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jessieb - March 6

some of you may know me and my story but i want to share it for all of you to read. my husband and i had been ttc for 10 months and we just got our positive test today. i just want to spread the ONE difference we did this month. my husband has not put his laptop on his lap all month. that was it. there is no way to know for sure that made the difference but i think it was significant enough to spread my experience. he is a avid laptop user. he was self-employed and would work from home at nights. for the past few months we have been working on setting up another business. again, lots of laptop use. then last month i stumbled upon an article that warned about the warmth of laptops affecting sperm production. i told hubby and he kept his laptop on arm of the couch. those laptops can get HOT, keep em away from the crotch!!


Martha31 - March 6

jessieb: this is very interesting. Thanks for sharing. and CONGRATULATIONS:)


ginger6363 - March 6

I heard that laptops (when set on the lap) can affect male fertility, but I read somewhere that the sperm that a man ejaculates is actually produced in his body three months before. If that's the case, one month of not using the laptop on his lap would not have made a difference. Either way, congrats on your BFP!


jessieb - March 6

thanks y'all. i just wanted to share because in the previous 9 months of ttc that danger never occurred to me. of course, we all know to avoid tight undies and hot tubs. i would just put laptops in the same category. whether it made the difference for us or not, we will never know. just wanted to share.


tonia - March 6

Well the heat can make a difference immediately, because it can effect the swimmers as they are getting ready for the final stages of maturation and release. So if he stopped putting it on his lap for a month, it would help the swimmers by not being overheated when they are getting ready for battle! : ) The heat can affect the way they swim and how long they live! Congrats Jessieb! Happy and healthy nine months to you!


VenusdiMilo - March 6

Well Jessie, might I add this to your testimony>>>>>>>>>>>Notebook (laptop) is a very efficient and important tool of many people today. Businessmen, college students, housewives and professionals all use laptops for one use or the other. However, it is better that men learn that they risk losing their fertility with the excessive usage of laptop computers. The main reason men tend to lose their fertility with the excessive use of laptop computers is that the heat that is generated by the computers, and the posture that the man adopts to balance the laptop computer tends to increase the temperature surrounding the s____m. Scientific researches have proven that the higher is the scrotal temperature, the higher is the possibility of damaging sperms and affecting the male's fertility. Moreover, with the advent of Bluetooth and infrared connections, where there are wireless links to the internet, more and more men are using laptops on their laps than on a desk. Men usually keep their legs open wider than women to keep their t______es at the right temperature, and for added comfort. However, with a laptop on their laps, they tend to adapt a less comfortable position so that they can balance the laptop on their laps. This leads to an increase in body temperature that is found between the thighs. It has been recently proven that prolonged and continuous usage of laptops on the laps tend to lead to damage to the fertility of the man. This was because the use of laptops usually leads to about 2.7C increase in the scrotal temperature of the male. This has lead to more and more men having decreased sperm levels where sperm counts seem to have dropped by a third in ten years. Most of the reasons for this reduced sperm count is drug use, smoking, alcohol and obesity. Besides this, pesticides, radioactive materials and chemicals, and laptops too contribute to decrease in fertility in men. The human male body has a fixed testicular temperature to maintain usual sperm production and development. Though it is not known the exact time of heat exposure and frequency of exposure to heat that can lead to reversible and irreversible production of sperms, it is known that frequent usage of laptops can lead to irreversible or partially reversible changes in the reproductive system of the male body. This is why it is advised that young men and teenage boys should limit the use of laptops on their laps to avoid losing their fertility. It is not advisable for young men or boys to also use wireless services on their laps to play games and do other work as they are sure to develop problems in ten years' time, when trying to have a family. It is thereby advised that men should use laptops on the desk; in fact, anywhere else is possible, other than using it in the lap. Women don't have to worry much about laptop computers on their laps, as so far, there have been no studies on the impact of using laptop computers on their laps.


HeavenisMine - March 6

wow, my ex held a laptop on his lap all day and all night. Thank God I didn't ttc with him!


SaraLynn - March 6

As far as sperm being produced 3 months in advance, I don't think so. My dh and I had been ttc for about a year when I went in for my yearly physical. I questioned my doc about the lack of a baby and she suggested that we put at least 2 or 3 days in between bding because that would give the sperm count a chance of getting back up to where it needed to be for better chances of conception. She also told me that she had had a similar problem with her dh, and that they went to a fertility specialist to have him checked out (they already had 1 kid and thought that something had happened over the years) and their fertility doc said that his s____m was just over heating and he needed to switch from briefs to boxers and avoid anything that could overheat the area. After one month of that they were expeting #2. My dh and I took the same advice. It took us a few more months because my cycle is irregular, I wasn't charting or anything, so we didn't know when I was ovulating. But that did help.


ginger6363 - March 6

sperm production takes 90 days.,1258,article~10370,00.html


ginger6363 - March 6

take out the dashes above


ginger6363 - March 6

just to clarify I want to agree with tonia. While it make take 90 days to produce sperm, I do think that the heat from a laptop can impair the ones in the s____m immediately.


jessieb - March 6

either way, any way, every way. we can all agree, the heat from the laptop is not a good. for sperm. how about we say that: laptops may impair the abilities(?) of sperm to get the job done.


BrendaW - March 6

lol Jess, no matter what way it is I really think that you catching that about the laptop and him stopping using last month is what helped you guys~ I am so hhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaappppy for you! Here internet hug <>!


Megs - March 6

I too read this and informed my DH to stop doing that as well!!! I guess we'll see if it has worked for us too! LOL :-) Thanks for the information!


BrendaW - March 6

Fingers crossed Megs!!!


krissy2006 - March 6

I'm so glad my husband is completely 100% computer illiterate as he is from southern Mexico and only used "black and green" screened desk tops until he was about 22 (he's 31) ONE LESS OBSTACLE I HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT! :)


jessieb - March 6

LOL!!! krissy!!! that is great. i nearly snarfed when i read the green and black screen thing. LOL!!! here's to one less thing to worry about! cheers!



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