Ladies W Pink Amp Brown Discharge

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Megan - May 10

After reading numerous questions regarding pink & brown discharge... and possibly being preggers... I thought I would give you my run down. I am 36, my last period was April 5th to about the 10th. I believe I conceived on or around April 18 - April 22. My next period should have arrived around May 2nd. By the week of April 25th I started feeling ill, I had a strange tugging feeling behind my belly button (uterus stretching) and had bad lower back ache. I also had bad butterflies in my stomach, I knew something was up. I waited until May 5th and took a home test and it was positive! Ok so here is the panic part that everyone keeps talking about. Like I said my period was due on May 2nd and I had started having pink/brown discharge, enough to have to wear a panti-liner. This lasted all week until yesterday. I had taken another test yesterday morning and it still was positive... just wanted to make sure. Anyway, I was feeling crazy and scared because I had read so much about ectopic pregnancy. But when I called the OB yesterday - she calmed me immediately by saying that it is very NORMAL for women to have certain amounts of different discharge/blood. She did say that as long as it stops and was not accompanied by VERY painful cramping (most likely on one side). There was nothing to worry about. Instead she had me come in for a blood test and then I will retest again in 2 days. This is to make sure that the pregnancy hormone levels are doubling every 2 days like they should. I hope this helps some people and I will keep you up to date.


lari - May 10

i dont know what to say, i have my mense on april 6 and end the 9 and i still waiting for it. i dont feel anything new in my body, you think iam pregnan


megan - May 10

lari I am a__suming if you are on this site you must think there is a possibility that u are..? I would wait a bit longer. Are your periods normal?


Marsha - May 10

Megan, Thanks so much for this. I was supposed to start today, but two days ago I started having a "brown" period! It continued into today mixed with some red, but its not heavy at all. I am on the pill, but I mixed up a few this month, and I'm not sure if I could be pregnant or if its the pill mixup. I've just never had this happen before. Anyway, took a test today and it was gonna wait a few days and see what's going on. Thanks for your info, though...very helpful!


Chris - May 10

Im wondering, too... I am on the pill, but I purposely "skipped" a period so my husband and I could celebrate our anniversary. I had some breakthrough bleeding the month before, then a very light period while I was on the beginning of the next pill pack (around April 7-17). Now I have finished that pack and should have started my period on the 7th of May but havent. I have some light pink/brown discharge and am wondering if that is because of my pill mixup, or could I be pregnant?


Megan - May 11

I am bumping this up to the top again because so many people keep asking about strange bleeding... once again, if you read up on it - like in "What to Expect when expecting" - they will say that a week to 10 days (after conception) is normal for pink/brown discharge.



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