Ladys Im Pregnant And Had Period READ Sweethearts

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Raquel - February 9

Hey girls! ok let me give ya the juice... i had s_x everyday, who knows how many times a day through dec. 10th - jan 4th... my period in dec. was 15th -19th and i had one in jan. beleive it or not! My period in jan. was 12th - 15th and it wasnt to heavy... but i filled a tampon and somewhat of a pad. But the weird thing is... is that when i only wore a pad only a little blood would come out, but when i went pee.. alot would come out and make the toilet water red... so... my period ended, didnt think i was preg. ALTHOUGH i totally felt it... did preg test before and after period in jan. always a strong negative... now in feb. im supposed to start my period today... and i have very light pink spotting, but it is there i can see it.. does not turn toilet water red, or anything i have a little day pad on and i can only see some on there, like the very end of a period... i took a test and it is POSITIVE... Any questions about anything, ill answer the best i can. TONS OF LOVE!!


Liesl - February 10

I'm in the same boat as far AF goes. Had intercourse 1/21, but used pull out method far ahead of time. No s____n in pre-c_m either. Haven't had any symptoms, but period came today pretty much on time. Seems lighter on pad, but definitely red when I urinate. I;m not ttc, so your post has me concerned! I find it hard to believe that I'm pregnant, but don't want to rule it out. Is this light period a sign of pregnancy?


To Raquel - February 10

lETS ME START WITH CONGRATULATIONS TO U AND YR PARTNER XXXX Last month i had a very light period it started brown and then turned red it was very watery and even had clear discharge in it also this month i have been having pulling in my lower belly felt sick straight after food and been to toilet more! I tested after watery period and negative but now i keep feeling preg and having loads of egg white discharge which i have had over a week now am i preg or ovulating everyday nearly for a week (started clear discharge went sticky and white now clear again??)


christi - February 10

Raquel, congratulations! My question is... leading up to this months period I had ALOT of CM discharge and backpain- then I started bleeding! I was sooo convinced that I was pregnant. Im talking b___st signs, lower backpain and light nausea, smelling stuff that noone else could smell, and my last period in January lasted almost 3 days total, one day light spotting and the last day was spotting (only used 2 pads). Now I got my period 5 days early and its completely normal.. still got the lower back pain. Im sooo confused. but your story gives me hope. Im going to test in a couple days..


Raquel - February 10

thank you! today is wednesday morning and i woke up with very heavy bleeding... I had ovarian cysts before so im scared i could easily have a mc. A light period is a sign of pregnancy, it could very well be implantation bleeding. Loads of egg white can come during the time of ovulation and also during pregnancy, but during pregnancy there is alot more of egg white... when i had my discharge, i had alot of egg white and when my period was due yesturday i had light red and brown and it was VERY sticky and just water, but today, im on AF it almost seems... I still havent gotten a blood test, i really need to, im going to get an ultra sound on Tuesday and a blood test on Saturday... and christi if you got your period 5 days early... are you SURE YOU DID? Do you guys really know your cycles? if your TTC i would get a calender and mark when you started your period, when you ovulate, and when you next period is comming and also put what you feel, like symtoms... My b___bs tingle every once in awhile and my mom asked me why my b___bs are so big gaha... BUTTLOADS OF BABY DUST TO EVERYONE... I'll write more when i see someone has responded. Love to all..


Liesl - February 10

I love how you ignore my question, and start your own little conversation. Is it because I'm not TTC? Some women, like you all, seem biased towards those who aren't TTC. Why is that? Some women use this site as a resource because we're allowed to. It's not only for those trying to get pregnant. By the way... NO BABY DUST FOR YOU!!!!!


raquel - February 10

jeeze, so harsh liesl... mine seems lighter on the pad to and comes out red when i pee... I don't mean to be rude and see how i came off that way? I don't care if your TTC or not... who said anything rude? and light periods happen, everyones body is different, go take a test. Sorry if i sounded rude... bye


kat - February 10

liesl that was harsh! and congrats raquel!


To Liesl - February 10

I understand where you are coming from. As soon as you admit that you were using protection or weren't ttc, no one wants to answer your question. Don't let it get to you! Hopefully by now your af has gotten heavier. Sometimes it starts out kind of light. Let me know!


Interesting - February 10

I find it very interesting that so many women on this forum claim to have had their period or known someone who has had their period when they were pregnant. My OBGYN says that the chances of a woman having her period while she is pregnant is very slim and rather unlikely. Shocked at the alarming number on here that claim it happens!


Linda - February 10

Can you acctually get an accurate test reading when you are on your af?


t - February 11

hey interesting my friend had her period into the 4th month of pregnancy in both of her pregnancies so it is possible to have that happen


lux - February 11

my story is well gonna shock u guys! i'm 26, and thot i was still a happened this way: abt 2months ago, had some kind of oral s_x,without penetration,all he did was to put rub his 'Jt' around the entrance of my ...until he came. that was around 7th dec2004,i never thot it could amount to anything. I had my next period around 14th-16thjan, 2days of heavy flow, 1day of light flow and over. strange i thot cos it wud normally be two and half days of heavy flow, btw 12hrs-24hrs of very light flow. i never met with any boy again.1mnth after i had my next period,2nd wk of jan this time one and halfdays of heavy flow, 1day of light flowwith so much mucos. here comes another period in feb6 around night time and just 1day of heany flow , (which wouldn't want to come out until i peed and makes the toilet water red)and 1 day of light flow, starting with brown spots as with the previous months after i did that thing with the guy. I'm so scared, cos i've never even had real s_x in my life cos i've been so scared of pills, wont do with drawal method, and i cannt face having ababy or even abortion, i dnt knw what to do guys , am i pregnant cos my symptoms r so similar to yours


To t - February 11

was it like her regular af?


jennifer - February 11

i have a period i guess but unprotected intercourse, do you think i could be pregnant and i had s_x on my most fertile days?


don't know - February 12

i got a question i was just wonding if you get yyour period and if you are on the pill could you get preg?


SmS - February 12

I just got my period, and i'm two months late! i saw my bf on the 4th of last december, and it was right after my period ended. no intercourse!! i was very afraid that i would be pregnant cuz i just CAN't Deal with it right now, i'm two young for it only 18! and now my period is heavy and it's my first day, i don't notice ne changes in my period it's like everytime! my periods r not regular cuz i have pcos. plz reply. thx



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