC. I already have a beautiful DD. We've been trying for our second since July 2005. I'm on CD 14 today so we're still bding. This time we started earlier and I did the robitusen and pre seed thing. Hope that works. Still haven't noticed ew cm... does everyone get that? I've never noticed it. Sorry about AF (peeking in) Meg.


Karen - January 19

Gigi, Deb, Meg, and DJ and Heather too!!! Hi!!! Wow what an incredible couple of months eh! Oh and by the way - I'm actually entering my third trimester in another week - so actually I am in my 7th month!! Due April 13th or so. Things are good, baby is healthy, hubby is excited, still nervous but staying positive. Thinking its a girl but no definites. Can't tell you how excited I was to hear of Deb's news - persistent chick that one let me tell ya! Its been great to share in everyone's experiences and the fact that we are finding one another again - love the Oprah idea - been trying to come up with a scheme to land myself on her show for years - this one might just work!!! Haha. I know its gonna happen for all of you not yet with BFP!!! Deb is proof. Anyways - I look forward to staying in touch...take care my friends!


Deby - January 20

Hey girls. How is everyone? KaRen it was so nice to hear from you! I am so excited for you and its so reat to hear everything is going well with your pregnancy! Stay in touch!!! So dj..did you get your bding in? Sounds like you did. HOw did you like the Robitussin. Could you feel a difference in your cm? GiGi how was your b-day? Meg - was it af? How are you? Thanks for the well wishes on my u/s. I cant wait to go! I will so much more relaxed once I see everything is ok!


DJ - January 20

I did get my BD in. Today is CD 15. I'm hoping I didn't O on CD 14 because we didn't BD that day but we did the day before 2x so hopefully that took care of the 14th LOL. There was a definate difference in my CM with the robitussen. it was gross but I don't think it gave me more but thinned it out (if that's possible). Karen glad to hear you are having a health preg. that is nice to hear and Deby, you make sure you tell us as soon as you have that u/s. Any ms yet? I didn't get any with my first just had that metalic taste and ate like crazy.



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