Ladies With Symptoms And Waiting

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Pamela11 - June 14

Ok ladies I need your help/advice. I am due for AF in 6 days. I have been having very sharp shooting pains on both sides of my lower abdomen, back pain, tiredness, bbs are sore (especially around the nipple) headaches here and there and I was nauteus maybe twice. There is a VERY high chance that i could be hubby and I did it everyday since May 31! Also my cm resembles lotion. There isn't a lot of it but I do have that "wet feeling". Is anyone having the same symptoms and are due for AF around the same time? Better yet is there any new moms that maybe had the same feelings before they got their BFP? I hate this waiting game! I want this so bad!!!!! Thanks girls for any advice in advance!


crystal74 - June 14

hi pamela. i did my IUI on 6/10/06 and am have been having cramps near my ovaries and uterus. like a pulling, pinching, fluttering, tickling, feeling, plus my bbs have been sore and my nipples. i chart my temps and they've been the highest this week. so we'll see. i hope you are pregnant and me:) babydust * * * * * *


mgn - June 14

hello crystal and pamela. i am due for af in 6-7 days as well. (we can all wait together) i do have some of the same feelings as you all. however, my bb's usually hurt REALLY bad b4 af and they do not this time. my nipples feel slightly sensitive but usually when af is about to come they feel like bruised they hurt so bad and so far nothing?? i wonder?? i also have some cm...its like shiny, slippery, wet looking?? maybe once or twice daily at the most?? i always get quesy right b4 i eat so i cannot tell if thats anything major. my cuz is 6 months and she said her 1st bout of nausea was so bad that there was no denying it. she also said she had no extra cm? who knows. everyone is different. oh and she said that she was spraying hairspray and almost threw up from how strong it smelled. she tested a few days later and bfp! Heres wishing that for all of us as well. :) :) :) this waiting is enough to drive a girl crazy!!


Pamela11 - June 14

Hi crystal and mgn! Wow this is great...we can all wait together! Hopefully BFP are in our near future! Both of my b___st are very sore. They get more painful as the day goes on. Usually they hurt right b4 AF but this is very different. I don't even have to touch them and they hurt. Again waiting sucks!!!! Just keep on being positive and baby dust our way!!!


crystal74 - June 14

i think i'm a week behind u two but that's okay. i hope we're all prego. and yes this is a new feeling for my bbs and nipples to be sore when i'm still a couple weeks away from a/f. so i hope this is a good sign.. babydust * * *


Pamela11 - June 14

Crystal when are you due for AF?


Tiffany814 - June 14

Hi ladies! Pamela, it sounds promising. All your symps are preg symps. I had the sore b___bs and early in my pregnancy I did have cramping- but I just thought AF was coming too. So you will experiene the AF-like sypms. When my doc told me he thought I was pregnant and I didn't believe him, the first thing he asked what what my symps were and if I felt like my period was coming. I did. Sore b___bs, cramping, bloated. I even had headaches in the very very beginning (which is unusal for me). Stay positive and hopefully AF won't come! Good luck!


Pamela11 - June 14

Thanks a lot Tiffany! I'll keep you posted. Like I said Af is due in 6 days....Praying for her not to show!


fashionmom - June 14

I'm new to the forum, so hello to all. My hubby and I have just started and I think I may be feeling some of the same symptoms. My bb's are not sore but I do have enlarged glands on only one nipple. I do have fatique, lower abdomen pain, and light headaches, but no nausea. So I have some time to wait as well. It sounds promising for all the mom's to be. At lease we know were not alone.


crystal74 - June 14

my a/f will be due around the 24-26th. i hope it stays away for a long time:):):):):)


lissica - June 15

Hi everyone! My period is due around the 23-24th. I havn't really been having many symptoms except my bb's are a bit fuller with huge nipples and i had 2 days where i almost burst to tears over nothing lol. I'm not really hopeful over these symptoms cus i've had way more then this and was not pg. But i will wait with u all and we can have fun listening to eachothers stories.:)


Pamela11 - June 15

Well I woke up this morning.....and oh my was a nauseas! BBs are still sore but my stomach cramping isn't as constant nor is my back. Now the cramping is just annoying instead of painful. 5 more days to go!!!!


crystal74 - June 16

hi girls. i am like a dripping faucet. very wet,slippery, watery cm. and my bbs have been sore since three days ago. i'm only on DPIUI or DPO7, so i know it's still to early but am still hoping. also i still get tickling, fluttery and pulling feelings in my uterus. feels very funny


lissica - June 18

hey girls, well not really any more symptoms. Just some wierd dreams the last few nights and my face broke out along with a few on my chest which i never get. Oh and i've been feeling really hot lately. But then's summer!!! lol So who knows..time will tell but i am staying positive.


Lin - June 18

I'm not trying to be a downer here, but it's not actually possible to have a "VERY high chance" as you stated in your original post. The best chance only gets as high as 25%. There's a 1 in 4 chance you'll get it that time, but it doesn't always work that way. I've personally hit the right times every month for six months in a row (though we've abstained from trying for the last two months), and I'm not pregnant yet. It's not as easy to get pregnant as we were told as kids.


ashleyd - June 18

Thats how it goes. For so long you either do not have s_x, for whatever reason, or you're s_xually active and stress over protection and contraceptives as to not get pregnant. Finally, you decide you're ready, and then It really is scary, I mean, this is our first month TTC so, no worries as of yet, but it's always in the back of your mind about your own fertility and if something might be wrong that someone doesn't know yet. Having a child is such a big thing, and all of those "wow" things have been running through my head during this TWW...Pam...I wish u the best of luck, and baby dust to all.


Rhonda - June 18

I am due for af the 22nd(i hope it dont show up)But i took a test yesyerday at 9dpo and got a bfn(drats)but might have been to early.



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