Last AF December 10th What Gives

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cp - February 2

well I guess I'm doing thew waiting game again...I am like 23 days late but the hpts are coming up confusing...such as 1 negative 1 positive then line disapeared after two days and the 3rd was negative. I'm not shocked about the test becuz with my first pregnancy I didn't know until the blood test....Anyways I called the doctor and I couldn't get an appt. till the 15TH!!!! This wait is gonna be excruciating!!! I just need to know whats wrong with me as to whether i'm pregnant or not.....Any ideas anyone??? Any body know of any home remedies to find out??? I'm sick of wasting money on those damn HPT's!!!! Here is a list of symptoms ( sore br___ts off and on, white and clear discharge, veins on br___t, white bumps on nips...and a nagging pulling sensation in my belly , tiredness and occaisionally dizziness) I figure I would be almost 8 weeks pregnant by now as my last menses was december 10th.....Anybody please give me some advice PLEASE!!!


cp - February 2

forgot to add that just above my pubic bone feels very hard.......and heres something to laugh about...How does chocolate pudding and cheese sound??? Well that was one of my craving and believe it or not it was really good!!! LOL


TB - February 3

I am kind of in the same boat.


TB - February 3

Woops... I am 9 days late and I have done several tests and they are, positive and negative. I have the sore b___sts, the white bumos on my nipples, period like cramps,and nasea. All of the hpt turned out positive, then I went to the medi clinic and it was faint pos. When I went to the Dr today the urine test was neg. so she sent me for a blood test. Will know tomorrow.


bump - February 3



TB - February 4

Hi, found out I am pregnant today, the blood test came back positive, but the hcg is low... so kind of scared.


DESIRE - February 4



cp - February 4

WOW congrats TB!!! I hope I get my positive on the 15th!!! Just take care of yourself and I'm sure everything will be fine...just remember once a pregnancy is confirmed by a doctor the chances of having a misscarriage are less than 3%....Good Luck with your pregnancy!!!


TB - February 5

Thanks for the support.... but I am vry scared I have been looking at some of the hcg sites and my number should be much higher! So I am very scared, I go on Monday for another test to see what is giong on. They want to do another urine test on Mon morning. I still do not have my period and still have all the syptyms, b___sts HURT, nausea sometimes, cramps, back pain, bumps on nipples, always hungry... etc.. so I think I am and I am going to stay positive. Any comments on why I would have such a low hcg count? I will let you guys know how it goes on Mon.


Tb - February 17

My pregnancy did end in misscarriage, it is very hard to deal with.


cp - February 17

Hi TB I'm so sorry to hear that....I finally got to go to my doctor on the 15th of february and my doctor had some interesting news......I told him my story of what was going on and then he tested for pregnancy....however the results came back and were inconclusive and i ended up going for an ultrasound to figure out that i too had a miscarriage at about 5 weeks however my body did not reject the embryo, so then I had a d&c the next now i guess ttc prescribed me folic acid and told me to get on prenatal vitamins......So anyways i guess it just wasn't meant to be.....I feel your pain and i wish u good luck in the future......"BABY DUST TO U!!!"


dear cp - February 17

My last AF was also december the 10, I feel so sorry that you had to go through that. I found out that my cycle phase is about 45 days so it would actually make me only 6 weeks and 5 days today. I thought that I was about 8-9 weeks also, But I dont have a normal 28 day cycle like most.


cp - February 18

to dear cp- Hi there I know what it feels like not knowing all the time...enough to make someone go bonkers!!! Thanks for the support....its much appreciated...maybe next month for us, but anyways what have your symptoms been...have you taken a test or seen your doctor???Good Luck "baby dust"!!!!



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