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MandyD - February 27

Hey chick - what's new with you? I haven't seen anything from you in a bit. Everything okay??? Much luv 2 u! and let's not forget....**BabyDust**


SugarPie - February 27

Ditto the love!! Can't wait to hear how you're doing!!! And Mulga too! Where is girlfriend?


MandyD - February 28

LaRae - where are you gal??


La Rae - February 28

Hey....I've had a rough weekend, let me tell ya'. My dh is driving me crazy. He basically said that if I was pg, he'd stand by me and his child, try to make it work. BUT.....if I wasn't? Then he wants to call the whole thing off. He makes it sound like it's all disposable or something. I told him WHY would I want to still be with him IF I was pg, when he doesn't want to be with me if I am not? What a moron! Gosh, I married the wrong man didn't I? In the meantime, my montgomery's are still with me, I have new spider veins on both of my cheeks. I have the 'Rosey' cheek thing goin' on, let me tell ya'. Last night, my right foot was cramping BAD in a spot I do not recall it ever cramping - right in the ball of my foot, and then it would shoot straight to my big toe - it was a killer! AND my stomach was itching like crazy, my cat still won't leave my stomach alone - she wants to lay on it all the time. Oh, and I've been feeling pulling, muscle-ache like sensations towards my right lower back. Who knows what the hell is going on with me? All I know is - if it IS a hormonal imbalance - it has the 'Timing of the Century' that is for sure. It would just be too weird - too much of a coincidence, don't ya' think? Well - I better go. I appreciate all of your support and everything. And I want you all to know that in spite of my dumba__s dh, I still want to be pg. I would never take it out on my child, and I wouldn't deny him his right to his child either. It'll all work out, I am sure....Peace be with everyone - Baby Dust To All who want and need it!


MandyD - February 28

There you are! I was beginning to get worried!! Glad to hear you are still having your symptoms...I still think you are for sure pregnant. And, I'm so sorry to hear about dh acting retarded...I know how they can be sometimes! I really hope he comes to his senses, for your sake and your baby's sake. But, you know, to say something like that, and make you feel that way, he doesn't deserve you! You do what you feel is right, but do know that you deserve so much more support & love than you are getting! And, we're all here just for that purpose!!! Best of luck to you again, and keep us posted on your progress. BTW, when do you plan to test/go to the dr again? I'm not even sure when you tested last actually. Thanks for updating us! LOTS OF LOVE & BABYDUST TO YOU SWEETIE!!


trixie - February 28

La Rae, i am proud of u for standing ur ground. sometimes..S.Os behave so irrationally... u feel like strangling them... just ignore him for some time.. i know easier said than done..but.. lets hope he comes to his senses.. soon.. u are gonna get BFP soon..just hang in there, sweets.. lotsa love n baby dust


La Rae - February 28

Man! I wish I knew all of you guys 'In Person'. I don't really have any REAL friends here, where I live. You guys are great! MandyD - I feel I just have no choice but to let the man go. He has been unbelievably cruel to me, and if I am pg - I sure don't need to be crying and upset all the time! Trixie - the only way I'll be pg now is if it took last month and my bleeding was not a real 'AF'. I am still crossing my fingers and my toes. But this week is my O week - and I am expecting to get it and expecting not to get it - if that makes any sense.....I'll keep you guys posted for sure. It would be REAL cool for me to post a week from now saying 'Guess What Ladies?!!' That would be awesome.....but I am STILL not holding my breath on that one. With my luck, it is just a Hormonal Imbalance (to go along with my Mental one, ha,ha!) Take Care All.....Baby Dust******


Keri - February 28

I don't mean any harm here, i was just wondering if maybe the problems with your husband could be causing an enormous amount of stress and that could be causing all of your symptoms. I've read a lot of sites that say stress can cause your hormones to go out of wack and it can also keep you from becoming pregnant. Baby dust to you and try not to avoid the stress.


keri - February 28

sorry i meant try to avoid the stress.


johanna - February 28

hi la rae-- i'm so sorry you are stuck in this situation now, this limbo, not knowing if you are or aren't. i keep on chekcing in on the site and reading, mostly to see how you are doing. since i have a long cycle, 35 days, my ovulation will be in oh.., 11 days. LONG cycle. anyways, la rae, i'm sorry you guys are having such difficulties. i think stress is a major factor here, and i'm sure the ups and downs with the wanting to be pg don't exactly help. maybe a cool down period would help? regardless, you seem to have a good att_tude and your feet on the ground. hang in there.a big hug!


