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ashleyd - June 4

hey...havent seen a whole lot from you since last are you doing? TTC this month?


LadyD - June 5

Hi, ashleyd. I've been around, but not much. I think the last cycle made me so mad I said screw I don't know the last thing I've discussed with you, but let me catch u up, but I am on cd13 today, hoping I Ov'd early (doubt it) because dh may not be around in a few days. I haven't had any signs of Ov'ing yet. On Fri (cd10), I went out had 2 drinks, woke up with a headache, took a nap, woke up again with a headache, my friend told me to drink a beer to feel better (old saying is drink again to even it I went to my mom-in-laws house, drank a beer and threw up, which is not common for me because I drink every weekend. I think my dh thought I was pg, but I had to let him know that it's way too early for symptoms. You know what would be funny? What if I was pg from that night (you can OV as early as cd6, it'sjust not too common) because we bd'd when we got home. What if the baby was letting us know "I made it!" hahaha--sorry- I had to make a joke out of it because I only throw up when I drink too much & that hasn't happened in a long time.


ashleyd - June 5

wow....well hopefully some good news. Last month was really weird. :( maybe just maybe you have something going on...keep me up to


LadyD - June 6

Hi, ashleyd (or anyone who wants to stop by). What's going on with you? I am on cd14, bd'd like 2 am this morning just in case, right now I am starting to feel slight cramps, I think I may be Ov'ing soon. The ov calendar says over the weekend I should be Ov'ing. Hopefully I got it in on time.


LadyD - June 12

Hey, ashleyd (or anyone else) still around? What's going on with you? I am currently on cd20, think I Ov'd around cd17, not too sure because I had watery cm but not a lot and I haven't seen any since. Hoping I just wasn't paying too much attention & it was there and I missed seeing Hopefully this cycle will be regular for me, if it decides to come at least so I know I'm back on track. And you?



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