Ladies Waiting For AF 8 14

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Court - August 1

~~Baby Dust to All of us!~~ Hopefully this is our month!


Court - August 1

I know that there are quite a few of us out there who could use some support and "crazy ttc" talk that only WE can understand. ;0)


SOS - August 1

Keeping my fingers crossed baby dust*


Allie - August 1

Hi...I'm actually waiting for 8/17, but it's close so I thought I'd join in.


Jodi - August 1

I'm on the same cycle as allie...due 8/17. I want this soooo bad!!


makie - August 2

I will wait with you girls period due on the 14/08 any symptoms so far mine is backache and abdominal pain


Sue - August 2

AF due 8/12, 2nd month ttc since m/c in June. Only 2 dpo but today had metal mouth and a tingly feeling in my lower back and bottom. Fingers crossed.


judy - August 2

waiting for no period 8/15


Marie - August 2

Hey girls....can I join in as well? I should be getting my period around 8/9-8/11...but if nothing, I am going to test on the 14th, like Grandpa Viv said. Unlike you girls, I am hoping for a -ive. Our protection failed and I took an Emergency Contraceptive, but I am not sure if it worked because I think I am having symptoms of pregnancy. I guess only time will tell.


Court - August 2

Hey ladies...I;m so happy to see all of you here! This is the 3rd month ttc...and I hope this is it. The waiting game is way to difficult!! Constantly questioning my body and having to defend my "cookiness/craziness" to my dh is frustrating. I just want to be pregnant! Is that too much to ask? Sorry, I needed to vent! :0)


Lavon - August 2

I'm waiting for no peroid 8/11 -- nice to know others are waiting too! = )


Liz - August 2

I am also waiting for no af on 8/11. good luck!!!


Liz - August 2

does anyone feel any symptoms or anything?


Marie - August 2

My stomach seems to be sticking out more....bloated it seems, but no ga__sy feelings or cramps. I had severe cramps around the time I took the Emergency Contraceptive. Right now my nipples are sore to the touch, I have been very tired, peeing quite a bit, and have been very hungry. Don't know if these are signs or not. Waiting for my period around the 9th....hoping for a -ive. Anyone else?


Liz - August 2

Ive been really ga__sy and cramping here and there. ive seem to have lost my appit_te also.


Jodi - August 2

Well, I'm not even sure if I've ovulated yet, but I've been doing some bd'ing just incase. I have to take tonight of though, I just can't handle all of that poking around up there, it gets kind of sore. Anyway, I should have o' today, but cm is not ew. I bd'ed on sunday, monday, last thursday b/c I think I might have o'ed then, but I'm not sure as it was only 3 days after af, but had so much ewcm, it was crazy never had that much before. I'm going to take tonight off and do some more bd'ing tomorrow and thursday. The 4th will be my fiance and I's four year anniversary, so it would be awesome if we get pregnant this time around.



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