MandyD - February 28

LaRae, sweetie, I don't blame you a bit for feeling the way you do about dh. No woman deserves to be treated like c___p, and I certainly wouldn't stand for it either!! You need to be in a positive atmosphere, especially when you are pregnant honey! And, NO, you do not have a mental imbalance!! I am wishing you ALL the best in whatever you decide to do...and if you EVER need to talk, I'm here! You can also e-mail me if you'd like [email protected] Lots of Love to you girl!!


La Rae to Keri - February 28

No harm done - believe me, I have thought about that. But honestly, these symptoms started showing before he and I had our big b__w up. Things were pretty smooth between us until I got that bleeding on the 18th. All signs pointed to yes up until then, and they still do. I thought for sure the MG's would go away after the bleeding came and went, but they haven't. And neither have the veins. The spider veins are trippin' me out. I only got those when I was pg with my son - so go figure, eh? MandyD, you'll be gettin' an email from me soon...Johanna? PLEASE hang in there! Just try not to think about it as making a baby - just think about being with and enjoying the intimacy of making love with your husband. You're time will come soon, I hope and pray for you girl! Thanks everyone...


trixie - February 28

hi la rae, we are all here sweetie.. just b strong..try n think of happy things..i dunno wot else to tell u..just look at it this way.. atleast u know abt this guy before its too late.. when u have a baby.. then it will b upto him to approach u... n depending on how u feel then.. but right now.. u need to b positive.. n not let this thing effect u...lotsa hugs for u.. feel free to mail me @ [email protected] of love, n big hugs...


tiffani to LaRae - February 28

LaRae, You have kept me in suspense for a month now, and it still seems as if you may be pregnant. Have you considered getting a blood test to give you a final answer? (my apologies if you already have and I missed the post)


SugarPie - February 28

Damn, LaRae. Take that baby and run, Girl! You know I have a slew of synonyms to use for your man, but I'll refrain. Hold your head up high and don't let him take your shine. I've always believe in the greatest pain and stress of our lives our partner's behaviour is a true reflection of their most inner core. Dirt off the shoulder, Baby!! Love to your bones*****


La Rae to Sugarpie - February 28

Ha! Girl, you crack me up! You are SO right, but I AM in love with this guy, so it is NOT going to be easy. My sons' father abandoned me when we found out I was pg with him, so I am not exactly thrilled at the prospect of 'Going It Alone' again. On the other hand, I have had experience with it - so I am sure that I can handle it. In fact....yeah, I KNOW I can. I can think of a few synonyms to describe my dumba__s hub, but I'll refrain also. All men aren't bad (I'm sure) - just the ones I choose, that's all! LMAO! Tiffani: I had a blood test done the first month I ttc'd and it was a waste of time - and I was CONVINCED I was pg then! But like I've said before....October's, November's, December's and January's ttc symptoms were NOTHING compared to the ones I am having now. I am just taking deep, and thoughtful breaths - and I plan on testing (at home) later towards the end of this week. Haven't decided on what day yet. I am sure I will decided on a whim or something like that. The suspense is killing me too, beleive me! And if I turn out NOT to be pg - I am dead serious when I say, that somebody will HAVE to have me committed! I will be certifiable by then, for sure! Thanks for all the love you guys - you ROCK! Trixie: You'll be gettin' an email from me real soon also....Hopefully I will have time to send out emails tonight when I get home. Peace and Love ya'll!


hello - February 28

la rae im sorry yr having troubles at home if u need me im here 4 u babe xxxxxx As 4 yr signs still looking great xxx



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