Ladies Who Got Bfps After Af Was Due Like 1wk

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UnLuckyLady1903 - May 14

how did this happen and what were your signs before u got ur + like describe in full and whattype of test was used and how dark was th line did you test before or not and did you know you were pg or was it your 1st time getting a bfp?


sara b - May 14

I would also be interested to know. My first pg I only tested because my friend was testing and wanted someone to take an HPT with her. Well her's was negative and mine was positive. I believe that was the first response brand and I was about 11 weeks. My second I knew about a week before AF was due. I was EXHAUSTED, felt "sick", and had cramps. I tested with an EPT digital the day before my AF was due. Now I am 11 days late with three BFN's from first response and the EPT digital. Wondering what to do next? Any ideas?


snugglybugglys - May 14

With my second pregnancy, I tested tons of times. I used the Rite Aid brand, because I used that with my first one and got a BFP. I had no idea I was prego because I was on BC and had only had my first baby 3 months before. But I kind of had a feeling, but also thought I was crazy. I tested and tested...and didn't find out until I was over 8 weeks...I don't remember exactly how far along I was.


ericaamerica - May 15

I know. I am sick of reading all of these sites that say you can get a BFP in your third week or fourth week for sure (from LMP) Does that usually only happen when a woman is actively trying to conceive and charting and the works? What about those of us who *suspect* maybe pregnancy but not sure exactly where we are? I read somewhere that HCG levels can be between 19 and around 7,000 in the fifth week. So less sensitive tests won't pick it up! I wish there was a way to know FOR SURE RIGHT AWAY if you are pregnant or not -- a one-time shot! :(


kleighw - May 15

don't we all! :) good luck :)


aggie03 - May 15

I tested the day before my period should start and got clear possitive with Dollar Tree test...we were not trying so at first I didnt know why I tested..but I think I just knew...they only signs I had were the b___bs and the cramps that feel like your about to start...(hard to describe they are a bit different, but when you dont know what to expect you think," well Im about to start...need to go buy tampons...but then A/f never comes, and you know something else is going on down there..." GOOD LUCK


Emma2 - May 15

Unluckylady, getting a positive 1 week + is very rare...the earliest is usually 4 days prior.


elisabeth - May 15

my period was due on January 5 and i got a positive on Jan 2nd. i only tested because my dh made me. i thought i had the flu so i was taking nyquil. as it turns out i was knocked up...hehe.. we had been trying for so long with no luck that i never even considered that i could be pregnant but dh brought home a clear blue digital tast and made me take it. i asked him why he bought it and he said he just knew this time i wasn't sick. he knew i was pegnant. MEN!!!!!


UnLuckyLady1903 - May 15

no i meant 1 week after af is due and after that not after conception


Emma2 - May 15

Oh my bad!! totally misread the subject!


Emma2 - May 15

Oh and I got my + 3 days prior to AF


UnLuckyLady1903 - May 15

oh ok i am 7 days late havnt tested for 2 days way too nervous last time i was this late was a year ago and i skipped a cycle for no reason. i came off b/c 2 years ago so no problems there have been trying for 2 years i know when im fertile coz of the ewcm had that twice though once 2 weeks ago and again saturday and sunday last week. had loads of cm yesterday lotiony kind of and i have no af signs i have a throat infection that started yesterday so im not too well but im ok and i also had a really bad yeast infection 2 weeks ago it was horrible


Emma2 - May 15

Well, actually missing a cycle isnt due to No rea__son at all...It's actually due to anovulatory cycle..It happens to every women at least once in their entire life. If it does happen more oftne then it is def. a reason for concern. And CM does not mean your fertile...I never had any and Im pregnant. It is a bunch of things working together that make pregnancy possible. Since you are late and havent tested my only advice at this point is to test ASAP....Good Luck


Emma2 - May 15

Oh and by the way when I was in my 2ww I had the stomach flu!


UnLuckyLady1903 - May 15

well im not very well at all i have a fever and chills and this started 2 days ago and im feeling sick and my tummy is badly upset i did test on saturday it was negative i dont have any af signs either just this horrible flu type bug im not being sick but gerally feel ill


UnLuckyLady1903 - May 15

3 days ago i was constipated then i had diahorrea but i think its to do with me being ill can being ill like this be a sign?


UnLuckyLady1903 - May 15

oh and i have a sore thraot



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